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  1. Well if l signed it then you will have got a photocopy of the B419 record giving the DIS also details of any receipt dates The DVLA accepted the letter as proof of year of manufacture for registration l think you will have to wait until 1 st of april 2021
  2. THE MOSELY RAILWAY TRUST did track to the trenches a t W& P
  3. They were GOODYEAR HI MILER XTRA GRIP the last lot l saw for sale where at WITHAMS a set of four 6/50/16
  4. No this has happened a number of times to me lately even when l changed my password it rejected me and locked me out
  5. the idea of selling rivets for a pound each has been done before
  6. l do not know what the problem is if he wants to buy this mystery vehicle and he cannot take sensible steps as one would do when buying any vehicle like a HPI check or in the case a military vehicle a record check even if it causes the MOD to take a interest and if it is [ STOLEN ] then it would save him a whole lot of grief £35 is a small price for peace of mind
  7. 55 BD 01 was in the contract 6/v/6422 and was in a batch of 3 ton machinery albions in the batch of numbers 54 BD 14 to 55 BD 16 l had 55 BD 10 and 99 BD 10 10 ton albion machinery truck at beverley and in the early days were used in the restoration of vehicles
  8. Some where lost when the new format came into use the remainder l removed
  9. Iain thank you l intend to get rid of the old cable and renew with new cable regards wally
  10. it is the 16th royal signals
  11. Been having a sort out l have a lot of clansman headsets that l have just tested they all work but the outer rubber covering has perished can anyone suggest a supplier for the seven core cable the inner cables are intact so l will rewire them with new cable
  12. I have now been through the ledgers again with my wife to double check l have not missed any thing first there is no record for NGY 998 but NGY 999 is listed as well there are a number of quarter ton fire tenders registered with RGX numbers which at various times where at the CHERTSEY fire station. After a long telephone call to my old boss who was based there for a number of years on this subject he was not surprised that a vehicle was listed for one establishment but appeared at another he said this happened for a number of reasons unfortunately how long it was there would be recorded in
  13. JUST a thought why does it have to be red the MOS did buy green fire engines
  14. l think you will find the factory only built 47 fire tenders FACT NGY 990 is SHOWN as been a quarter ton land rover fire tender and at chertsey so l know that is a fact So until some one can prove me and the ledgers wrong why it was there and how it was fitted out until a photograph shows it as it was then its all guess work The video looks like chertsey but again it could be any where the facilities at chertsey were used by the society of motor manufacturers and traders for testing vehicles and equipment. As you state DUNSFOLD are the experts so may be PHILIP BASHALL who is on th
  15. what l am saying is the land rover left SOLIHILL then went to CARMICHAELS or others who fitted it out
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