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  1. I have now been through the ledgers again with my wife to double check l have not missed any thing first there is no record for NGY 998 but NGY 999 is listed as well there are a number of quarter ton fire tenders registered with RGX numbers which at various times where at the CHERTSEY fire station. After a long telephone call to my old boss who was based there for a number of years on this subject he was not surprised that a vehicle was listed for one establishment but appeared at another he said this happened for a number of reasons unfortunately how long it was there would be recorded in
  2. JUST a thought why does it have to be red the MOS did buy green fire engines
  3. l think you will find the factory only built 47 fire tenders FACT NGY 990 is SHOWN as been a quarter ton land rover fire tender and at chertsey so l know that is a fact So until some one can prove me and the ledgers wrong why it was there and how it was fitted out until a photograph shows it as it was then its all guess work The video looks like chertsey but again it could be any where the facilities at chertsey were used by the society of motor manufacturers and traders for testing vehicles and equipment. As you state DUNSFOLD are the experts so may be PHILIP BASHALL who is on th
  4. what l am saying is the land rover left SOLIHILL then went to CARMICHAELS or others who fitted it out
  5. those manuals all came out of the museum at beverley were they were inspected by the PRO annually as part of the conditions. the storage in the archives was monitored for humidity daily. To see what had happened to them makes me feel sick why did l and other's both to save them in the first place some were mint and rare. The vehicles that spent there time in dry storage taken out and placed in the open for years to ever call FORT PAULL a museum is a insult to those who tried to save these things in the first place. What will l do with my collection well l would sooner burn the lot what is th
  6. l am right in thinking the fitting out as a tender would be done by a supplier of fire fighting equipment so the 88 left the factory as a basic land rover. Mistakes can and do happen l can only repeat what is in the ledger but it would seem strange that a vehicle bearing the number you gave NGY 990 was at FVRDE if it was a mistake then the details in the ledger would have been changed to a eight on leaving so that the establishment number file would match that vehicle number I will check if a 88 inch quarter ton with the number 998 was at FVRDE
  7. IT would appear that it arrived at Chertsey as a fire tender and left there as such as to FORT HALSTEAD converting it is anyone's guess But if they just needed a standard 88 inch to convert they could have just got one there were plenty in service why take a fire tender which would have been more use to them in that role
  8. the information came from the establishment ledgers from FVRDE that l was given when it closed and not the internet
  9. I wonder how much money was left in the blackburn beverley fund that was raised for the maintenance of the aircraft that went with the plane
  10. There were two 4x4 quarter ton land rovers at the same period NYG 99O and RGX 272 both supplied as fire tenders to the fire station at CHERTSEY RGX left later that year on 23/11/66
  11. NGY 990 was at FVRDE fire station CHERTSEY it' establishment number was 7217 and left there on the 31/1/66
  12. this K2 pasted through wetwang on the A166 on monday 14th going quite well looked like it could with a bit of TLC
  13. I do not know if you knew that on the 4/1/ 71 that 225 squadron redesignated to 225 QOLY fuel tanker squadron
  14. you do not say if your mechanical is a MH 3 or 6 the MH 3 at the RLC MUSEUM was found in the old missile bays on RAF LECONFIELD complete with trailer and restored in the early 2000s by me great fun to drive and use trailer coupling easy to use. The museum site was the old tannery and they used The MHs on the site to move the hides a round the site one of the old tannery MHs still survives it is owned by NIGEL RICE HAULAGE beverley
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