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  1. Identification List for Ordnance QF40/70 Mk2/1 1958 copy. £15 plus post
  2. a few years back, a government site experimented with the safety implications of a combined, petrol/hydrogen roadside filling station, specifically a 'what if' scenario the results were apparently so devastating that research was halted
  3. Am I correct in hearing there will be no more red diesel, or should I say diesel with a lower rate tax available?
  4. Converting a 'conventional' power train to electric is quite simple-ditch the engine, fit an electric motor to a bell housing adapter plate and bolt it to the existing gearbox. There's a series on tv called vintage voltage, and that's exactly what they do BUT, it completely destroys the soul of the vehicle
  5. To Start- turn batt isolator on turn ign on (little knurled knob in centre of black round lighting switch) make sure gear indicator is showing 'N' (click gear selector toe down all the way) pull out protective hood on toggle switch and hold down to start position starter are notorious for sticking, so may want a ' tap'while holding switch in start pos. good luck let us know how you get on
  6. Inert FFE Harrier 1000lb practice bomb, £495 obviously collection only!
  7. it is exempt from being road legal for the test, as the H licence is legally required in certain instances, ie unloading and loading tracked plant where it involves crossing or travelling roadways
  8. I would begrudge paying such a huge amount for a H test that lasts about 45 minutes! May I suggest you read 'the official DVSA guide to tractor and specialist vehicle driving tests' (HMSO publication) this shows exactly what the H test entails, book your test ( I think its still £62) the examiner will come to you or a place of your choosing. Preferably use your own vehicle if it is road legal, or at worst, rent a mini digger. inexpensive, easy, and you don't have to put up with all the BS!
  9. I have just over one complete set left. They are new, and unused.
  10. Have a complete set of brand new track pads if anyone's interested. First come first served
  11. Fantastic transformation from what it was to what it is now Do you know the origins of the other 2 scorps in the pic? (and well done for keeping the Belgian identity!) best wishes Terry
  12. yes 6" with mesh reinforcement, slight runoff so no stagnant water pooling, and if your driveway is level, smooth finish to save on trackpad wear!
  13. seconded-just leave it in high range for normal road use.Essential you check your steering box oil-make sure it up to level and oil is clear and does not smell burnt. Tillers need to be even when pulled back together, and set up correctly. Poor little steering box does a lot of work! terry
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