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  1. Success At Last ! It occurred to me that as this leaking relay valve relates to the rear trailer brake couplings it must be controlled by the trailer brake lever mounted on the steering column. Also, the fact that the windscreen wipers weren't operating correctly (see post five on this thread) and they sourced their air pressure supply from a pipe connected directly to trailer brake valve the cause of the leaking rear valve may very well be here. Having built up the air pressure to about 100psi I worked the trailer brake lever on, and off, for around a dozen times after which built up
  2. Hi Phil, I was there with a Series 2a ambulance parked next to those Champs. I had been hoping to take the Militant but there was no way it would be on the Public Highway with any air leaks or other mechanical issues. I'm always amazed that any Matador has survived intact when so many were to converted to recovery or timber work. I look forward meeting you at some future event and hearing the story behind your magnificent AEC. Cheers, Tom:-)
  3. Thank you for taking the time to post so many helpful suggestions. This is the HMVF at it's very best :-D I'll reply in detail in a few days time as I'm presently preoccupied preparing a vehicle for an important local midweek show .......might see you there. https://www.steamheritage.co.uk/steam_rallies_and_events/listing/noggin_nosh_natter
  4. Yes, I certainly agree that two, or more, heads are better than one especially if the one head is mine. Coincidentally, on the very same day last week that "AristsRifles" was removing the foot control valve on his Mk 1 I was doing the same job on my Militant:shocked:.
  5. Thank you, NOS. The user handbook describes this component as a relay valve. I blew into the diaphragm while it was separated from the main housing (please see 'photo) to check for any obvious leaks or tears and to see if the very small air way (at the bottom of 'photo) was clear. I doubt if this diaphragm could with stand 120psi when not supported in it's housing. I'm not sure what part this relay valve plays in the system and would be wary of connecting it to any source of air pressure other than that provided by the vehicle it is intended for. I'm hoping to find time this weeke
  6. Yes, that might be worth trying. Thank you for the suggestion. I do have the same type of valve on another vehicle that has no air pressure faults so I've decided to fit this other valve to see if it also leaks. I'll report back on my findings. Regarding other issues on the problem vehicle, one that I'm recommissioning after it has been standing for a number of years, there is a very interesting symptom in that there is only an air pressure supply to the windscreen wipers when the brake pedal is used. Something seriously amiss with the air system on this vehicle in it's present state !
  7. Thank you. It's difficult to maintain full air pressure due to the leaking rear valve but the foot valve appears to be working normally over 110psi.
  8. The air brake valve located on the N/S inside rear of the chassis was leaking through the exhaust port. I stripped the valve and cleaned the components with warm soapy water. The diaphragm appeared to be working correctly and not leaking when I blew into it through the threaded hole. I didn't replace the 0 rings as they seemed ok and, apart from some accumulated dust, the interior wasn't too grotty. I've now refitted this valve only to find that it's still leaking as before :cry: I'm now wondering if there is still some problem with this valve or is it working correctly and reacting to a f
  9. VOSA do seem to recognise fixed loads but whether it could apply to us lot I don't know. The following is from a VOSA question and answer website and this section refers to Goods Vehicle Licensing exemptions. A Coles crane on AEC chassis is one example of a HMV that could be classified as fixed equipement. Unfortunately, my attention span was too short to find any other information more relevant to us on this VOSA site. I suppose the answer is to contact VOSA or the possibly the DVLA and ask them. http://www.vosa.gov.uk/vosa/repository/10 253a.pdf Vehicles with "fixed equipment" Sched
  10. Not just a moral requirement but a legal one as well. Brakes, tyres, lights etc all need to be good working order and safe condition at all times while on the highway even if not subject to testing or plating. Any motor vehicle, or trailer, can be stopped and examined by the police/VOSA at anytime, anywhere and no more friendly warnings these days. If it's found to be unsafe the vehicle will be impounded and the driver will get fines plus points. Quite right too !
  11. How do you intend to use this trailer ? Will it be laden or unladen ? Private use only or for hire or reward ? It may well be it's use that decides the answers to your questions. :nut:
  12. Some years ago I was looking around for a Crossley 'Q' type tractor and contacted the Crossley Register. They were, at that time, able to tell me of seven or eight unrestored 'Q' types still surviving in various parts of the country including three, or more, that were standing in the back garden of a well known Crossley collector. I'm assuming that some of the posters on this thread may be members of the Crossley Register so does anyone know what happened to these back garden Crossleys ? Are they still there ? Restored ? Scrapped ? By the time I was offered a fairly complete and running
  13. I don't think it's reasonable sweeping bend.......more like a sharp right turn. Looking at the road markings, what maybe an Austin A40 is travelling along the main road the transporter has just turned off. How fast ? Anything faster than walking speed would be too fast I'd been driving. The really scary incident is the one with the red hot brakes that diamond-t-steve posted. What happened there ? Did the driver miss a gear ? Whatever happened, it must lasted long enough to have been a full-on brown trouser experience for whatever poor sod was at the wheel.
  14. Great 'photo ! There's only one way you can do that.
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