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  1. welcome …..enjoy the madness ….... lol
  2. Hi,

          I was reading through the trailer thread and saw you have a mortar trailer 75yk77  did you ever track down its history ? and do you still have the trailer? 

    last year I collected one 75yk78 in good condition and will probably use till next winter before any restoration.



  3. can RLC archives carry out a chassis number search to see if it has details on a key card ? this was £10.00 or have you all ready tried. cheers Ashley
  4. Very nice looking truck and congratulations on getting her started :-). now on to the next stage ….
  5. Hi, have you tried the museum yet ? or the British Army Jeep Research page on Facebook ? cheers Ashley
  6. I suppose this is the same type ….?bedford RL.htm
  7. Welcome Alfie, interesting range of vehicles what makes you think the DKW IS Afrika Korps? be interesting to see it . cheers Ashley
  8. This is definitely an Imperial (1WW) bayonet.
  9. here one near Wimborne (sorry re poster, it is as sent.. lol) Also the overlord show, check out the BPPC website for others also 🙂
  10. Hi Aubrey, great looking jeep. Have you attended may local shows? cheers Ashley
  11. A matador with 5.5 inch gun and a quad with a limber and 23pdr gun regularly attend the veterans show at Weymouth, just need consideration when parking the units up whilst out and about ! 😁
  12. Hi

    the rope cleats you have are they for sale if so what is the price for four of them (I need the ones to go on the metal sections please)

    Thanks in advance 


  13. here`s a straight translation...……. Members 0 1 post Post report Posted Sunday at 04:58 PM Hi, I'm starting a restoration of a 40-year-old Triumph 3 hw, I would need both engine and cycling used material. Who could help me with the necessary material? I would need a front headlight, atarga and rear taillight, full bell clutch, front saddle with springs and bolts, amal carburetor. Thank you in advance to those who can help me. My number 0039 338 2860617 Massimo Giannotti Italy
  14. though a bit of time has passed since last post ….thought all gate guardians range wrecks belonged to Bovington (tank museum) ?
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