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  1. Sill looking to replace some of the missing bits and in particular, the braking system at the present time. The Transmission Brake or Foot Brake is known as the Service Brake in the Parts Book - there should be two adjustable Anchor Rods for this and we only have one original. That original is fit to use again and a new second one is being fabricated as a copy of that original - the eye at the end is to be welded to the rod but screwed in now to hold it all together. The hole for the pin can be opened up to the final diameter after welding.All straight forward but there are UNF threads on this
  2. Yes it is. A TAR 01. Not sure about the cab though.
  3. The Latil just sold at auction for 62,000 Euros. Quite a respectable price.
  4. Just looking at bits at the moment before we return to the Transmission Brake Bands and linings to finish them.There are Stuffing Boxes on the ends of the Jack Shafts and the cover on each is secured by 6 bolts. We have seven included with our bits which are reusable so five to make and this mainly done today - screw driver slots still to put in the heads. Steve already has a set up to do that so these bolts will go back with him to his place when he next comes down west again.Interestingly, the Parts Book shows studs on this set up with separate nuts but we had the bolts with cross holes dril
  5. I am fairly certain that the Swiss did not supply Austria with wagons, although of course Saurer trucks were made under licence in Austria and Germany. A load of WW1 and WW2 horse drawn wagons recently sold at auction in France.
  6. I wouldn't think so, but this is often claimed by the sellers of these carts.
  7. That looks great. Now you need a HMORS trailer to go with it.
  8. This Model T supposedly featured in the movie 1917. I personally dont remember it. Does anybody? https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1264032?fbclid=IwAR1nkZkziAG0rTHuWBmlkq7sHpfJzpHzkt0Tn4Uq3e9YUi4LM3IRteTGlV4
  9. A cracking photo of it (and some other early trucks) here: https://ccmv.aecsouthall.co.uk/p971350189/h507b4532#h507b4532
  10. Brake Shaft - stripped down, cleaned up and temporarily reassembled with original corroded fittings.
  11. Sorry. I was joking really. It looks better in its DCC livery.
  12. Had you considered putting it back into WD livery?
  13. Just as long as it was not pollyfiller!
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