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  1. Hope it comes out of the ground as quickly as you found it !
  2. Saw a Video on youtube yesterday on the forgotten weapons channel , in which they showed and talked of the Welrod Mk IIA assassination pistol . A very interesting story about a very unique gun . It was mentioned that while a number of items were thought up and designed by the SOE that a number were connected to one town in Great Britain . that they shared the same prefix of Wel . previous I knew only of the Welbike , how many other items were created , could some one list them .
  3. What a great tradition , The Photo's you say you thought were not very good are really indeed very good . I knew of the tradition of individual Dutch families adopting a grave of a fallen military person , but did not know of this Winter candle lighting. So many fell during the War both Military and civilian , is there any similar ceremony for the Dutch civilians ? I wish other Americans knew how these WWII dead continue to be honored, I know I have told many over the years since I learned of the tending of the graves. Thank YOU .
  4. Another year of fantastic progress , first class workmanship and great skill at solving each hurtle . A Very Merry Christmas and Hope you and your family will have a Happier New Year .
  5. Nice show of the Fodens power , but the story that the crane was too wide doesn't make sense as its no wider than the trailer , so if the crane is too wide then the tractor trailer combo is too wide as well .While the Foden is the narrowest .
  6. That's a fantastic amount of progress in a short few days! I realize many of the parts were finished , some a long time ago but for they to slip into place when your plans came together must make you all very happy. You probable are also getting use to having every so slightly more space to move about the garage and all now that these pieces are being installed and not scattered about.
  7. What was the problem with the Jeep ? Great that you got it sorted out, hope is was minor.
  8. Lets hope this step in saving the ship wont result in more damage from corrosion now that it has been raised than what would happen if it was still submerged as it says it may be a number of years while it is inspected and plans and money sought before any serious work is done . What I m saying it it should be in a controlled environment and have treatments started that would start the process of removing the sediments and salts that have affected every inch of the ship if its only raised and left to the elements it could quickly rust beyond being saved.
  9. Quite a clever tool .Glad you kept experimenting and found a solution , They look great !
  10. I m sure the people at the foundry will be very sad if you should finish your work one day and not need anything cast ! Do they have a frequent caster discount ?
  11. Read this story in the Local Paper today , It was a amazing story of very brave resourceful group of men men who did a vital job who went unnamed during WWII and who's action had been total forgotten until recently. They will now receive that overdue attention with a plaque . Did any one else know any thing of this story before now ? Here is the link http://www.omaha.com/news/world/honor-for-hero-who-saved-london-from-wwii-flooding/article_eee08842-650e-5c87-a9db-51a579105204.html
  12. Update the roof has now been replaced it was finished a week and a half ago , had a bit of rain over the weekend and things seem OK , the siding was replaced along with the gutters and downspouts they finished that late last week , Still waiting on the widows , doors and interior work . It will be nice to be able to have sun light shining in again where I still have wood covering the broken windows .
  13. Can someone post the link to the real story ?
  14. I'm sure he knows that's not true and hope he will write down or dictate as many of his experiences as he can before he forgets them . Best wishes for his wonderful long life.
  15. Yes , thing will get going shortly sign with a general contractor on Saturday to start the repairs / remodeling . So its a win for the City increased property value, win the insurance company as the insurance coverage will have to increase to cover the raised value , a win for the contractor and all the trades shop etc. that will supply things . Not such a win for me and the wife as the thousands of questions and choices to be made .
  16. Since man has lived on the surface of the planet , no place is truly safe . You either deal with floods, tornado's, hurricanes ,blizzards , droughts . sink holes , landslides , earthquakes . volcanic activity or tsunami or a combination of any of the these. Luckily one can buy insurance to limit the loss caused by mother nature yippy ! If not for that coverage I would be very much in dire condition from this storm alone . Others have been hit harder in the eastern portion of this and neighboring states so I know I have been lucky .
