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  2. For the screen repair/reinforcement, I used epoxy, thinned ever so slightly with methylated spirits and mixed with milled fibreglass fibres to help bind the epoxy together and give it more strength. If you have any fibreglass mat, you could pull some strands out and chop them into small pieces to mix in. The bottom rubber seal was put in with mastic so the bottom of the screen frame was watertight, which meant the epoxy couldn't run straight out of the bottom of the frame. On my Jeep a few years ago, I filled some rot holes with epoxy and iron filings. I did repairs by brazing on my GPW frame, but I had another frame as a donor for metal of the right shape and section. The Dodge screen wasn't far enough gone to need big chunks cutting out, but needed some reinforcement.
  3. Cracking work there, I need to fill some damage on the MB inner screen prior to glazing, did you use epoxy.
  4. Visited a local 1940s show today at the Papplewick pumping Station, some lovely vehicles there both military and civilian along side some stalls and re enactment displays, anyone own any of these
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  6. Ok, but the US O.D. is different to the GB O.D. that is a fact, and I have not seen any bicycles in brown (original paint) but what do I know! Lex
  7. Thanks, it seems SCC 2 which was apparently re-named BS381 colour 499 Service Brown after WW2 is in the right direction. I know there are many variants but I would like to avoid using the standard US OD ('Mat 1') even though I really like this shade. I'm restoring a Mk.V now and I will probably use a 2K spray can.
  8. Hi, thank you a lot for posting these fotos. I am very interested in the falklands war and as the Blues and Royals seem to be the only unit of which no one has written a book about the experience of it and there is not much information availabel online. Therefore it is nice to see some "new" fotos from your perspective. I am currently trying to research the history of your units involvement in the Falklands war for a littel Video about that topic on my very small youtube Channel (Säbelzahnmöwe). Which I run as hobby. Normally I do book reviews (in German and English), but seeing that there is nothing much on this specific topic yet, I thought it would be a good start for some more history oriented videos. Especially because the 40 Years anniversary of that operation is comming up. But getting visiuals and details about your deployment is not easy. Your unit is often only mentioned as a sidenote in many accounts. Even finding out if the Scorpions and Scimitars used passiv image intensifiers or already thermal sights in 1982 wasnt as easy as one would think. Would you be ok with me using your pictures to illustrate my Video ? I would of course blure the faces and quote you as the source. Other then that you would have my eternal gratitude and if you ever come to Hannover Germany (maybe to visit the German Tank Museum in Munster) a free beer and lift to it Also if you have any further infomation or sources you could point me to, that would be greatly appreciated. Have a nice day and stay safe Jan
  9. It's all about colours today it seems! (on FB) but I think, the bicycles, followed along the lines of the motorcycles, that followed the vehicles.... British Vehicle Camouflage, 1939-45 (mafva.org) Cheers, Lex PS, or buy all the literature available.....
  10. Time to blow the dust off this interesting topic! Probably opening a can of worms here, but..... what color should an Mk.V be?
  11. These pictures of what appears to be some sort of aggregate I recovered from the common around 2012, around the time of finding the landmine strikers ,for some ten years prior to this I would walk the dog out on the common a couple of times a week in the area close to the tank factory ( Burma road) as our workshop was down the road in lyne the dog a cross staff Pitbull was our security guard being close by to a number of traveller sites we suffered a number of costly nocturnal visits ,the dog whilst considered a member of the family was the right tool for the job hence the common which kept him out of contact with people and inquisitive dogs as his version of playfulness was likely to get me in trouble.At that time to me the common was just where I took the dog not paying that much attention to the place ,but with regular visits just as with anywhere things become familiar ,and one thing that had done so we're the strange "what looked like strange upturned dinner plates " roughly five or six foot across quite a number lay hidden in the brush but on one stretch of path one would walk across three that lay in line , they had an almost marble appearance and when damp had no coefficient of friction if stepped on , 2012 now out there doing a bit of metal detecting couple of months passed before I realised the dinner plates were missing not that it stood as important at the time ,probably a year later I was detecting in the corner next to the railway line under some pine trees and would brush away the needles with my foot when I uncovered a piece of dinner plate ie as the pics....,next time I visited the heath manager I asked him about the missing dinner plates ,answer ..probably crushed by the tractor at some time,...well didn't swallow that as I had not seen any evidence of the remains, did though mention that I had found some large pieces over by the railway , week later back in same area it looked like the whole place had seen a buck rake recently,not a slither of what I had seen couple weeks before was left . What was so important about the dinner plates ? Just to see the reaction I mentioned to one of the ground staff I met out on the common had they seen any of the material I described and showed them the lump I had from the fir trees ,four days later got call from persons unknown would I mind returning the stone , why? We might need it for display purposes !!!! Said you already have three ton of it ..line goes dead....
  12. Hello Earlymb and Richard Thank you so much !! The decals on Tarpaulin they were made by a friend and the markings on the jeep i used archer transfers and microscale decals
  13. Indeed, apologies for the vague reference. I don’t know why I didn’t just say outright that lot 306 looks like a Bedford MWC tank. I Must have been having a cryptic moment after watching a Midsomer Murders episode. I doubt any of he pump gear is still in place though.
  14. Sometimes, I get totally immersed in a task and these little fuel cocks are a 'prime' example. They have been beautifully made by Rosso in Australia and sent over to help with the restoration, which is greatly appreciated and a terrific boost to the project. They are now fitted and looking very smart. Another trinket from the jewelry box, the No.4 greaser, was tried for a fitting at the airfield. I had some concerns about the length of the supporting post, but all was well and it looked superb in its new home. The only problem is, I need another one ! Thanks Dave.
  15. Should be fairly easy to say whether the RN ever lost a ship in that area & if so when. There seem to have been quite a number of civilian vessels fitted with copper hull sheathing though, so I'd say it might be more likely to be one of those, tbh.
  16. Archaeology breakthrough as mysterious 200-year-old shipwreck could be Royal Navy warship (msn.com)
  17. A great model of an Australian jeep. Well done, and lettering is superb. I think the cable reel would be a bit vulnerable on tight left hand turns though!
  18. Very nice! How did you make the decals?
  19. Hello every body Last year I made 1/35 scale jeep based on several archive photos Regards Frédéric
  20. Curious as to Ltwbarmy's comment about Lot 306 in this auction , here it is . Assume a 200 gal tank from a Bedford MWC water bowser but I am no expert ! Craig .
  21. Sorry Paulie, it was sold two weeks ago.
  22. Hi I don’t suppose you still have the damper available ..
  23. It turns out the steering gear on 1960 and up models, everything that came after the J3 is really unlike the CJ3B setup and more like a Series LR. I'm working on a video on that. In the meantime I dig a little deeper into the military variants that Mitsubishi supplied to the JSDF and that info is presented here:
  24. Cheers Tom That is much appreciated and a very kind offer, someone has already contacted me but if that falls through I will drop you a message Thanks again.
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  26. My mate said they didn't want to give away the exact positions of the collapsing perimeter, by burning them as they arrived, also burning vehicles would have hindered movements within that perimeter, but he was expressly told not to burn his lorry.
  27. Good photos! The workshop lorry looks very much like an Albion 6x4 10 tonner towing a Meadows 27.5kva genny.
  28. They did burn a lot of equipment and had veh dumps near Dunkirk. I do have a large amount of photos showing burnt out veh. Photos from my collection
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