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  1. Just to refresh your memory- Here is your FYY160; I took the shots in front of Hanger 56, now I think this could well be 1993 or 1994 as my old office in the 1917 wooden hut has gone. I can't remember who owned the ambulance. I don't think it was Jimmy Wood's as his had an ex ministry reg GLU** or similar reg number. Take care TED
  2. Hi . Peter it must be 30 or 31 years since we met at the Leuchars airshow. Your 7v left me in awe ! Where is she now? Regards Ted
  3. In 1953 the RAF issued a lengthy AMO giving the future colours to be used in the various geographic theatres of operations. This AMO introduced Eau De Nil but initially only for all types of FIRE vehicles. Ted
  4. From the RAF data book sorry one page is not good quality. TED
  5. Vehicles of the UK based MT Companies didn't carry the conventional Command/Group marking they were required to display the Company number on the front and rear offsides. 4 MT was based in London to cover the docks and provide MT support to the surrounding district. I imagine support to small units such as this was a typical task. TED
  6. OK Hillman on the left either a van or car, on the Right Studebaker 6x4 of No 4 MT company Ted
  7. R/62 was the marking of RESERVE COMMAND 62 Group. the Command existed from May 1946 to 1 august 1950. Groups in Reserve Command were organised on a UK geographic basis, 62 Group was Southern UK. Info on Reserve Command is Scant but it appears they provided an umbrella to Reserve and Volunteer Units in their region, ie University Air Sqns, Air Experience Flights for Cadets, Volunteer Gliding schools and as a focal point for the recruitment of Reserve and Volunteer Reserve personnel. HQ 62 Group was Exeter, then Middle Wallop and finally at Rudloe Manor. Ted
  8. I would think the loudspeaker was for public order situations, The white circle was a common feature at that time with units in the suez zone and middle east , often an abbreviation for the station or unit was applied.
  9. Q15 GS, Q2 15cwt van( canvas roof ), de-icing heater unit, type 105 signals DF. 8ft wheelbase tractor (for Tasker couplings). 10ft wheelbase tractor ( for Tasker couplings). that's all I can find and they are the only types I have come accross . TED
  10. It was described as a Q2 in numerous RAF publications ?? Ted.
  11. Best I can do I am afraid. There could be a towing hitch lurking in the shadows ?? Ted.
  12. The pre heater van had a 10ft wheelbase and the heater fan driven by 3 vee belts drivenb by a PTO on the nearside of the gearbox
  13. Tony's restorations are second to none ; I don't think anyone in the thread is saying anything different, I followed both Tony's WOT1 & 3 projects with awe and have communicated with Tony previously over the years. The colours possibly suggested by Hendon, who provided a document ; the problem was 22 years ago the document couldn't properly be interpreted. I visited Hendon 30 plus years ago when in London for a few days at an MoD outpost. Although booking an appointment and informing them of my queries they couldn't really help with colours; aircraft they could give chapter verse etc and even published a book containing accurate colour chips of the AM/MAP series of colours used on aircraft in WW2 and into the early 1950s. But vehicles no info at that time. This thread was started by Tony in which he asks a question. An unknown author has published an unseen article which resulted in a letter from M Starmer to the magazine. The letter was somewhat blunt and implies the WOT1 is a recent product of the Museum team. The current custodian at the RAF fire museum has contacted Tony, who in turn asks a question ! I have posted an answer to Tony's question. I didn't post the answer to initiate a bun fight; I posted to hopefully help Tony with info that is now available but wasn't 22years ago when he painted the WOT1. As Julian says the key is the preservation of vehicles, 3 identical WOT1 crash tenders are preserved in the UK and in my eyes Tony's holds the gold medal for the preservation of the vehicle, his work is outstanding. Tony if I can give you any other info RAF related please give me a pm; after 39 years Service which in the 1960s and early 70, was with a number of guys who served in WW2 and 51 years of research my shelves and cupboard are pretty full. OK time to pull the eject handle on this one TED
  14. I wonder if M Starmer realised how many years ago this restoration took place, his letter implies it was the work of the team at the RAF Fire Museum ??
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