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  1. The Jersey Archive and CIOS site have a number of photos of Britsh vehicles with German markings in the Island. Itws a common practice. The German forces wer edesperate for any formofmotor transport. I know there is a picture of an OY and a Morris 15cwt/.
  2. The book list could go on. One you should try and find is The Battle of The Narrow Seas by Peter Scott, him of the Slimbridge Wildfowl trust and artisit. He captined a Steam Gun Boat in the English Channel. The illustrations alone , done by him, are worth looking at.
  3. As it's Christmas, here is the traditionall Robin. He also doubles as part time yard manager and consulting mechanic
  4. The same to you mate. Look foward to when we can all meet again and put the world to rights. 😃
  5. This Tier 4 Corona virus social distancing can be a bugger.
  6. Be sure the questions will be flying back as well. Most of us haveintrests outside just the vehicles, so there is a lot of help and infoavailable. Heres one you may not know of. https://www.cios.org.je/news/2015/pt-boats-wreath-laying-ceremony/
  7. Try this one.I know exactaly how he feels.
  8. Story ofmy life Richard.Its the age youknow. 😃
  9. Santa must be having problems with the workforce?
  10. Nikwax products. Great for all materials , either natural or man made. They could also advise you on specific use. I've used thier stuff foryears, always worked for me. https://www.nikwax.com/en-gb/?f=1
  11. That Forte is good, Halfords do a stuff in grey bottle , can't for the life of me remember the name. Ive used that on vehicles that laid a smokescreen and it worked. Just checked its called Cataclean.
  12. Yes. Mummy does look like she's been on the Ruin. Lets hope she can be rejuvinated.
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