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  1. That is a super sounding Pierce Arrow. Another survivor i did not know about.
  2. Steve fitted the second of three gas generators to the Thornycroft. The platform which holds it has required something on it to stop people using it as a footstep. After fitting he took the bolts off again for some adjustment, so not a permanent fit yet. It does look nice though. Thanks again to the forum member Peter for putting me in touch with the previous owner.
  3. Radiator castings undercoated and trial assembled. All OK - all we need now is the new Core!
  4. Yesterday's demolition of the Radiator revealed that the two side frames were different from each other - one was of iron and other was ali. The iron one was sound but the ali one was cracked and broken and will have to be replaced. A visit to the Spares Department today yielded the remains of another Radiator - the top tank had already been removed from that one but the two side frames were still there and were iron ones. These have been taken off today - one is completely sound whilst the other is slightly cracked - but not beyond repair. So with the sound one that we
  5. The cast iron radiator bottom tank and side were taken for sandblasting.
  6. Dad took the bottom Radiator Tank off - no problem and it unstuck very easily from the core - despite all the rubbish that was revealed inside of it when it was off! This one is cast iron and although heavily rusted and pitted, it is still sound and will be OK to use again. The bottom tank and the iron side frame will go for sand blasting now but the ali side frame is more delicate and will require more gentle treatment to clean it. The top tank is iron and was cleaned up some time ago when he made the new Filler Caps.
  7. A bit more painting. First coat of green today. second one tomorrow.
  8. More photos of the core. The previous owner had removed some of the damaged tubes from back to front and then put a bolt through the holes. We can make a new core, it is just another job to do and a matter of time
  9. Finished removing all the fixings holding the Radiator together - the sides popped out very easily after the bolts were removed - the bottom tank is stuck and will need some gentle easing to remove it from the core. Surprisingly, one of the side frames is iron and the other is ali ! Both are fit to use again but we already knew that the core has had it and must be replaced.
  10. Another job that was started some time ago and has been awaiting further attention is the first Radiator. The top tank was taken off some time ago so that a new Filler cap could be made and fitted to that one with a second cap to be made at the same time and to be ready for the other Radiator for the other Peerless in the queue.. The cores for each of the two Radiators will want replacement as they are damaged beyond recovery So today, it was our intention to remove the bottom tank off the first Radiator and although we planned to complete that today, we ran out of time for as usua
  11. We picked up some newly sand blasted bits today to clean up and prime - first of all there is the coupling bar between engine and gearbox. The bronze bearings from one end are missing and the remaining set on the other end which are still there are very worn and will want to be re-made in any case. The cross driving pin in each end of the bar need to be replaced - simply a tight push fit in the bar - 1" in diameter - the old ones have been pushed out. The Peerles name plates are the ones to go on the rear of the chassis on the cross member - different from the front ones which we d
  12. Does anybody know anything about this Pavesi for sale in Devon: Fiat Pavesi P4/100 Artillery Tractor - WW2 Military Vehicle - 4x4 Project | eBay
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