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  1. Sorry to hear your news. But he solved the problem . The manual says 15 psi for oil on idle, so you fine. Depending on oil if you do a long hot run the pressure can drop right down at idle. Just let the engine idle cool till the pressure come up before switching off,
  2. Vehicles used were varied, often supplied by charities or other organusations . this lady is the grandmother of a friend of mine
  3. .Nice vehicle. Saves having to cart a tent around as well. Which oil are you using?
  4. Glad he may be help. It's one of those you never know till you look, I may have one somewhere situations 😁
  5. Look like atenna base, earth rods and support cables.
  6. Harrison Ford was also in Force 10 from Navarone. Ah, how the years fly. The second unit work was done in Jersey , including the scene where they steal an aircraft. A number of Dodges were used in that , and horses!
  7. Thanks Richard. Looks like it is the same vehicle. Now stored in a shed, but at least it still exists.
  8. Thanks guys. Yes Richard that sounds right.Do you know if the truck in question had at some time been a fairground vehicle? The current owner is also looking for any parts that may be about.
  9. A friend has asked me for help in the matter of a Tillings- Stevens TS20/2. My reaction was What? So, the story is ,rescued some years back from Essex The Chassi number is F204 Contract no V3268 Catalouhe number (?) 7 Ministry of Supply TT3 Rebuilt to Class 1 30/01/1945 at Army Auxilary Worksho NoB112. First question - Where was B112. Theowner hopes it was Martin Waters in Folkstone, as the picture you can se was taken in the workshop about that time and features a TS 20/2 Belived to be one of two remaing So any info gratefulllly recieved Sorry can't get picture torotate
  10. I'll get some for over Sunday with luck. I'm going in circles this week, haven't a chance to get them earliear.
  11. Yes, your confirming ny thoughts Hey ho for a new battery, before anything else. Thanks.
  12. Funny you should reveive this now. For a lot of long , and unfortunate reasons, the pump has now gone to a musuem. BUT! I still have a number of odd bits, including most of an engine. Anyone wants them, there free for collection from SE London /Kent.
  13. A mate of mine had one years ago, and it was road registered. Great fun to climb up sleeping policemen, then fall off other side.
  14. Quick query guys: Before I start ripping things apart.My 6 volt WC54 , battery has sat and pos terminal has gone black. Vehicle starts but shows no charge on the dynamo, yes I've re polarised , and the meter shows discharge when lights on etc, but no plus charge. Could tha be a battery fault?
  15. Best of luck. Have you tried freezer spray ?That can work better than heat sometimes.
  16. You could try jacking veicle up. Arrange a long bar to rest on the floor jammed against something, and gently lower vehicle. All you need to do is start it. The other if all else fails is with the transmission disconnected from drive. Wedge a bar on flick starter to turn the engine and transmission allowing bar to bang against something hard.
  17. Just when the snow goes ! Bummer! 🤣
  18. Reminds me of George Bullouck. No matter what the problemwas his answer was 'Put kettle on and we will think about it'.
  19. Should have added two metere length of scaffold pole. That plus about thirty stone on the end removes all known VW T4 wheel nuts, 🤣 Aded up to about 1500 lbs/ft by the way. Been looking at induction heaters though,no gas required.
  20. Martin !! Are you implying my Draper tin box tester is old fashioned? 🤣 Not a lot to go wrong on them though.
  21. I've found Halford's bike grease, a red PTFE stuff works very well on brakes.
  22. I've got an Ultimate that came from Lidl years ago, about £6 then 🤣 My favourite! Has a dual charge 6 and 12 which is great for me. A slow charger , but to 100% and reliable. I'd recommend one over a lot of Flashy , expensive chargers. As for battery parrell charging, depends on the battery some you win some you don't , but worth the try. AA chargers ,any battery only has a certain capacity, I've never quite understood how a couple of AA's will replace a massive great Lead /Acid. Leving aside Oddessey or Optima batteries, can't afford them, Yuasa are my preference.
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