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  1. The Fort and Chertsey had very close links. It was not unusual for vehicles being on one set of books, but ending up at the other most of the time. The Fort did have until recently a well equipped fire service. Officially in the 1950' 60 and up to DERA Fort Halstead was The Royal Armorments Research and Development Establishment. The Royal Charter proudly displaye din the entrance to A4 building. There was also two offshoots of the Fort. One was Aquila at Bexley , the other Shoreham (Village) which was a magazine. Aquil ais now a housing estate, despite the fact that the original paperwork
  2. Iron can be replaced. As long a syou and family are OK.
  3. I agree, it is bloody horrible. I also tend to agree with you about the crew that go with it.
  4. Ive got some Climax pump parts looking for a home if you want them. Project that went haywire due to unforssen circumstances. Don't want to throw them out if they have ause. PM if intrested.
  5. Oh will the bad jokes about Wolly Thinking be about this week. 😆
  6. Tony B


    Get a proper thick plumbers spanner to fit it, and as Richard suggests freeze spray. Might also be worth trying soacking a rag in disiel or old engine oil, wrap around the nut, hold on with cling film and leave for a while.
  7. Welcome in. Regardless of origin, that is a vehicle worth the time and love spent on it.
  8. Out of my bracket at the moment I'm afraid.
  9. Perfect for Caption competion! 😁 The company also made Stretcher trailers and for various fire kit.
  10. There is on the AWM site a film on vehicle rebuilds in New Zealand with a lot of Dodges if you've not seen it.
  11. Pathe do have youtube channel. Intresting films to skip through.
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