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  1. Afraid not just listed as a "Utility Hardtop " no location, Ted.
  2. I have pulled together numerous lists from various sources I have gathered over many years. This covers the NGY and PGK reg blocks as I know for certain these are series One. I also have 5 numbers in the RGX block but I have a feeling these may be Series 2 so haven't included them. I have attached the list as a file but in case anyone cannot open it , I have embedded it into this text. Series 1 Land Rover L4P fire tenders for Min of Supply NGY 76, 79, 81, 82, 83, 84 Eskmeals became 53 EP 48. 85 Chertsey became 58 EP 75. NGY 712 Shoeburyness became 50 EP 96 .
  3. To me it looks like Fort Halstead Sevenoaks- which of course is its postal town, I think its a case of accepting these little machines moved around . I have now found 26 in the NGY and RGX reg block 12 have locations and 13 have re-registration numbers in the Army EP block. Once I have finished digging I will post the list. TED
  4. Hi Wally I have 998 became 50 EP 40 and 999 became 60 EP 23 regards TED
  5. I have been following this thread with interest. My understanding is : All series one fire tenders were Land Rover products, Carmichael and others became involved with the introduction of the Series 2. The conversion included a 50 gall water tank onto which was mounted a hose reel. There was a hose carrying container along each side and of course mounting of the Pegson pump on the back along with a control panel. Scimart maybe you can align some of the holes in your tub with the standard items in the pictures. I especially included PGK 965 for this purpose; Just to throw a spanner in the w
  6. Rupert your 4th pic is taken at Guernsey Airport.., Jersey also received one plus the same model of Crossley crash tender. Ted.
  7. Larry there was a folding seat on the partition door for the attendant TED.
  8. Larry there was a folding seat on the partition door for the attendant TED.
  9. When the M1 was being constructed My Dad and I used to walk along sections of it on a sunday lots of QLs to be seen - no fences no H & S !! happy days TED.
  10. Hi Michal, as hostilities came to an end there would have been a surplus of QL bowsers so as with many types, vehicles were selected for rebuild for the medium to long term future requirements. I would imagine 16A/ 700 started life as 16A/ 699 . My identification of that vehicle is taken by reference to the relevant data sheet in AP 2782A. and AP 2515A Vol 111- which is a huge cross reference document which lists complete vehicles by its 16A reference, At the time of publication ( may 1946) only 4 QL bowsers are listed- 16A 541. 542 699 and 700. Turning to the close up of the oil
  11. A little more info to add : here is a picture of a 16A/700 which is number 5. on your list. The oil pump on your 4. 16A/699 is mounted on the walkway; described as a Zwicky double reciprocating hand pump. On your 3. I am wondering if the pump - one of the handles can be seen in the photo - is mounted but not plumbed in plus the oil hose stowage box fitted to give a capability in the field but actually the oil is drawn from a 44 gal drum. I used the later hand pump and certain models could be mounted with a hose and standpipe into a drum or the dip tube of the standpipe fitted to
  12. Hi Michal, In my previous I only mentioned the 3 basic types I knew were in service in WW2: I dug out my data book sheets ; 1. concur- plus my memory is going daft as the data book confirms this was 1000 gal. 16A/542 2. concur 16A/541 3. I will have to dig further into my photos but could just be same as 4. 4. concur 16A/699 5. concur 16A/ 700 6. 7.concur 16A/1297 850 gal AVTUR yes large cyl items are the Stream-Line filters required for Turbine( jet) fuels . data sheet shows positions for 3 booms but centre not fitted; note this has full size
  13. I would say that says Type 1308 . I have a copy of the short lived Air Ministry Order listing TYPES- it was a totally useless system - like many thing I experienced in my 39 years in the RAF so nothing I read or see surprises me; The subject of the photo is a Fuel and oil bowser 850 gal of fuel and 100 gal oil. oil was dispensed through a hand pump mounted on the nearside of the vehicle. There are 2 other types of QL bowser and both are listed in their relevant docs as 950 gal: However in other RAF publications there is mention of a 950 gal and a 1000 gal fuel bowser. ?? TED.
  14. Hi Richard, yes some very interesting stories but that picture that appears on page 42 is wrongly placed; there was no operational association between the GCI, or associated Signals Units and the MFPUs. Some where I have a history of the MFPUs and it was after D Day that they landed, I think the pic of the one exiting the LST is from No7 MFPU. I will try and find the date. keep safe TED.
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