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  1. there are a number of sealants that are available l use hylomar blue but there are others. as to flushing the block l use a steam cleaner but a standard pressure washer will do or a hose pipe . with the core plugs remove you can loosen a lot of the crap with a tool like a long thin screw driver it does take time because you will be surprised at what come s out
  2. l would suggest you replace all the core plugs while your at it and flush the block out while they are removed when replacing them find a socket a bit smaller than inside of the cup plug if its a tight fit you will struggle to get it out when you drive it home l always smear a bit of sealant round before putting the core plug in l done two rebuilds on the 28 hp bedford engines in the last month and replaced all the core plugs in both
  3. l would suggest that the HUMBER is marked up a 13 corp who also were in TOBRUK at the same time as 9th AUSTRALIAN DIVISION There are two good images of the sign in the early part of the film one going into the dock and just before it gets blown up and is the same as the K2 near the end at the RMP post before going into ALEX
  4. well it has to be a guess but how about a ALBION FT 11
  5. HI BOB it may have been IAN WONACOT at classic spares always good for hard to find bits
  6. just watched it again there are two times that the divisional sign in shot one at the crossing of the mine field but grainy and when van der pol is in the mire a little bit better and it does appear to be the 9th Australian Division who were in Tobruk
  7. To be honest l do not know what l have when l put most of what l collected over the years in to storage. Time was short for a full cataloguing of all of it even now l find things that l had long forgotten about like all the documents on the JAB and gutty what you asked about may be left here or may be in storage wally
  8. The document in question
  9. According to the booklet vehicle markings 1941 67 on red square 3rd armoured regiments 1941 to 1943 dated 8th of january 1941
  10. The registration number will not tell you the year of manufacture this style of numbering came into use in 1949 on all military vehicles. If you want to know when it was made you may get that from the RAF MUSEUM at HENDON if they have a card of it's history/record
  11. The RASC A.O,S would be correct the only division in TOBRUK at the time of the second siege and withdrawal that had WHITE CIRCLE ON black square was the 5th indian division
  12. The RLC MUSEUM is the place for the history as they should have the 419 B history card from my list yours was one of the batch of medium artillery number 42 BM 00 to 47 BM 99 and the cards was at BEVERLEY
  13. 18 AD 32 is listed as BEDFORD QL REFUELLER 950 G in the lot allocated 09 AD 44 to 19 AD 67
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