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  1. Ron

    Welbike repaint

    I expect Lex can sell you one Andrew......For about 1 1/2 times the value of your G3😏 Bloody expensive door stops. Ron
  2. Ron

    Welbike repaint

    The rear wheel bearings where a bit pitted but I found a firm on ebay who have the correct cups and cones for not much money. So pressed out the old and pressed in the new. More runs in the red oxide than I want to see, so some W&D when it's hardened off tomorrow. Ron
  3. Hello David. All vehicles built during the war were supplied in "Service Colour" No special colours for RAF or Royal Navy! Your bike probably left the factory and supplied as an army bike in 1943 and at that time the service colour was " Service Brown". If it did end up with the RAF and stayed in service after the war, it could well have been painted "RAF Blue/Grey". But I suspect that it's had lots of civilian influence over the last 70 years. Ron
  4. Ron

    British Jeeps

    OK thanks Simon. My argument is, that there is undoubtedly a FB site for Sherman tanks and sites for every other make of tank right down to Jeep wheel nuts. Also different sites for all different makes of motorcycles which is one of my main interests. All interspersed with pictures of other peoples dinner/beer/baby/Etc??? All of which can be covered under the different headings of dedicated Forums such as this one. With the added bonus of being able (usually) to research previous posts and pictures. In a nutshell, to cover my complete area of interests I'd probably have to joi
  5. Ron

    British Jeeps

    To my mind, FB is ruining these wonderful forums and I don't want to be a part of it. The BAJR that you refer to Simon is run by someone called Gerard and probably doing a grand job. But I met Nick through HMVF and I have found his FB site. https://www.facebook.com/britishairbornejeeps/posts/how-many-british-service-jeep-owners-are-there-on-this-page-wed-love-to-hear-fro/10153480920766791/ I want to just send him a PM and correspond by email or PM. Ron
  6. Ron

    British Jeeps

    I don't know either? But Nick Thomas helped me with information about my own British Jeep through this site and I'd like to make contact with him. I just don't seem clever enough with the search facility! Ron
  7. Ron

    British Jeeps

    Thanks so far Simon, but I have no idea about FB and a search on here hasn't found him. Ron
  8. Could someone please remind me who it is who runs a register for British army Jeeps. Nick ??. Ron
  9. Ron

    Welbike repaint

    Yes! Like my James ML! First time round I couldn't resist the temptation to preserve the finish of all the ally/brass/bronze bits. But now doing them as best I can to the book! ( Engine and ancillaries were painted at the factory). Some more parts added and painted to the Welbike. Ron
  10. The British Standard number for Olive Drab is BS381C, 298. The nearest equivalent RAL colour off the shelve is RAL 7013, but it's not close enough for my liking. https://www.e-paint.co.uk/Colour_alternatives.asp Ron
  11. Ron

    Edit facility

    OK thanks I see it now. Ron
  12. Ron

    Edit facility

    I wanted to adjust something in a post I made, but couldn't see the edit facility anymore? Ron
  13. Ron

    Welbike repaint

    It took me a whole hour to strip it and remove the tyres. Frame, engine and some ancillaries are now painted. Ron
  14. I restored my MK1 Welbike well over 20 years ago, but now with the wealth of information that is available today, I'm going to repaint it and address some minor issues. Originally I sprayed it Service Brown, but I'm reliably informed by Lex that it should be green. Not Khaki or Olive drab, but some sort of darker green. I've gone for "Dark Camouflage Green" Which is close enough to my eyes to the sample Lex sent me. (Who knows for sure anyway?) The only parts not to be painted are the cables, grips, fuel hoses, HT lead/cap/plug, tyres/valves, saddle cover and the engine mounting nuts
  15. Ron

    Triumph 3SW

    Good work Pawel. What is the paint you used? On some items, (especially BSA pre war crankcases) I've used Simonize Wheel Silver followed by petrol proof clear lacquer as used on flying model aircraft.
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