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  1. All the information should be held by the RLC MUSEUM as they took the records archives from the old M.A.T But how much they took l do not know the sale of items from Fort Paull shows how much they gave away and the files l have were the backup scans that l paid for in case of loss of the original items and returned to me when the TQMS retired after the museum closed. l do not know if any of the information is online
  2. THE information was complied from first the number two key cards and contract records and chilwell lists held at the former MUSEUM OF ARMY TRANSPORT and members of the AEC society . The question of service history is one of the most asked by owners of vehicles of the world war two period unless you can find a picture of it in service the answer is unlikely
  3. 88 YY 54 HAD the census number of H 4I33563 CONTRACT v3501 was for 623 Matadors had census numbers of H 4133317 TO H 4133939
  4. as far back in time when man tried to power machines there has been risk steam power boilers exploding horse stampeding from the internal combustion engine noise animals frightened by the jet engine . But it never stopped the human from improving these ideas. And as long as there is a need it will continue
  5. When the time comes l would be inclined to go to the HYDROGEN route saw this over forty years ago and l know great amount of research is going on into it's use not only as a fuel for motor vehicles and use in the home a friend works for a company that has invested a huge amount into this
  6. the wartime number is as you say is X 6213778
  7. This is one those if questions if your trailer remained in service after ww2 then it would have had a new style number post 1949 most of these trailer had new numbers in the 00 YK 01 TO 30 YK 40 and in some case's the numbers were stamped into the metal chassis frame . If you find a number like this then a search of the no 2 key cards held by the RLC MUSEUM will shed a little of its history including a ww 2 number AS l said it's all about IF's
  8. I come across ROF;s while searching for ARMY AUXILIARY WORKSHOPS as you say a number do not appear in the list. one that does come up that may or may not help was HEALEY -DELL a munitions factory that was based in the ROCHDALE area ie R D I know that they made shells and bombs so may well be nothing
  10. This at the request of a friend so he can check if it is what he is interested in
  11. It's some months since l posted but on monday a van delivered two large MFO type boxes l have not really had a good sift through but one appears to be full of AESP's the other is a mixture of documents a brief look turned a few items which l did not expect to see well not just yet in this box there are a number of cd disc's one is the repair and parts list for the HIAB/ MULTILIFT there are a number of catalogues of army publications
  12. The sword and crown is LONDON DISTRICT
  13. That is one smart pioneer really well done
  14. Richard this is from a early data service book it is the same details as for the MW
  15. Cathedral Garage were a ROOTES dealership selling COMMERS but during ww2 overhauled a number of HUMBERS. NEIL as yet have have not located B 296 the problem is to find these workshops you need to come across a official document that shows vehicles been sent to them and after that checking local archives then back to official documents to find the contract and allocated workshop number. Is this for the K5 if so it does help to know as it limits likely workshops
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