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  1. Its A dennis but the wrong model this is a much larger capacity, I would suggest a tipper originally
  2. Marking for No 4 MT company, based in London.
  3. Afraid i cannot give any info re mpbw records or the existance of other examples. The info i have was taken from auction catalogues whilst primarily researching aux fire service and cd vehicles
  4. When the RAF / Air ministry ceased to have responsibility for its real estate, some of its vehicles and plant were transferred to the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works (MPBW) ** FUL is part of a large block allocated to the MPBW. I have 37 FUL on my database as a hardtop. Over the years there has been much discussion as to the colour schemes of these airfield lighting trucks, in addition to RAF B/G with yellow, red and white was also used for vehicles whose primary task was in the active flying areas ie the runway, its approaches, taxiways and flight lines.
  5. As i said yes correct, in addition with a cross country course which was used for driver training which also gave the trans a good unwind. Ted
  6. That is all correct. Most stations had a cross country driving route which also had the desired effect. Movement of the mk 6 variants was always by low loader between units and to and from the regional 4th line workshops. Ted.
  7. It wont surprise me if some individuals were dual roled, especially in large industrial organisations.
  8. Indeed Adrian no doubt there would have been variations or examples of ignoring the regs. Ted
  9. Have a look under fire guard on the same site, afraid i am on my tablet and havent a clue how to put on a link. Ted
  10. W is the marking for a warden. Wardens were not issued with Zucherman. FG is the marking for fire guard. , Only fire guard officers wore white helmets, and these were of the brodie pattern. Even the most senior only had 1 wide band and 2 narrow bands. So i would scratch my head over this one. An excellent place for ww2 CD info is ww2civildefence.co.uk.
  11. Many thanks, 24 MU was origially RAF Ternhill, in 1942 The MU site was renamed RAF Stoke Heath; I have checked which hangars they had and they fit perfectly with those in the film i.e. Lamella and Type D. Still a long haul from Lincs though. I have now worked out to move a repairable Lanc it took 8 QMs !! in the shot attached, 6 complete QMs can be seen, on the right is the nose of a Bedford OX this will have the fuselage centre section(with wing roots). missing from the shot is a second QM carrying 2 engines- the second from the left is carrying 2 engines So that would make a great modelling project for somebody !! TED.
  12. No, its part of the Nubian chassis designation the DP 1 should read TF/B80, the DP2 & 3 TFA/B81, but in various place TFA is incorrectly recorded for the DP1. have a look back at your message on monday where you have listed 3 vehicles from MERLIN.
  13. Yes BUT the rear body has been removed , there were a handful of DP1 and at least one DP2 that operated devoid their rear bodies, this would be the result of accident damage but other than rear body work the vehicle was fully functional. They are identifiable as they have a large number on the side prefixed with an F.
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