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  1. trades in animal skins, usually sheep.
  2. interestingly the Vulcan trademark blacksmith is on the cover - was there a connection.
  3. I have a box of 18,000 purchased some time ago for a now stalled project. I would have hoped that the automated punch must still exist. maybe not. The turned over tips are good because they determine very consistent spacing. When it came to finding someone with capacity or knowledge on soldering them to the tubes I discovered that it is now a 'lost trade', so will watch with interest.
  4. Or use a lathe tailstock die holder
  5. What's the saying? If it seems it is too good to be true it usually is. And this is an example. Ben advises that they are not right for my Dennis. Oh well
  6. Could these be the rear Dennis wheels I need for my 1911 fire engine?
  7. A definitive publication on military colours is "Warpaint colours and markings of British Army vehicles 1903-2003, Volume 2 by Dick Taylor. However, in spite of the title there only two pages covering WW1 armour. Kahki colours have been described in terms of "cup of weak tea" and "cup of dark tea".
  8. The Boer war saw the start of mechanisation in war and set a template for future conflicts. A number of traction engines were ordered specifically for the task and railways became increasingly important. It also saw the British create concentration camps for civilians - was said to be for the civilians protection but didn't turn out that way. There is plenty of literature on the subject but you need to look at it with a critical eye as much has been written by the Brits ignoring the atrocities of a colonial war in the name of empire and glorifying their heroes such as Churchill.
  9. From the land where metal roofing is mainstream.... A simple layer of sarking under the sheeting prevents the condensation. Also while wall sheets are screwed in the valleys is v important to screw roof sheets on the ridges otherwise the sheeting will eventually rust around the screws. Trick is that when screwing on the ridges the sheets can flatten out and get you in a right old mess, so need to pay attention to alignment and get screw tension even. Just love the crane too.
  10. Looks like there was no radius where eccentric was machined into the web.
  11. The main body of the hub meter screws into a flange which can be changed to suit the wheel it was to be fitted to. More often used on trailers for either service intervals or taxation purposes.
  12. Yes, a hidden spherical joint. At the time American practice was also to use fork joints for tie rod and ball joints on the drag link.
  13. For an Aussie vehicle the starting point for research is to google Trove. This is the window for digitised newspapers, images and state library collections. Amazing what you can find there.
  14. They look like something you would see on a travelling crane or other industrial plant.
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