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  1. Original photo from my collection The BAOR mobilised former pow soldiers into the German Civil Labour Organisation (GCLO) on some of the trucks [ 502, 529 ] . This provided paid work and accommodation for thousands of men. By late 1947, over 50,0000 Germans were employed as labourers, drivers, mechanics and in many other roles. In 1948-49, the GCLO played a major part in supporting the Allied effort during the Berlin Airlift.
  2. Photo taken at car park Ratinghen in 1945 trucks of 501 Coy, the photo just shows a few of the trucks the rest are CMP trucks not in the photo. Keith
  3. All are Original photos from my collection. Keith
  4. Found these on my pc that i have had for years. I think i have a few more i can put up if you want. Keith
  5. I do not work for them. I have just bought this to colour my B&W photos The software is this Pixbim ColorSurprise AI, you can have 7 days for free, and i take a photo from my pc screen of it. link. ColorSurprise AI Pixbim Downloads | PixBim. It`s not to bad and needs a little work on the photos, the cost is about $39 or £30 . I do not work for them. Here are some ww1 photos taken from my original negs that i have made in colour of a village in france and a tank photos. People are harder to colour. They take from 6sec to 60sec to colour, then i photo enhance them with a photo softwa
  6. Veh dump, may be more British trucks in there but i found two so far. Photo from my collection. Click on photo to enlarge. Keith
  7. Captured splitscreen Humber taken from the BEF 1940 with other german cars, and our old humber we used to own.
  8. Number 500 , 40 Motor Coach Company RASC. More info here. http://ww2talk.com/index.php?threads/motor-coach-company-rasc-tac-signs.68928/
  9. The aircraft hangar at Sebha under the red X. Original photos taken from my Libya Negs. Keith
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