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  1. Yes it went to a French museum. They have several great war trucks for restoration. Its name will come to me in a moment. I see that it was estimated to sell for 15K to 25K. it didnt make anything like that at all.
  2. Great photos which i had not seen before. Some vehicles on home service were assigned licence numbers but as the end of the war approached this became mandatory AJ 3067 was issued by North Riding Yorkshire. The other one which looks like it begins AW was from Salop
  3. Had a great day out at Brighton to see the HCVSS London to Brighton entrants arrive. Lots of trucks on solid tyres. The highlight was Toby Robinsons immaculate Thornycroft J and the judges thought so as well.
  4. Thanks for clarifying that. What happened to the RAF Leyland that was bought by Hendon? Was any restoration work started on it?
  5. Yes, you are quite right. The chassis was in a container in the garden and the beautiful radiator was in the downstairs hallway.
  6. On collection and on its way to temporary storage until we can make room for it.
  7. Forum member Tom Fryar has another which frequently makes long expeditions. Here at Shuttleworth.
  8. We think there are nine RFC survivors, the one at Hendon perhaps being the best know. My understanding is that after having been fully restored it has been designated never to run again, which is a bit of a shame, but that is museums for you.
  9. However, this was not a problem. While at the Beaulieu autojumble we spoke to a company who make replacement badges and as they had made one previously for a Crossley we commissioned them to make a replacement. Quite remarkably, (and relying on another heads up from a friend) two Crossley radiator badges were currently in an auction just seven miles from home. They were a little damaged (probably from being in a cardboard box with lots of other badges) but I had to buy them. I am not sure if the one without the name is a later or an earlier example. Someone will know. Here are all three for a comparison.
  10. The radiator is a little battered but will certainly live to fight another day. It all provides a bit of personality to it. It was unfortunately missing the radiator badge.
  11. The engine appeared to be in good condition, but was stuck. The absence of any damage to the valve caps suggest that it has never been apart and quite probably never run which is good news. It had the correct Smith and Sons carb on it as well.
  12. As most of you will already know we have acquired another vehicle from the Great War. This is a Crossley Tender from 1916 which was built for the Royal Flying Corps. We were not planning on buying any more restoration projects but as our friend Adrian said – if you want a Crossley Tender this will be your only chance. Well we have always wanted one, but with only about nine survivors world wide they don’t come up for sale very often. This one came up at Brightwells (thanks for the tip off) and we had to have a good look at it and then placed a bid which after some last minute excitement was successful. We don’t know much about it other than it was believed to have been purchased back by Crossley at the end of the war, then reconditioned for a private sale. What is there appears to be very original although missing some parts. It came out of a scrap yard in 1981 and has changed hands a couple of times since then. We do need to focus on the Peerless but once that is completed here is the next project. In the meantime we can start looking out for parts and gathering information.
  13. Yes. I think that is a Benz. Maybe one taken in reparations
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