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  1. To me it looks like Fort Halstead Sevenoaks- which of course is its postal town, I think its a case of accepting these little machines moved around . I have now found 26 in the NGY and RGX reg block 12 have locations and 13 have re-registration numbers in the Army EP block. Once I have finished digging I will post the list. TED
  2. Hi Wally I have 998 became 50 EP 40 and 999 became 60 EP 23 regards TED
  3. I have been following this thread with interest. My understanding is : All series one fire tenders were Land Rover products, Carmichael and others became involved with the introduction of the Series 2. The conversion included a 50 gall water tank onto which was mounted a hose reel. There was a hose carrying container along each side and of course mounting of the Pegson pump on the back along with a control panel. Scimart maybe you can align some of the holes in your tub with the standard items in the pictures. I especially included PGK 965 for this purpose; Just to throw a spanner in the w
  4. Rupert your 4th pic is taken at Guernsey Airport.., Jersey also received one plus the same model of Crossley crash tender. Ted.
  5. Larry there was a folding seat on the partition door for the attendant TED.
  6. Larry there was a folding seat on the partition door for the attendant TED.
  7. When the M1 was being constructed My Dad and I used to walk along sections of it on a sunday lots of QLs to be seen - no fences no H & S !! happy days TED.
  8. Hi Michal, as hostilities came to an end there would have been a surplus of QL bowsers so as with many types, vehicles were selected for rebuild for the medium to long term future requirements. I would imagine 16A/ 700 started life as 16A/ 699 . My identification of that vehicle is taken by reference to the relevant data sheet in AP 2782A. and AP 2515A Vol 111- which is a huge cross reference document which lists complete vehicles by its 16A reference, At the time of publication ( may 1946) only 4 QL bowsers are listed- 16A 541. 542 699 and 700. Turning to the close up of the oil
  9. A little more info to add : here is a picture of a 16A/700 which is number 5. on your list. The oil pump on your 4. 16A/699 is mounted on the walkway; described as a Zwicky double reciprocating hand pump. On your 3. I am wondering if the pump - one of the handles can be seen in the photo - is mounted but not plumbed in plus the oil hose stowage box fitted to give a capability in the field but actually the oil is drawn from a 44 gal drum. I used the later hand pump and certain models could be mounted with a hose and standpipe into a drum or the dip tube of the standpipe fitted to
  10. Hi Michal, In my previous I only mentioned the 3 basic types I knew were in service in WW2: I dug out my data book sheets ; 1. concur- plus my memory is going daft as the data book confirms this was 1000 gal. 16A/542 2. concur 16A/541 3. I will have to dig further into my photos but could just be same as 4. 4. concur 16A/699 5. concur 16A/ 700 6. 7.concur 16A/1297 850 gal AVTUR yes large cyl items are the Stream-Line filters required for Turbine( jet) fuels . data sheet shows positions for 3 booms but centre not fitted; note this has full size
  11. I would say that says Type 1308 . I have a copy of the short lived Air Ministry Order listing TYPES- it was a totally useless system - like many thing I experienced in my 39 years in the RAF so nothing I read or see surprises me; The subject of the photo is a Fuel and oil bowser 850 gal of fuel and 100 gal oil. oil was dispensed through a hand pump mounted on the nearside of the vehicle. There are 2 other types of QL bowser and both are listed in their relevant docs as 950 gal: However in other RAF publications there is mention of a 950 gal and a 1000 gal fuel bowser. ?? TED.
  12. Hi Richard, yes some very interesting stories but that picture that appears on page 42 is wrongly placed; there was no operational association between the GCI, or associated Signals Units and the MFPUs. Some where I have a history of the MFPUs and it was after D Day that they landed, I think the pic of the one exiting the LST is from No7 MFPU. I will try and find the date. keep safe TED.
  13. The omaha photo is not a radar unit, they did not use artics. This is a vehicle of a Mobile Field photographic unit, whose task was to process film taken by the recce aircraft the trailer is a Tasker. example attached . Ted.
  14. Hi I wonder if you may be able to help me with this ? 
    I am new to the forum so if I have not gone about it in the correct way I do apploagise but you seem rather knowledgeable on the subject ,

    Hi  i have just joined the forum , as i found it by chance when trying to find out information on a bike i have , its a  1953  matchless G3 with original engine matching the frame  reg number   LYO847

    I have worked out from some posts back in 2015 that some members may have the catalogues for ruddington  sales  i have seen that on some of the scans that were posted then  reg numbers LYO 840  843  844  845  were sold but i dont see mine , i was wondering if anyone could put me in the right direction , i believe that my bike was one of the first batch for evaluation from the first supply contract , i would love to find out more info , thanks mike 

    1. ted angus

      ted angus

      Hi Mike, I can't be much help I am afraid, I know your bike was stationed at Stratford- Lancashire for some of its service but I am afraid I don't have any auction detail for it. the LYO reg would indicate its from the evaluation era. 

      regards TED.

    2. Mike walburn

      Mike walburn

      Thanks ted  

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