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  1. Good luck with it. Quite an incredible find. Can you tell which model Karrier it is and roughly which year?
  2. That is an amazing find. Everything all looks scorched so i guess there has been a fire in the area?
  3. The next stage of the Brake Bands and Linings - the linings temporarily attached to the Bands with screws and nuts which will be replaced with copper rivets at a later stage.
  4. I know what you mean. I think that those were an improvised wooden A frame. I will have to find footage of it now to compare. Thanks
  5. As you know the plan is to restore the Peerless as a recovery truck from the 1st Mobile Repair Unit based at St Omer. Very happily we managed to locate the original blue prints for this body type. I have attached a section of them. Within the equipment description is a "mountain gun lifting tripod". You can see this on the side of the lorry and on a different version in use on a ditched lorry. We had always referred to them as shear legs. I presume they were used to assemble the component parts of a mountain gun, but i have never come across one before. We may have to manufacture a replica. Do
  6. The first of the two Brake Bands now has its ends riveted on but still the second one to do. Riveting just a little awkward for one pair of hands but the "gallows! helps. The temporary screws removed one at a time and then the vacant screw hole takes the rivet. All 3/16"
  7. Gone back to the Jack Shaft Brake Bands - the "hinges" to be riveted to the ends of the bands with 3/16" iron rivets - band and "hinge" drilled 3/16" first of all to take 2BA nuts and bolts which will hold them together during riveting and will be replaced one at a time as the rivets go in.
  8. A bit of cleaning and painting and it comes up a treat. Nice to see the WD marking visible. We will pop that on the Thornycroft when we next visit. Thanks again Peter.
  9. Thank you to forum member Peter for putting me on to it. A six hour round trip and it is home
  10. I cant believe that it was 14 years ago that we found this for the Dennis. We need another one for the Thornycroft
  11. You are correct. If you can see them they can no doubt see you. If you were to bring a lorry that close to the front and park it they will bring down artillery fire upon you and that will really stuff your day. Mobile pigeon lofts would move with the headquarters when they moved (which was very rarely). The pigeons adopt a location as their new home after they have been there a few weeks. The loft would be manned 24 hours a day so that any incoming messages could be seen as soon as possible. You can see a "grill" type affair on the front of the lorry behind the stuffed pigeons. The birds
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