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  1. I think they recovered a large amount of veh and used parts from scrap veh. Last photos show British and French tin hats. Photos from my collection.
  2. They did burn a lot of equipment and had veh dumps near Dunkirk. I do have a large amount of photos showing burnt out veh. Photos from my collection
  3. Thanks Lex for trying. I Have had these original ww2 colour slides for a long time and could not ID the bridges. The last one with a barge is not the same bridge.
  4. Holland, Belgium or France 1940. Can any one ID the area these colour slides were taken. Does not look like Holland. Not a lot to go on.Slides from my collection.Keith
  5. German with British army tool box on the back. Dunkirk. Photo taken from my original negative .
  6. One more photo came in the post today . Could it be a ww1 us army truck Packard or a Peerless used by the French? Has a name on the front rad. Photo from my collection. Keith
  7. Leyland Retriever WW11 / War Time Lorry https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393275435377?hash=item5b910ae971:g:erMAAOSw7WBgiRlI
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