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  1. Ah thanks Chris. I didn't want to pester you any more!! Ron😇
  2. I'd still love to find a Niphan socket for my battery above if anyone can help. Regards Ron
  3. I can't disagree with your reaerch Lex. Never the less there are pictures of G3L's with a none screwed winged badge. But I find it hard to beleive that the riders bothered to paint them on. I guess this picture that Jan posted is a victory parade over your way? Ron
  4. Sorry Lex, but there are enough war time pictures of G3L's with a none screwed on "M" Acording to Robert Derrick's (RIP) research, this first waterslide was fitted to the tank in 1937/38 (I don't know what model) The second image is for WW2. Ron
  5. The G3L's shown with the flying M's are definitely either painted or transfers (I'd guess transfers which were available for 1937-38 bikes) A stick on version is available from https://classictransfers.co.uk/product/matchless-6822lc-155x78mm/ Which I have on mine. Ron
  6. I heard some weeks ago that there was to be a large NATO exercise in Poland. Ron
  7. This is someone else who asked a question and then just disappeared. It used to be known in the services as "Dumb Insolence" Ron
  8. As long as you have some slight free movement on at least one of each pair of knurled washers, will be sufficient. Ron
  9. Well it's anoying when someone asks a questions and you reply and then get ignored. Even more so when you've taken the trouble to look an answer up . 🤥
  10. The obvious first thing is, have you tried different plugs? Also when earthing the plug, the end of the HT lead must be clear of the earth point. You should get a spark from just the end of the HT lead when held 1/8" or so from an earth point. Ron PS I'm not sure how you test the HT with a multimeter? The spark generated by the magneto is in the Millivolt rage...Hence the shock if you touch it. Maybe someone with more electronics experience can advice?
  11. Where's the picture? Ron
  12. I don't know if he still has anything left, but there is easy contact details on his website. https://www.cornucopia-enterprises.de/indey.html Ron
  13. Hi Steve I don't recall a saddle like that on any WD bike? Ron
  14. Yes that will do fine. I did think that it can't be that difficult to mould the rubber part. Ron
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