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  1. A great model of an Australian jeep. Well done, and lettering is superb. I think the cable reel would be a bit vulnerable on tight left hand turns though!
  2. Good photos! The workshop lorry looks very much like an Albion 6x4 10 tonner towing a Meadows 27.5kva genny.
  3. Definitely no requirement to grease your tracks, even on the road you will pick up grit and this with the grease will end up as a grinding paste. Not needed.
  4. The two B61 engines that I had to strip definitely were not all alloy, although the Dennis one did have twin SU carbs.
  5. I had to rebuild a B61 for the owner of a Dennis fire engine a few years ago, it had a cracked block. The owner found another B61 which I used the block from. It came from a Bedford fire engine apparently. The 61 was not used in any military vehicles.
  6. I bought several ex-army and navy BSA B40WD bikes from Dawsons in the early 70's they were excellent to deal with, all by handwritten letter!
  7. Hi Andrew, The reference starting MAR/ probably refers to the RAOC Central Vehicle Depot at Marchington, Staffs. regards, Richard
  8. These types of trailers were used around the Command Workshop where I worked, usually pulled by a Lister warehouse tractor in multiples, when collecting engines in crates from the nearby Ordnance depot railway sidings.
  9. According to the BP website, BP Ultimate is E5. I do not think we can get away without ethanol in petrol now unfortunately.
  10. The Scammell EKA had a small portapak set in one of the lockers, at least the one at our Workshop did.
  11. I have a Sealey Supermig 160 like 67burwood has. Had mine for 20 years, use it on thin sheet as well as much heavier metal, works a treat. My advice on welding thin sheet, especially if you do not have much experience is to have a piece of copper behind the weld, this will help not to blow holes.
  12. I thought this was a research vehicle from somewhere like FVRDE, MVEE, etc. Recollect some discussion on this in the past.
  13. You have a Zenith, correct one is a Solex 35RZFAIPO The inlet manifold is a civilian spec as well as the mounting for the carb flange is different.
  14. That carb is as fitted to the civilian spec Bedford engines, the oil filter is likewise. Neither are correct for a wartime military engine.
  15. All I know was that it was on the coast of Romney Marsh in Kent and they also had a T34 tank there at one time as well.
  16. I remember fitting an engine into this Saracen for the first private owner, it was missing when bought. That was around 1996. Later it was sold and stood outside a hotel next to the sea for years. Next time I heard of it was on this forum where a chap from Wales had bought it.
  17. The Intelligence Centre at that time would have been at Maresfield Camp in East Sussex.
  18. Champion J8C plugs are good in Bedford engines. As for electronic ignition you will need to know the exact type of Lucas distributor that you have, numbers and ID are stamped on the metal body below where the cap fits. I say this because I have come across a few different type fitted in the past. I have used electronic kits on several military vehicles and customers have said how much it improved the starting and running, I think they were Powerspark (without checking, may not have the name quite right).
  19. That lamp was made by Flexible Lamps Lrd (Rubbolite)
  20. The Federation Army would likely be the Malayan Federation Army which was set up by the British in the Fifties. MOA would be Ministry of Aviation
  21. The second column is Chassis number, 3rd is Contract number, 4th is the pre-1949 Census number which will have the prefix Z as it is in the Up to 1 ton class.. Open Cab shows that it is the early one with aero screens and only canvas doors, CVD Ashchurch is the Central Vehicle Depot were it was prior to auction. The auction would have been at Ruddington and sold in 1961
  22. Hi Andrew, Will look forward to catching up! regards, Richard
  23. Hi Andrew, I would ignore RAL colour codes as they are European origin. The British Standard colours are still used by paint suppliers in the UK. I am not certain on the shades of blue and red on the RAF roundel, but at a guess would say Royal Blue and Signal Red, both are BS shades. Just found that on the BS381C colour chart there is 110 Roundel Blue and 454 Pale Roundel Red. regards, Richard
  24. Last overhaul at 18 Command Workshop REME, Bovington, in 1954
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