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  1. If l recall rightly the chummy was a bit boxy in shape with a flatish roof this more of a curved roof FORD PREFECT may be ?
  2. here is a example from a 1947 sale catalogue
  3. As far as post war vehicle sales the chassis number was not displayed in catalogues only the military registration number and park number also make and type PS you could try the RLC MUSEUM WITH just the chassis number might give you a start
  4. As said the COLE was the most common there are others from ww2 made by the US of the british one's there was also the BAGNOLD seen in photographs of LRDG vehicles . The COLE was used after ww2 by the SAS on the pink panthers
  5. The most common was the COLE MK 2 SUN COMPASS
  6. attached a small scale drawing the larger one in the design ledger is to big to copy
  7. l would suggest its a 3ton office lindsay house type body
  8. The design of the hitch is correct for this type of tipping trailer while there is little information on them l know that the royal navy did use a similar design of trailer in pre war trials They do not appear in either british or canadian data books covering ww2 .
  9. chassis numbers starting 244 had eight digits and ended with A and appear to be export LHD and would be a early 2A 88 INCH from my list of chassis numbers
  10. This is a ex RAF trailer from the series of allocated numbers 71 AU 99 TO 75 AU 16 for trailers two wheeled one ton tipper
  11. VANDEN PLAS R 153624
  12. SKIP l do not know if you have contacted any one but a friend has been up to SCOTLAND to collect some thing for me and stayed in BIGGER on the way back and visited the BIGGER MUSEUM and picked up this print out
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