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  1. The same parts are shown in the G3L parts list. Ron
  2. Kerry Cheese seems to run things there now and runs adverts on Milweb regularly with this email camo@warpaint.co.uk Ron
  3. Well Steve, the mag chain sprockets will be the same size and teeth and the dynamo sprocket should have a slot for a key on the shaft. They all have different part numbers so the mag sprockets will have some difference between upper and lower. Ron
  4. My recently restored Triumph 5SW started breathing heavily to the point where its blowing past the mag seal and spraying oil mist over the mag. There is good compression and not a whiff of smoke. Never the less I've pulled the head and barrel off. The ring gaps that I religiously set at 12 thou have increased to 25+ thou in only about 200 miles. So these new rings (from Cox and Turner) are made of licorice. Where can I buy good rings with confidence? Ron
  5. Yes but if we go there (for emergency reasons only) we have to take tests and isolate for about 8-10 days on our return. Ron
  6. Ron

    Triumph 3SW

    No seal Pawel. The quill is far enough up the shaft to deliver plenty of oil and it doesn't matter if some spills backwards. Ron
  7. Ron

    Triumph 3TW

    As I'm learning about this, not everything is always as it seems! Ron
  8. Ron

    Triumph 3TW

    We are gradually getting there Jan. But just to confirm, the engine was found in Cornwall with the head-timing cover- brake plate and other stuff coming from France. It also looks like the head is from a post war 3T, as the 3TW exhaust stubs should be screw in types. Ron
  9. Ron

    Triumph 3TW

    Yep I get that Jan and I guess he is building it to that 1942 spec. The 50 frame and engine numbers are recorded. Was it because of the bombing that only the "possible" 10 were taken up? His engine and gearbox are No 19 in the sequence. This pictures appears to be the 7th bike in the production run and we can see the lightweight pannier frames as mentioned in O&M. Ron
  10. Ron

    Triumph 3TW

    It's frustrating Jan because I can't query it for another week and I can't get my scanner to work now. But the specification info I was referring to is on page 186 in O&M. Ron
  11. Ron

    Triumph 3TW

    Again I will check where he's got his information from on his return from Wales in a week or so. The information in O&M quotes the spec of the pannier bike as 1940? Ron
  12. Ron

    Triumph 3TW

    As I say Jan, I will have to check my facts, as I've been bombarded with information about this bike and a job to soak it all up immediately. But this bike is number 19 of the 50 production models that were all but destroyed in the bombing in 1940. They were indeed fitted with BO mask, panniers, pillion and other modifications. I don't doubt your facts Jan, but how can there be a 1942 3TW? Ron
  13. Ron

    Triumph 3TW

    No Jan. That is the prototype/experimental type. The production run had a different timing cover as I think they changed the position of the alternator? .....Will have to check up on that though. Ron
  14. What is in the drawing is exactly what you should have. No20 fits in the frame slot each side and are what the chain adjusters press against. I assume you have the correct bearings which are assembled and adjusted correctly. Once the rear hub is assembled in the right order and you can adapt the means to measure to the outside of nuts 21-26, then that should be the gap between your rear fork plates. Ron
  15. As far as I can tell, the caps were fitted at REME workshops, post war. Apparently they were a better closing device, and Westwood took out a patent on it. I guess they were also available on the civy market. Ron
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