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  1. Thought it an excellent program, touching and very personal, with out going 'over the top', if the first one is anything to go on, I'm looking forward to rest of series. Well done Channel 5 Andy
  2. Bet she was at your elbow, joining in, Rosie.............. All the very best, Andy
  3. Hi Rosie and Family, I'm sure you will give her the send off she deserves, with much love...........and remembering of the good times you've all spent together. All the very best at this time. Andy
  4. Happy and peaceful New Year to one and all, see some of you in a field somwhere......... Andy
  5. Hi Rosie, sorry to hear of your loss. All my best to you and your family at this very sad time. Regards and respects, Andy
  6. Nice. :-) Think the SMLE + its bayonet LOOKS far more balanced than a no4 = 'pigsticker'.
  7. well I know what quite a few of the guys who have to use the thing said,..........'a nice political wedge(back hander) to minister responsible'.
  8. Add Iraq and Afganistan, (present conflicts) to above, esp with scope as a snipers weapon,.........according to mates serving out in Afgan, a far better weapon to use than the 'dreaded' SA80; (Greater range, as well.)
  9. Well I've got petlas 900x16 on back of bedford. These do (sort of) look bar-grip (ish) If you do go for them, I believe there are two types, of same tyre.........with differing ply ratings Tis a bit of a b*gger sirting tyres for brit wheels. Andy
  10. Very true, ammo boots/leather soles, with heel/toe plates and dependant on year maybe studs in differing number and pattern. Drivers tended to be issues cartridge carriers, as stated. (ever tried to drive a bedford with normal sized fixed pouches ??...............and yes, there are 'MT pouches' out there, but very little real evidence of them being used/issued.- difference is instead of fixed 'hooks' into belt, they used a tunnel that would slide along belt,)
  11. A great mine of infomation re regulations, etc is 'British Army Uniforms and Insignia of WW2' by Brian L Davies. (and yes, it does go into studs or no studs in some detail. )
  12. Regarding studs in boots, for drivers. there is an official date stated then studs were REFITTED into boots for ALL arms of service, (per this date drivers and Armoured vehicle crews were exempt. Typically I can't lay my hands on it at the mo) Has to be said, after talking to vererans, what was worn 'in barracks' and was worn in field did vary dependant on co's tollerance, etc. White mugs fine, andas for rear buckles being femoved from web belt, walking out purposes only, (and only then in some regts) Andy
  13. Can you not make up new (longer)arms, for mirrors. I've had to do that with MW,...two inch longer than 'standard',......and i can see whats behind me,.well as long as its not RIGHT behind.
  14. Off hand no, PM me and I may be able to put you in touch with someone who will deffo know....... Andy
  15. Well this shell was also known as 3rd patt airborne helmet, which was beginning to be issued from 1944.
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