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  1. Hi , I only printed one hardback book for me. Could have printed more but cost a lot to print Found this info in the book on 14 Coy RASC formation symbol .
  2. Reims. Photo taken from an original negative in my collection
  3. One more from the ww1 glass negs i bought from France. Staff car. Reims with a French staff car. Thanks for any help.
  4. I have just bought a few ww1 glass negatives and one of them has these two trucks.
  5. I think they are from the us army? but could be french as well
  6. This came in the post this week British [ ASC ?] and us troops stand by the small truck. Any one id the truck. The Cpl on the left does not look happy. Thanks.
  7. Captured Morris with a tax disk holder, I do have other photos in my collection with them on. just above the xxx
  8. I am used to the old British army 24hour ratpack/10 man with compo tins from the 1960s to the 1990s. Just been given this French ration pack, have you used other ration packs from other armies.
  9. Seen this on another website with Morris quads and matador trucks in Portugal in 1943 http://www.cinemateca.pt/Cinemateca-Digital/Ficha.aspx?obraid=29273&type=Video&fbclid=IwAR0DXPqD9L-1UAmBhopeKnD96UEASW_ln1RA5nkqslSWCPoIgAM0g6m6YJY
  10. I have just bought this photo postcard sent from the uk to France, it has a large amount of trucks in the background, could be ASC. Postmarked Woolwich 1915? not clear could be 1919. Click on photos to enlarge Keith
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