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  1. Having to sell my Militant Mk1 due to no work = no money anymore and a ongoing insurance claim against an idiot who wrote my car off in 2017. I've been trying to find work for 11 years without success and savings etc are all gone as is the rent we used to get from the daughter Mk 1. Its a gut-wrenching decision but I have no choice. It lives 60 miles away from home and I can't afford the fuel to go and work on her any more. She is registered as a 1957 model, Mil Reg 16 CL 49, so she is both MoT and Tax exempt and can be driven on a B license. Mechanically she is fine - I have rebuilt the
  2. Sadly folks its the end of the line for me - my Militant was posted for sale on MilWeb tonight...... Money situation is beyond critical and the asshole in the insurance claim is STILL f*cking me about. Life these days consists of get up, stare at the same 4 walls whilst sitting at home alone most of the time, go to bed - repeat ad inifinitum.... Some days I wonder if its worth carrying on :( I'm looking for £4,000 for the old girs which I think not unreasonable given the work already put into her and what comes with her. I've copied the advert in the classifieds here too. The REALLY g
  3. Right now I am having a total sense of humour failure - not over the AEC but over the ongoing saga of the accident thats crippled us financially. Been 14 months now. The other party apparently is rather well off and is f*ck*ng the insurance about with false claims that then have to be investigated so we're waiting for a court date - which, of course, keeps getting put off.... I've just written to my insurers expaining the financial woes its causing us and pointing out that, as the fault was the other parties, we want the costs for all our financial stress and losses added to the claim as we
  4. Thanks Mick - will give them a tryl Comptons have not replied to me so....
  5. Went to Wickes on Sunday and got hold of one of their "heavy duty" 8m x 5m tarp sheets - and then popped up to the Militant on Monday to get it lashedover the hole in the roof on the basis that if the weather changes theres no point getting whats in the load bed damaged. Theory was good - practice turned out to be rather different. We lashed the sheet onto the tie-down rings one side temporarily then attached the rope to one of the corners, other end to an object of weight (I think it used to be a fuel tank bracket) and lobbed that over the roof, repeating for the other corner. First thing
  6. For the impeller shaft - if you have a good local machine shop is it worth enquiring if they can restore the corroded section of the shaft back to OE dimensions. Maybe a coat of spray weld then truned back to OE dims???
  7. Nothing yet Robin. This is the mail sent - it may take a few days for a firm to reply to a private individual I guess.
  8. Ah yes - the subject of many interesting talks between myself and DVLA's "suits" back when they yanked my HGV's due to the onset of epilepsy - usually ran along the lines of: "We can't let something like you loose on the road with a 7 tonne vehicle, let alone a 40 tonne artic". "Why not - you've given me a driving license?" "You might have a fit an a car will just bounce off whereas a goods vehicle will do serious damage" "Fair enough - you do realize I still have my "H" license though?" "So what - you can't do much with that" "Welllll - it lets me drive a Main Battle Tank on the roads which n
  9. Can't beat the German who hauled back and punched the side of the OT90 at W&P one year. His daughter later told us he was looking for the thin sheet steel plate that German law requires the armour to be cut out and welded in to allow them to shoot the driver.....
  10. Did wonder about that as there is a lack of side hatches - however the ad clearly states BTR-80!! If it is a BTR-6- then the power plantS are 2 × GAZ-40P 6-cylinder petrol engines generating 90 hp each - and which are a pig to synchronise apparently.
  11. Many thanks - just emailed them to see if they either have the details for the MJ/MK top - or better still the original sheets for a Mk 1. 🙂
  12. Thanks Mike. Thats the oveerall plan so I have a spare but might have to do that anyways. Annoying thing is that will mean stripping off the entire front end of the load bed whilst its done but a standard tarp might be able to cover it over. I need to replace all the tie-down ropes with synthetic so a good reason to crack on with that 🙂
  13. I like the descripton for the MTLB: The BTR is the better proposition I think for those interested. The aerials on top indicate it might have been either a comms relay or command & control type in which case getting hold of all the radio kit will be a long and time (and ££'s) consuming job. Sounds like it could be got running easily enough and a few weekends with a needle gun and paintbrush would tidy up the outside nicely so it looked presentable. Not enough shots of the interior to see how that is and whats needed to complete it (other than the radios). Sad thing is - unl
  14. Looking for a good condition Mk/MJ roof panel to replace the torn one covering the front half of my Militants load bed.
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