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  1. The horns should be shiny as they pass between the inner and outer wheels (the wheels have a steel rim on the inner edge) and the sprocket teeth will shine a small patch fore and aft of the rectangular holes in each link. You should NOT have metal to metal contact where eack link pivots ie where the track pin goes through. This is a sign the track metallastic bushes have failed. Get the grease out. In time the grease will destroy the track bushes! Terry
  2. Scorpion prototype number 15 for sale. This is believed to be the first diesel, and is running and driving, in superb condition, in MVEE signage, with flotation screen, and live gun. Crated spare gun also supplied.FAC holders only. Spartan APC, J60. again in superb condition, Land Rover Lightweight, again superb. All three are prime examples, complete and driving. They are for sale as a whole, or individually. Export, and transport arranged, viewing by appointment, for sale to the highest bidder
  3. As a nipper, I lived close by Chobham clump, and recall two tracked hulls on the opposite side of the road by the car park, on the sloping ground. There was also a large rivetted steel target plate with numerous armour piercing rounds punching through it (many an hour with dad's club hammer trying to knock them out) but really apart from the filming for carry on and hammer films there, not much else was found. Do you recall when gacious pond was dredged by a pair of traction engines, and what came out?
  4. clickbait alert..........
  5. Having just driven a 432 in rush hour traffic 2 1/2 hours ago, I would love to say that with good mirrors, competence and tolerance, it is perfectly ok. Unfortunately, it is the awful standard of driving by other road users who are impatient, arrogant, and have absolutely no awareness of what is going on outside their little tin box, that will test your concentration. A nicely set up 432 with a good driver is perfectly adequate, but having to wear ear protection, a second person in voice contact is welcome still on topic-was it Guy Martin who did his H test on telly in a 432?
  6. been following this thread for a while, as my dear old dad once showed me some bumpy ground up on Etchinghill and told me me it was a grenade/piat range, and there were 3 tanks buried there.... the resulting dig proved him 100% right. Other gentlemen on here may have come across the larger than life W&P frequenter, who claimed to have found a holy grail of tanks, and produced photos of the glacis plate to prove, and know how that story panned out. but I cant for the life of me fiqure out why at huge expense, this dramatic operation took place at a time when resources were in short supply. Gas axe it and weigh it in.
  7. remember looking over this when it was at (I think) chertsey-has a nice RR engine!
  8. fired or unfired-condition not too important. thanks.
  9. no H test availability down here for about 14 months, as the backlog of car & bike tests takes priority
  10. Having witnessed the work carried out by ABRO Donnington on J60 and TN15, I found their quality of workmanship very impressive. I see from other threads here that some rebuilds were farmed out, and that's where profit rules over quality
  11. Hi John, they were three shermans without turrets,parked on the concrete hardstanding by the pine trees, on the opposite side of the road from the warden's hut, there was also a turreted sherman in the woods by the RAMC at Mytchett, and a superb complete tank that had the big studs on the turret (I pinched one bank of smokes off it!) outside mytchett place I've still got one of those immaculate 3" mortars that were on the mantlepiece in the warden's hut.... as for the tanks on pirbright and chobham ridges........
  12. Identification List for Ordnance QF40/70 Mk2/1 1958 copy. £15 plus post
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