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  1. What I'm asking is what price would CVRT owners consider a fair price to pay for a set of new sprockets and replacement (take off) roadwheels? Come on CVRT owners - don't be shy.......... There's enough of you on here. It's not like I'm asking you to make me an offer! lol
  2. Someone must have an idea? I can't quite believe this price. https://makanosurplus.co.uk/product/cvrt-drive-sprockets-take-off/?doing_wp_cron=1564826791.6825370788574218750000 Or is it a case of demand outstrips supply?
  3. New Sprockets Chris Take off road wheels
  4. Hi all. Does anyone have an idea how much they would expect to pay for a vehicle set of CVRT sprockets? Likewise CVRT Roadwheels - each? Thanks Mark
  5. Hi all. Can someone remind me what oil goes into the hydraulic tank (in crew compartment) for the recovery equipment please? By recovery I mean the earth anchor and winches. My memory says OM13 or OM33. Possibly OM15? I can't remember which is really annoying - must be my age..... Thanks Mark
  6. Thanks Mike - Can you scan the pages for me please. Even if I source a new unit I'll rebuild the old valve as a spare 👍
  7. Thank you Sir Richard About time you received a Knighthood.
  8. I haven't come across this type before but I do remember my other S26 had the same valve. It looks to me as the governor is combined with a safety valve. Is there an S26 owner who can check their truck and see if they have similar? I may have to fit an updated governor into the system as I don't think I'm going to be able to source a replacement unit.
  9. Hi all. In desperate need - asap - of a brake governor for my S26. Mine is shot. Does anyone have a spare? Thank you.
  10. Thanks Mike - Life saver. Id like the tech description on the air system and repair section on the same. I'd be happy to pay for a set of manuals - disc or paper If it can be done. I have the operators manual and commercial parts list but can't find anything else.
  11. Hi all. Are there any Foden Eka owners who have access to tech publications or repair manuals concerning the air system? Im looking at a Foden recovery with a pain in the butt air system. Initially the truck wouldn't build up any air pressure. I found the cause of that (dodgy governor and sticking purge valve on the air drier) but now the truck has no pressure at the range change of PTO switch. No air pressure at the distribution block under the engine cover either. Im guessing I have a stuck relay valve somewhere but as I have no air system diagram of tech info I'm struggling to locate the issue. Any help much appreciated. Thank you Markheliops
  12. Tried CVRT PRO Chris - No response to my email. No worries - I think I'm sorted now. Cheers anyway.
  13. Thanks Chris. ive checked with Xmod but they don't have any. Trying to source CVRT bits is becoming a mare.
  14. Hi all. Does anyone have a damper link assembly hidden in their parts locker? I need one for a CVRT Scorpion. I need items 20 and 21. I have an NSN OF: 2530 99 757 3662 Thanks Markheliops
  15. Thank you Clive and Diana. These manuals seem to be the holy Grail...……….
  16. Hi all. Happy Christmas everyone. Does anybody have access to CVRT repair manuals? I'm overhauling a CVRT Scorpion and the only manual I have to hand is the Operators manual. I am in the process of refitting the gearbox after fitting a new clutch unit and I am aware installation and specifically alignment is critical. Memory is telling me the clutch input shaft has to be 9 15/16 from the hull floor (I read it somewhere) but other than that I'm in the dark. I'm also overhauling various other components and I don't like tinkering without the correct manuals. I have searched on line but there aren't any repair manuals for the CVRT petrol range available. Many thanks Markheliops
  17. 19 set kit turns up on Ebay regularly.
  18. http://www.mscmilitarydivision.co.uk/for-sale/military-parts/cvrt-sabre/tracks.html
  19. You need to change the V5 to historic or whatever the class is for the vehicle. Operating the vehicle listed as a Crown Vehicle is illegal as it is no longer owned or operated by the Crown. Markheliops
  20. Hi all. My Bolster Truck is up for sale: http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a2502 Looking to sell or exchange for a good Harley Davidson WLA. Hopefully someone would like to exchange 2 wheels for 14 - plus the spare. Thankie. Markheliops
  21. No worries Richard - The story was about to break anyway. I am looking forward to getting the Matilda to as many shows as I can next year. It will be great to show an iconic WWII British piece of armour. Markheliops
  22. Quite a good article I though. Something I've been working on for a few years - work to do on the suspension when it arrives in the U.K but looking forward to getting the beast home. Cant say much more really but the Matilda will be doing the rounds next year. Markheliops
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