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  1. A-TACS is CHEAPER than multispam to produce hence why the yanks ever the followers of fashion are dumping multisham they did the same with ACU
  2. i agree 110% plus we do need a show up north as we get a few little shows but nothing major, i think it might be something worth looking into?
  3. MTP thats on the market at the moment is the first issue stuff not the current stuff alot of it has come from disposal as i know someone who is in the surplus trade and they can get it direct from the MOD what i would pay for a 190/120 smock i would max out at about £50 inc P&P as thats what they will be when it gets more mass market
  4. Paras used em, so did the pathfinders, so did airmobile brigades and from what i can gather so did the SBS
  5. I need a 190/120 mtp smock lol they do nuts on ebay
  6. Might have to have a crack at a land rover ride out/covoy as there a loads of different type of fun vehicles
  7. whoa hold your horses there, who is campaigning for them to stop? i for one certainly aint. lets not forget that lots of people died for something called "Freedom Of Speech" if someone wants to dress as a SS soldier be it in bad taste or not they have the right to do so. if you really have such a major disliking of this why not go and email the second battle group who were there at the war and peace your concerns and see what they have to say as at the moment this is very much a one sided battle
  8. always one lol hey i have but i dont like american kit dunno why lol
  9. i heard this and asked about it myself anyone who comes to the booking in without a vehicle they have been booked in with WILL BE AND HAS BEEN charged the full amount for camping as public so that £50 odd quid for IMPS members or £105 for non members. just thought it would help
  10. there are british jeeps *shudder* but they are marked as airbourne and nothing else hence why i do post war british and i dress to show the royal marines that would have served in my vehicle. but at the end of the day a healthy discussion is just as good as anything its pointless going around the houses people do it and most of us cant work out why neither can i but heyho lets just carry on enjoying the hobby we have
  11. well i spent 3 days trying to find em and i asked a few people went to the stalls they were supposed to be on and they said they didnt even have any! dont know any of the shops that have any do you?
  12. i was looking for some more 44pat water bottle pouches but didnt find any lol was also looking for a LAW 66 for my webbing but found none
  13. As soon as i get it out of my bergen i will get some pics cant see the size as the label as faded to nothing
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