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my baby today after arguing with a volvo

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Oh crap - sorry bout that David - hope you read them their rights!!!


Still, not much consolation but at least no one was hurt. Thats the main thing. They must have mistaken your Landie for a motorbike!!!



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Guest catweazle (Banned Member)

Hard luck mate,you will soon sort that out,funny how you find out where the filler is when this happens,exact same thing happened to me.Worst of all its not a proper Volvo,worth £150 before the bang.keep smiling.

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Oh, sorry about the accident - but its surely fixable. But I know, its annoying as now you have to make plans for the repairs.


I bet the main reason for the accident was you both have your steering wheel on the passenger's side and you are driving on the wrong side of the road... I never had any problems as the steering wheel is in my hands (not passengers) and we drive safely on the right side of the road ;)

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like a Stalwart ? :shake:


Now come on Richard - you of all people ought to know that the lightest of the Stalwarts is in the over 9.5 tons class!!! :) :) :)

And if had been a Stollie Dave's poor little baby would have been a green and black smear on the road...... :shocked: :shocked:

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proves one thing.....the camo is good lol


but it is annoying when you have to make unexpected repairs like that because of some planks fault, but people dont know how to use there mirriors or look out of the windscreen do they lol

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Hey David, the things you do, to get out of talking to me on the phone,..........:rofl: Seriously, I'm glad none of your youngsters/wife or yourself were in it. :sweat:


Give me a shout for lift's etc,............we look after our own, mate. :)


See you soon,.........ans watch what your doing with that STRIMMER.........:shocked:



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