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  2. If I may reopen a thread, I am involved with a number of Dennis vehicles that all share this basic type of 3.7l engine. I am curious to know please, what type of carburettor was fitted to the wartime chassis? I believe they incorporated a governor of sorts. The earlier models all tended to be fitted with a Zenith carb, not a terrible unit in itself but they suffer somewhat from a lack of an accelerator pump. Mammoth is correct, always good practice to drain if not remove a sump on an unknown engine, anything could be hiding in there. At least these engines do have quite a fine strainer an
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  4. Ron this is the puller I used.......very basic but it’s been a god send with this built, I would have been stumped without it https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/283828524240
  5. Thanks Lex. When I had the barrel bored I proved the piston with rings fitted to ensure correct sizing, 🀞
  6. Treated myself to a bit of reading matter Has quite a large section on military Foden's from the late 1800's to the companies demise in 2006. It says 139 limbers/gun tractors were built. I know of the whereabouts of 3 ,1 original and 2 converted, and the 1 deceased that is now my parts bin. Does anyone know of any more in original condition?
  7. No, sorry, just one! and not me, but Tibo, ex BEF M20, saw use with the Germans, contract C5610, extremely nice running bike, I wouldn't mind one of these! Lex
  8. Yes, I saw it late last night, but been away all day, buying more bikes! Will see if I can answer tomorrow. Cheers, Lex
  9. I'd like to get one of those pullers! Lex did you see Rob Miller's Welbike post? Ron
  10. Fairey Arlon 920P225 | Alternative Pressure Filter Element FilterFinder No: FF203286B https://www.filterfinder.co.uk/filter-finder/
  11. Nice work Steve! and indeed a nice puller, I found one of these for magneto bearings, works a treat! Also something I always warn people about, to check the piston ring gap, sometimes when the cylinder is bored, and the right size for the piston, the rings are too tight, and when warm, it will seize the piston, have had it a couple of times that the machinist didn't check that! Lex
  12. Use rebar not mesh. Have a footing at the transition area. 30K plus can be a problem over time if not prepped right. When cured wet drive way in the turn area will be better for your pads and maybe a little quieter.
  13. That looks like a nice bush pulling tool Steve! I always end up with two sockets and a length of studding. I have got by with one of these wheel cylinder hones to relieve a bush that's a bit tight. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/202490071774?epid=20017010302&hash=item2f25594ade:g:kvoAAOSwmtBbLQid Ron
  14. Today has been a productive afternoon after a few errors made last week. Whilst reaming the new small end bush I took my eye of the ball and over sized the hole πŸ™ˆ After taking a few days to obtain a new bush I today replaced it and reamed the new one with much better results! The piston now fitted I popped the newly renovated and bored barrel on and started work on the timing gears. The engine has been a labour of love but I am really starting to feel I am getting somewhere now! It just seams that every part needs work or felting πŸ™‚
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-57115875
  16. Whilst the bigger bits of the rebuild go on in the shed, I always try to find little bits I can carry out at home (which pleases the mrs!). I have been on the lookout, since I purchased the lorry, for a correct style oil gauge; the one that was previously fitted being of 1930s vintage. Recently I have been lucky enough to obtain one, and so that led to a bit of dining table tinkering. The first step was to check the function of the gauge. Luckily I have a good friend who has a gauge tester. The device showed up that the gauge was fully functioning, and was only 1psi out over its full range whe
  17. Steve fitted the second of three gas generators to the Thornycroft. The platform which holds it has required something on it to stop people using it as a footstep. After fitting he took the bolts off again for some adjustment, so not a permanent fit yet. It does look nice though. Thanks again to the forum member Peter for putting me in touch with the previous owner.
  18. A picture of the element. It is naturally brown in colour but the slime that also came out was a near match. It will come off easier next time, hopefully.
  19. I've pulled the filter, after removing the assembly and tank and... Anyway, the element is full of brown slime and horrible, so was overdue replacing. It is a "Fairey filtration, replacement element 920P225". Does anyone know of equivalents ? Many thanks Iain
  20. Hi If you go with concrete be sure you let it cure fully before you drive anything heavy. Cure time depending on mix and temperature will be in the 28 day range. Cheers Phil
  21. Video of the famous Rush Green Motors Scrapyard in UK, appears fairly recent . I believe they have just had a big tidy up. Lots of nice classic stuff and a few WW2 trucks , some of the wheels on piles may be WW1 !
  22. And I thought that Valentines were bad for driver vision ! David
  23. Blimey! Good luck with that one! How long is a piece of string. The real answer is what folk are prepared to pay for it, assuming a sale IS actually required - sometimes you wonder, judging by the prices asked. I cannot see any other K5s on offer at present but prices of large WW2 trucks seem to be all over the place from those who clearly think their truck must be worth three times as much as a Jeep because it is three times as large to others who presumably realise that the market for a big truck is very limited - to those with the facilities to store, look after and drive the beast! Ma
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