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  1. Reminds me of George Bullouck. No matter what the problemwas his answer was 'Put kettle on and we will think about it'.
  2. Should have added two metere length of scaffold pole. That plus about thirty stone on the end removes all known VW T4 wheel nuts, 🤣 Aded up to about 1500 lbs/ft by the way. Been looking at induction heaters though,no gas required.
  3. Martin !! Are you implying my Draper tin box tester is old fashioned? 🤣 Not a lot to go wrong on them though.
  4. I've found Halford's bike grease, a red PTFE stuff works very well on brakes.
  5. I've got an Ultimate that came from Lidl years ago, about £6 then 🤣 My favourite! Has a dual charge 6 and 12 which is great for me. A slow charger , but to 100% and reliable. I'd recommend one over a lot of Flashy , expensive chargers. As for battery parrell charging, depends on the battery some you win some you don't , but worth the try. AA chargers ,any battery only has a certain capacity, I've never quite understood how a couple of AA's will replace a massive great Lead /Acid. Leving aside Oddessey or Optima batteries, can't afford them, Yuasa are my preference.
  6. If the battey has dropped so low it appears not to take a charge.Take another battery and charge the two in parrallel. A lot of Smart chargers wont work if the battery has to low a residual charge., so the second battery tricks it. Leave as a pair for twenty minutes or so, then try seperate. I've used this technique a number of times and got Dead battries back.
  7. Something all of us know. 🤣
  8. Depends on the usual , age condition any history. The biggest problem with them was rust, though no more than most English carsof the time. There are two suspension set ups, the G1 had the flexitor and the G4 had leafsprings. Engines were 2.2 BMC petrol and disel. Did you know you can get front wheel drive only on them? The M10 was the SWB designation the M15 the LWB.
  9. A wartime picture ,possibly taken on Chiselhurst Common.o fa Dodge WC5 2 in Britsh markings. No colour on either set of nuts.
  10. The EU dosen't exist geographically. The countries that form it are individual entitys.
  11. So an oppertunity for a bargin in UK?😁 It is some national regulations.A few years backWitham's were selling Doves ,discreet operationl vehicles like Ford Sierrars that were up Armoured, Forsale outside EU only. A friend of mine in Jersey ,which has never been part of the EU bought four. took them to the lsland registered them there.. After a year, when they were personal property, he brought them back to England, re registered them and sold them for a fortune. Got VAT back as well as they were Exported. out of England and Jersey dosen'thave VAT. .
  12. WW2 petrol engines ran on anything better than about 80 octane, and we don't do many miles, if any at the moment, at high speed. My two Dodges ,I've not had any problems running unleaded, or even the Dreaded French angel P8ss. Occasionallly they get a bit of 2 stroke oil if I've been using jerry cans for small engine fuel.
  13. Try World of Books, Amazon used to have a second hand book want section, I got a lovley copy of Peter Scott's Battle of the Narrow Seas of there for a good price.
  14. Welcome in. Please post model pictures. Some of us can deal with 1:1 scale ,but anything smaller is beyond us.
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