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  1. Thanks Gordon, I kept some records of vehicles that I worked on but by no means all of them, just checked your number and I do not have it listed. We had a very big workload from the Yeomanry, especially after the big exercises in Germany.
  2. I used to do a lot of work on Royal Yeomanry armoured vehicles, from Saladin, Saracen, Ferret, Fox and CVR(T) when they were brought into our workshops.. The HQ squadron was at Westminster (Westminster Dragoons). C Squadron was based at Croydon., they were Kent & County of London Yeomanry. The other squadrons were based around the country so yes it would require on the record card. I am sure the R Yeo LAD was at Croydon as I recall going up there to sort a problem out on their Leyland heavy recovery. What army registration number is your Ferret?
  3. Probably easier to contact Morris Lubricants in Shrewsbury. They are good for 140 gear oil and do mail order as I recall.
  4. C600 is a SAE 140 straight gear oil ( not an EP or Hypoid) 30HD is a SAE 30 engine oil
  5. When I fitted an electronic ignition to an Austin K2 ambulance once I asked the guy who made the kits about timing as the timing mark on an Austin flywheel is not visible when in the vehicle. He said turn it over and move the distributor to and fro until the engine picks up then advance it up until it sounds right ........ my reply was "oh, very scientific!!!" Regarding the Rolls engines, I have worked on many vehicles in army workshops with these engines fitted and we found to get the best performance out of them was to turn distributor to fully advanced, there is only so far that you ca
  6. Hi Bob, I rebuilt a B61 a few years ago for a Dennis fire engine. Goes well, twin SU carbs! Would be good to convert one for a Ferret..... or a Humber
  7. Hi Tony, Here is a very small selection from my large box of rally plaques covering about 38 years of events.
  8. Hi Bryan, I was looking at an Oxford Models catalogue recently and see they have a new model listed, not sure if it has been released yet, of an Aveling Barford 690 Dumptruck, it is in Wimpey livery but could easily be paint green, I think it needs the addition of the large air cleaner on the nearside of the radiator grille. At one time Airfix had a Bedford MK in their range. All these are 1/76th scale.
  9. Hi Will, There should be two photos here at the MVT/AWDC end of season event at Bovington Camp, I think this was about 1987. regards, Richard
  10. Hi Will, I have some photos of this old girl from about 33 years ago at a AWDC/MVT off road event on Bovington tank training area, will have to find them and scan.
  11. Thanks Neil, I rather thought you might need the shaded ones as I think they were used in the turrets. If anyone else is interested in these lamps, please send me a PM or post on this thread. regards, Richard
  12. Hi Neil, Here are some photos of the lamps, they are TL4 type Price would be £20 each plus postage. I have two here. regards, Richard
  13. Hi Anton, I suspect you are not slowing down enough before changing down. A common mistake if you are used to synchro boxes. It is a case of matching the speed of the gears and timing, takes practice but very satisfying when you master it. Keep at it but no need to force the gears in. Might be worth finding someone who is used to crash boxes to try your vehicle himself then teach you. regards Richard
  14. Hi, The Wico part is the magneto for a Homelite HRU28 generator set, 28 volts, The rope start pulley can be seen. US military used these. The other item looks familiar, but cannot pin it down at present
  15. It actually originated at the Fire School at RAF Manston where Steve was stationed at the time. That was the period when I was involved with the vehicles in the Museum. I wish them luck this time, it is now a fantastic collection.
  16. I will take a photo of one on Monday, they are all sealed in original packings, but there is one opened to show you.
  17. I cant recollect what the body is made of but the guard is diecast as I recall. Think they are type TL1 or TL2, definitely made by GEC Ltd
  18. I hope it works out well for Steve and his team this time. He has an impressive collection. I have known him for about 28 years when I was involved in restoring two of the early vehicles in the collection.
  19. Hi Neil, I have a few nos GEC interior lamps as fitted to tanks, they do not have a shade on the just the domed shape open cage over the bulb. Will not be able to send a picture until Monday. Dated in 1940's
  20. Looking a the Ministry of Supply rebuild plate it was overhauled in December 1952 by an Army Auxiliary Workshop, UK based, so unlikely it was disposed of for a few years after that, so unless it went out to BAOR and was 'lost' over there, it was most likely auctioned off and exported by a dealer. Wally will probably know more. Good find though, a lot of these Dennis tippers were used around the beach heads in Normandy.
  21. The two colour background would be red over green diagonally, which denotes Royal Army Service Corps
  22. Try Richard Banister, he holds a large stock of "B" range parts
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