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  1. Some nice pics here taken by local photographer Richard who attended the show in 2009: http://www.rjkytephotography.co.uk/c0103/c0103.html
  2. Not at all, I think its a great show at a fantastic venue, I was just amused by them getting their numbers wrong (one of the main reasons I walked away) even though I politely let them know of their mistake.
  3. Wartime in the Vale, 16 & 17 June 2018, Big Bamg 10th Anniversayr Show. I'm not involved but thought it would help to give a heads up now, especially as it will be the 10th!
  4. How peculiar that my previous question about plans for the 10th Anniversary Celebrations have gone unanswered & Q deleted from Facebook. Oh well best to re-do your plans & advertising as you can't count! (Part of the reason as to why I walked away) I set this show up in 2009 with Neil & Bob so this year is not the 10th! 👍🏻
  5. I wonder what plans they've got for the 10th Anniversary Big Bang Show?
  6. Robin just makes people smile all the time & here's another of the Buffalo with some Marines
  7. Thanks Clive, drone pics will be helpful with planning for layout next year. Taken by a friend with a vehicle, who is quite experienced with drones, as you have to be 50m from structures & people so can do from the middle of the arena & before any one asks, yes he/drone are insured for flying. Maplin is quite a good place to buy them from.
  8. And hope my daughter left this tidy! And missed these French spies but glad pic was taken
  9. Ah yes, but VW Chassis & painted with Saddolin so should have at least 5yrs, haha
  10. Yes would be a good advertising tool. Had electric windows, aircon, leather seats & just a button to open the doors, clearly a clever engineer, but definitely the most photographed vehicle on the night.
  11. Does this count? You could probably work on a bike in the back. Based on a written off VW Passatt 2.8V6 4 Motion, seen at a classic car gathering in May, at Wichford in the Cotswolds, as it arrived everyone just bust out laughing, but it was so well done.
  12. And enjoyed the Merlin in the model Spit being fired up at about 10.30 at night...
  13. A few more of the tracked vehicles... more to follow as & when I receive them.
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