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  1. Could somebody enlighten me about the fitment of these bulbs to the Centurion tank, I bought this last week at the local carboot, I picked it up and the seller claimed it was for a Centurion tank, so as it was only a Β£1, I decided to buy it. When I googled the part number, it does say fitted to Centurion tank but I can find no more info than this ? It's claimed it's for a searchlight but I can't find any details/pictures showing this. http://www.lamptech.co.uk/Spec Sheets/D G Xe Thorn XED 2000W.htm
  2. Another Butlins Filey shot of their road train, with the grill missing ?
  3. Here's a few Butlins Filey photos, any chance these might have tugs at one time ?πŸ˜ƒ And an article about the chap who made theFiley Puffing Billy. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-tyne-20143538
  4. If it's cash on collection, then you have nothing to lose 😊
  5. I wonder how much stuff/spares, that was in transport ships and sent to the bottom of the sea, is still preserved in cosmoline packaging πŸ™‚
  6. Would anybody recognise this marking found on the back of a Lightweight Land Rover ? Looks like LOND/73. Thanks Gary
  7. That’s an impressive packing box for the tank 😁
  8. If you look into the distance of this b/w postcard, there are still some original buildings there today.
  9. Yes original picture Ron, here's the full photo.
  10. Hi Ron, you shouldn't be too fussy, they weren't back then.
  11. Hi Alastair, what is the French facebook site called ? Regards Gary
  12. Is the stamped mark that of the "Ministry of Supply" ? Regards Gary
  13. Have a look at this Baz, Regards Gary https://www.radiomuseum.co.uk/r1155.html
  14. Hi Baz, details below for you, the US marked box is a British made and used box, that has had something else stored in it at a later date, Regards Gary P59 Used for: 25-pr. Q.F. gun Shell, H.E. (4x off) or Grenades No. 68 (17x off) or Bomb, hand incendiary 1 1/4-lb (24x off) M104 Used for: Rockets "U" Ammunition Shell "U" 3-in. H.E. No. 1 (4x off) or Fuzes N0213 Mk2 (12x off) C206 Used for: 25-pr. Q.F. gun Cartridges Normal (cordite) (8x off) or 25-pr. Q.F. gun Cartridges Normal (N.C.T.) (8x off)
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