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  1. One more scam on ebay , they cant even put the jeep photo in. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-Replica-Jeep/393242020107?hash=item5b8f0d090b:g:VO8AAOSwK3tgc3BK
  2. I have updated my ww1 photo book and it is now in colour. The photos are taken from my ww1 negatives and i used AI software to add the colour and a lot of work to make them look good. There are some old post cards i have made in colour, as well and some German air recon photos.Keith
  3. English car lamp WW1 Lucas King Road WD broad arrow 722 1916 Somme Flandre https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lampe-voiture-anglaise-WW1-Lucas-King-Road-WD-broad-arrow-722-1916-Somme-Flandre-/233759512196?hash=item366d271684
  4. A few more pull outs of the tank. Keith
  5. Just bought this French FT tank manual that has 20 pull out plates on the tank, issued to a tank unit in 1920. Has info on the engine, gearbox , running gear, track MG , fan + more Keith
  6. Yep Itwtbarmy it is USA 4061613 . Here is a close up. Keith
  7. Original colour slide from my collection. Korea. Keith
  8. Bottom lower left looks the same building.
  9. Close up of the horse and cart, the building in the background has a name on the side, just cant make it out. Thanks for the ID Adrian, i would never have got it .
  10. I have bought some colour slides/film on Agfcolor film, taken in France about 1940, i wonder where they were taken. Keith
  11. Photos from my collection. Photo 1 . RAF Cpl in his jeep Photo 2. I think its a RAF jeep post war 1946. Photo 3. RAF servicemen in there jeep Italy. Radio unit.
  12. Vehicle Markings India 1945 and the CMF RASC hardback book i had printed came in the post today.Keith
  13. I think this is the same place. The beautesammelstelle near the 'Continental Osborne sign
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