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  1. Hi All long time no post. Has anyone in Holland any news about Overloon aquiring Phil Webb's old Y Servcie Bedford QL? If so Phil has a lot of original documents still in his possecion that he would like to go to the musuem with the truck.
  2. Problem is Frank. Your kit don't breack down. Mine are about 20 years old now? Still doing what they should.
  3. The problem with post war films is that blackkout markings are removed. Durng the war it seems all vehicles carried blackout markings.
  4. Sorry to hear your news. But he solved the problem . The manual says 15 psi for oil on idle, so you fine. Depending on oil if you do a long hot run the pressure can drop right down at idle. Just let the engine idle cool till the pressure come up before switching off,
  5. Vehicles used were varied, often supplied by charities or other organusations . this lady is the grandmother of a friend of mine
  6. .Nice vehicle. Saves having to cart a tent around as well. Which oil are you using?
  7. Glad he may be help. It's one of those you never know till you look, I may have one somewhere situations 😁
  8. Harrison Ford was also in Force 10 from Navarone. Ah, how the years fly. The second unit work was done in Jersey , including the scene where they steal an aircraft. A number of Dodges were used in that , and horses!
  9. Thanks Richard. Looks like it is the same vehicle. Now stored in a shed, but at least it still exists.
  10. Thanks guys. Yes Richard that sounds right.Do you know if the truck in question had at some time been a fairground vehicle? The current owner is also looking for any parts that may be about.
  11. A friend has asked me for help in the matter of a Tillings- Stevens TS20/2. My reaction was What? So, the story is ,rescued some years back from Essex The Chassi number is F204 Contract no V3268 Catalouhe number (?) 7 Ministry of Supply TT3 Rebuilt to Class 1 30/01/1945 at Army Auxilary Worksho NoB112. First question - Where was B112. Theowner hopes it was Martin Waters in Folkstone, as the picture you can se was taken in the workshop about that time and features a TS 20/2 Belived to be one of two remaing So any info gratefulllly recieved Sorry can't get picture torotate
  12. I'll get some for over Sunday with luck. I'm going in circles this week, haven't a chance to get them earliear.
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