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  1. More by luck ! I sent that from my tablet and it does predicted mumbo so takes an age to correct before submitting
  2. Larry. I did say 2TAF carried the roundel
  3. The star was only applied to UK based British army vehicles as a D Day preparation. Very few R.A.F. vehicles of 2TAF carried the star. The extra large roundel applied on all vertical and horizontal surfaces was their air recognition symbol. Whereas. USAAF and US army carried the star almost from their arrival in the UK.
  4. USAAF at Duxford had Morris armoured cars and Beverettes for airfield defence.
  5. I think only 302' ,303, 308 and 315 with spits. I am sure the caption stated the girls were all polish airwomen and it was a national celebration day.
  6. Afraid I didn't note the location of date, but there were only 4 polish fighters squadrons. What I feel was a great injustice was the exclusion of any polish participation in the 1946 victory parade .
  7. Larry yes a GMC & trailer- similar to the attached RN example Ted.
  8. I was meaning the albion bowser in the first picture in the series posted by bobc1940
  9. Somewhere I have a shot of an Albion Ambo at I think Odiham, which appeared to have Light Earth with light green cam, I read somewhere RAE did a trial using these colours , so possibly the Commer with the green roof and the tiny shot of the Albion bowser are vehicles left over from the trial ??? The attached might be of interest !
  10. Yes D. I meant nobels dark tarmac green no 4,
  11. I am saying I am thinking that nobels tarmac dark green is the same as army green number 4.
  12. A couple of corrections to Mike Starmer's notes- I have all the AMOs mentioned plus the TNA notes. The Hendon Archive notes relate to AMOs . AMO 364 /37 states (1) overseas ambos to white. (2) all vehicles Iraq to Khaki. then an amendment to include (3) armoured cars, Armed tenders and w/t tenders with armoured cars to be Khaki- this will mean globally as the original AMO had already said all vehicles in Iraq- at this time we had Armoured Car Companies wandering over much of the middle East. JUNE 1941 N629/41 is not a signal its an AMO- there were several series of AMOs those prefixed A were Admin those prefixed N are temporary . It may well be the info we cannot find pre dating June 1941 is hidden in the N series of AMOs or was simply and more swiftly promulgated by Telex or by the priority letter delivery service. AMOs were ultimately superseded by DCIs ( Defence Council Instructions), these often took 2 to 3 months between initial composition , approval, printing , and global distribution to Stations then to Squadrons, Flights and Sections- so I would think in WW2 it would be a similar period. I am still after many years scratching my head over dark green , nobels dark tarmac green and dark tarmac, but I am swaying towards Nobels dark tarmac green No 4 being Army No 4.
  13. The truck in several shots is a Bedford MSC.. I would say most of the BoB period "Brown & Green" are KG 3 and dark green- the same as the army were using . The crash tender is a Fordson WOT1 Weeton type. picture is by IWM taken late WW2 at Prestwick who had mainly civvy Air Ministry employed firemen. The PE1301 on the door is often mistaken for its reg number in fact its TYPE 1301 the type number of crash tenders in the RAF's short lived type number scheme. I have seen snippets from that home movie used in DIG 1940 on other programmes over the years. 601 Sqn was known as the Millionaires Sqn it was a prewar Auxiliary Sqn the pilots were mainly very rich chaps - hence the colour movie film I suppose. The Bowser filling the Lanc coded Z I would say is in SCC2 & 1A as its in the camp pattern that was introduced about the same time as these colours Most of the tractor shots are reported to be 44/45 period taken by the Station Commander Grp Capt Cozens at Hemswell. However I think the date is 1943 as that is the year he was at Hemswell ??? Thanks for sharing these shots. Ted
  14. That colour is fiction as is the W/1941 marking Ted
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