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  1. er, I thought Warrior has the Rolls Royce CV8, while the AS90 has the Cummins tell me if I'm wrong.........
  2. Be quick-real nice diesel Scimitar on Brightwells Auction-finishes 30th
  3. get a large adjustable open the front flap and turn the cranskaft pulley to make sure the engine/ starter are not stuck, then as mentioned before, with someone flicking the starter switch, clout the starter body with a proper hammer. other than that, I think it is pack out. PS, I have seen someone disc cut an access panel in the hul. Neat job-worked well, but a bit drastic!
  4. don't paint at 6 degrees or less. If its damp don't paint. Alway try to paint under cover, and be wary of diesel space heaters as they throw out particles which will contaminate your paint. sprayed some items last night, prepped them first, hung on the radiator to warm through, then out into the workshop, a light 'mist' coat. wait 'till touch dry, then a nice even full coat. Once touch dry, back indoors hung to go off overnight.Even touch dry if you leave them out it can bloom (milky dull finish) and probably be running in condensation!
  5. I think if I paid £31200 on some new rubber for my motor and it only lasted 1300 miles I'd be straight round Kwik Fit for a refund...
  6. there are two replacement track systems for cvrt, a steel one, made by Diehl, with knock out replaceable pads, and a continuous rubber track made by a Canadian firm I believe. Both were trialled by the MoD
  7. Always a gentleman and a pleasure to be around, an ambassador and asset both to our hobby and to the forces. a great loss terry
  8. Andy, can you get a price on a trackpad using the nsn? regards terry
  9. choosing the right medium is critical, i seem to remember in trials, a polymer gave the best results. don't forget the nylon washers!
  10. just a thought-has anyone actually asked cook defence for a price on the real thing?
  11. depends how many you buy and how you want them shipped get a price on say 3 or 4 sets-i'm sure there will be plenty of takers over here air mail may be a tad pricey though!
  12. gents, there is already a guy down under manufacturing and selling pads details are on the 432 forum
  13. when they were released with paperwork, it was straightforward to register, but they stopped the paperwork, so it became impossible to register them. I have the paperwork 😉
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