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  1. if your vehicle is historic and tax and mot exempt sending for a mot makes no difference you would take the reminder when due with the insurance and V5 and get it taxed at zero rate the mot is your choice
  2. There should not be any problems if all the documents are present for the DVLA last year a friend applied for historic status his vehicle was released in the mid sixties and was not registered for the road as it was used on a local estate by the game keeper until it was replaced for a more modern type of vehicle. The original sale release document was lost over the years but a copy of the record card showing when and were it was sold along with proof of year manufacture along with other supporting evidence was enough for the DVLA . This was done by both of us we did not get any club to ve
  3. 43 FK 50 TO 43 FK 99 44 FK 01 T0 44 FK 19 02 FK 92 TO 02 FK 96 [ police vans 41 FK 77 TO 41 FK 83 ] 46 FK 63 TO 48 FK 62 your number appears to have been sold 1973
  4. the FK series of numbers for these all were in contract WV 9530
  5. HAVE you taken the sender unit out of the tank and checked it is free to move as if the vehicle been has stood for a while this can happen take the engine cover off to gain better access disconnect the wires and leave the potentiometer in place until you check as it can be a pain at times to relocate
  6. SOME were issued but after 1944 up to 1948 and appeared in the chillwell list that came after the list most people quote
  7. That batch of census numbers were reserved for issue after 1944
  8. it can be done with just a chassis number but it takes time l have done it in the past but remember the records for your period of time only applies to army vehicles and does not cover the other two branches of the services
  9. SAM the no 2 key cards were among the first to be saved the bundles had hard front sperate covers red bound in series numbers held by a slice of inner tube to act as a strong rubber band in a heap in the bottom of a cupboard and did included the DT cards in the YZ series
  10. As the person who saved these records in the first place from certain destruction l must take issue with your comment they are not just records they in most case's they are the only records of there type and over the years have been used by numerous members of the military vehicle ownerships While l think the fee is high when we charged ten pounds some people did comment but we asked them to ring first if the information was available and then send the fee and if by chance they did send the fee first we would return it no record no fee and l have even rang people to tell them over
  11. l swam this DUKW twice once for top gear with john fords GPA and william woolard was the presenter second time in the lake as DST leconfield against the BV 202 / 206 and a STALWART great fun deserves better
  12. the bridge classification for the hippo is 18
  13. yes it does look like he has a pipe but if it is liquid nitrogen it' inert and it is without benefit of H/S
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