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  1. Thanks for adding that Guy. The Allison Jeep previously sold for £25K so he took a bit of a hit on that.
  2. I had a bit of spare time so i cleaned up the valve caps and put a first coat of red on one of the blocks.
  3. Thanks Richard. I agree entirely. I am only stating what the auction blurb states: Still fitted with its original body tub and many period features Extremely rare and unique example having been reconditioned by the Allison Steel Manufacturing Co of Phoenix, Arizona in July 1945 using a more advanced engine, gearbox and front suspension and still showing its associated dating plate Recently serviced and fettled using parts supplied by Dallas Autos of Thatcham The appeal of this Jeep to Simon was simple. It was more original than many we have offered for sale but also better to drive. While this might sound like a contradiction in terms it is explained by the fact that the Ford was reconditioned by the Allison Steel Manufacturing Company of Phoenix, Arizona in July 1945. The original 1943 GPW body tub was retained but the drivetrain was updated with a developmental prototype ‘fibre drive’ engine and more advanced T.90 gearbox. The front suspension was uprated too to eradicate the infamous ‘Jeep Droop’ on the driver’s side. The original untouched data plates verify the modifications and show that Ford / Willys kept trying to enhance the Jeep right up until the final few months of WW2. ‘NXS 976’ has been inspected by John Farley, the well-known author of ‘The Standardised War-Time Jeeps’, who commented as follows: ‘It is very hard to find an untouched rebuild – allowing us to study the modifications and changes made in period . . . Still, with its very original 1943 GPW tub, combat wheels, original seats, Sheller steering wheel, screen, hood, and wings, this Ford has two freewheeling hubs fitted to the front axle to ease fuel consumption. Offered with its original rear tyre carrier, 1943 Jerry Can, original hood bows, genuine rear seat, grill bumpers and handles, shovel and axe, original seat covers, combat rim and bar grip tyres’. I suspect that the previous owner had not seen another Allison and might be drawing some conclusions? Ask a Question
  4. Right, i am really confused now. I dont know much about Jeeps so need some help here. This unrestored rebuilt Allison Ford has a T90 gearbox which was normally fitted into CJ2a, yet the Allison i was looking at which was rebuilt in the same Month has a T84. Production of the CJ2a started 17 July 1945. Is it possible that Allison could get hold of a T90 to put into a rebuilt GPW when CJ2a's were being built with a number of left over parts from the MB and GPW. Some comparison photos. Any thoughts please anybody?
  5. I have deleted this post as it might create offence::
  6. I was very interested to see the extremely rare and unique 1943 Ford reconditioned by Allison steel as strangely enough i was only looking at another one a few days ago. what are the chances of that?
  7. Gas detector. It is painted with gas detection paint and changes colour. Located so the driver can see it.
  8. That is a super sounding Pierce Arrow. Another survivor i did not know about.
  9. Steve fitted the second of three gas generators to the Thornycroft. The platform which holds it has required something on it to stop people using it as a footstep. After fitting he took the bolts off again for some adjustment, so not a permanent fit yet. It does look nice though. Thanks again to the forum member Peter for putting me in touch with the previous owner.
  10. Radiator castings undercoated and trial assembled. All OK - all we need now is the new Core!
  11. Yesterday's demolition of the Radiator revealed that the two side frames were different from each other - one was of iron and other was ali. The iron one was sound but the ali one was cracked and broken and will have to be replaced. A visit to the Spares Department today yielded the remains of another Radiator - the top tank had already been removed from that one but the two side frames were still there and were iron ones. These have been taken off today - one is completely sound whilst the other is slightly cracked - but not beyond repair. So with the sound one that we already have in hand and with the sound one now revealed, we have a complete set of original iron Radiator castings - very pleasing - all we have to do now is construct a new core, These latest two must now go for sand blasting.
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