  17. Your right, its lower cost of wood construction . There are a number of companies across the USA ,what they call factory built home builders who build wooden homes in factory production lines and then deliver the modular sections say a two unit set to form a ranch style home or a four unit set for a two story home . The higher end or luxury homes in my area often have brick facades . Another construction option is earth sheltered where the home is built into a hillside or if the terrain is too flat they bury the home under a few feet of soil and would have an open center as a court yard the last two styles are rare and costly and not everyone would be able to adjust to that living style . So until people and insurance companies change things will stay the same .example if the insurance companies said they would not insure wooden homes or Mobile trailer homes and would give cheaper rates to those who built earth sheltered homes , then people would have an incentive . The central United States covers so much territory it hard to imagine any one way to protect everyone from the threat , so We roll the dice and hope the twister either never happens or hits somewhere else . (Some towns and cities my go a decade or two between hits or longer)
  18. Eastern Nebraska continues to have severe weather , this last Sunday the 15th had a hail heavy rain and damaging hail storm pass about 15 or so miles North of here didn't hear about much of any damage. Yesterday the 16th the town of Pilger Nebraska about 70 miles North North West of here was hit with twin tornado's population had been 350 or so. One 5 yr old girl was killed a dozen suffered injuries and 75 percent of the town was leveled . Hopefully they think by the middle of next week this storm pattern will finally change and head east .
  19. I been meaning to add that there is a lot of Corn and Soybeans grown in the area and from the drive I took around the town last afternoon that if the plants were say 6" or less they were beaten into the ground and if they were 1' or larger then they were stripped and broken . Most all the farms in the area will be replanting soon. The string of storms has continued has severe weather last Sunday hit mostly south of here in Omaha , then Tuesday's storm hit here with 60-80 plus mph winds and large hail, and similar high winds down in Lincoln ,then Thursday rain and wind here and 1" hail south and east of here in north Omaha, Friday evening heavy rain and gusting winds here with severe hail north of here in Tekamah . Today has started off with light rain and possible more rain ??? tomorrow .
  20. some other pics about town from the Chrysler jeep dealer lot , any vehicle that had a sunroof lost it . in the commercial section of town
  21. this video was made in a town northwest of me on the same day and same storm
  22. Thanks for all the words of concern , We were not home at the time, pretty thankful for that in a way . if you look on the interwebs for stories about this they list 12 people were injured (and treated at the local Hospital )about 3 miles away in a parking lot at Walmart when hail smashed through the glass on their cars and they were cut and bruised as a result. Yes it is plastic siding very common in the USA , another product many use here is a pressed paper siding that looks like clapboard its cheap looks just like wood but if the paint gets damaged and water gets to it then its junk , another is a cement product that again looks like clapboard a bit more money very durable not sure if homes with that had any damage. The wind was very odd in that friends of ours about 5 miles east and sit on hill top a bit higher than where I am received only rain and wind and NO hail ? Many homes have a few or all the windows broken on the West and North sides of the home since that was the direction of the winds . The town of Fort Calhoun pop. about 900 they reported that every building suffered some level of damage . Blair by the way has a pop. of about 7,990 and so far they have not said what percent of homes etc where hit but I know others suffered much more damage that I. We do seem to have one of our cats missing it and a second were rescued last November when they repeatedly appeared on the door step seeking shelter and we put food out for them . It was necessary to use a live trap to do this as they were feral and can only think that when the hail broke the window in the lower bed room (the set of three ) you see in the photo that it leaped out into the storm and not seen since. The update on the Ford dealer is now estimated their loss at 162 million u.s. dollars , no figures on damages for the other property damages yet . Had the insurance company out yesterday to inspect and give an estimate for our place . Have no idea how long this will all take as there is so much damage to so many building and only a small number of contractors to hire , while having to avoid all the traveling bad outfits we call fly by nights This a another part of the siding that faced North . The plastic siding had been put on over that paper siding before I bought the place 10 years ago as a result of earlier hail damage.
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