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  1. bottom one looks very similar to the one fitted on my saracen but doesn't have the star washer
  2. Hi all,anyone have or know of where i could get hold of one?i've tried bannisters but he hasn't any. thanks in advance stuart
  3. i got my headset from john walker 0115 960 7860 or johnwalker@aol.com
  4. hi all anyone know source for a austin k9 waterpump or kit?
  5. yep very long day but enjoyable started at 0330 and finally got back at 2130
  6. it came from the armed forces day event in southhampton,its owner and three of us had taken it down for the celebrations
  7. i suggest before you write an essay and bitching you get the facts straight first,a text or phone call wouldn't have gone a miss remember its your vehicle and not anyone elses responsibility,if its left outside things will deteriorate and the weather plays havoc as we all know. how does it take 2 hours to get there?we go to leyton to see the inlaws and that only takes an hour?in the rush hour it only took me 1 1/4 hours when i worked in barking. needless to say we have all got problems and dont need it strewn all over a military vehicle forum, the simple fact is you haven't been to t
  8. neil,just to clarify a couple of these, your vehicle was moved my myself and dave,the rake was put there afterwards so not driven over! the tilt has been ripped over the winter by the strong winds,snow etc if you'd been up once or twice in the time since october you would have seen this ,the cab cover blew off a number of times and was refitted. the tyre has been reflated to keep it round and stop more cracking and the engine run on occasion,all this done by myself with no text or phone call from you! it was moved because we need space to work on other vehicles ,may i suggest y
  9. i know a man that will probably have that ,i'll give him a call
  10. si gave him daves number already
  11. i have one of each,great fun to drive, both have there problems,spares are not a major problem as they are availible,i do know some one who has a pig project if interested
  12. went yesterday,got into the car park very easily and through the gate with ease.As has been said before trade stalls fewer and not really many parts stalls. Arena looked ok but one entrance for in and out so i thuoght it didn't flow as easily as before,but loads of participents. walking around the fields i thought good amount of vehicles,not as much armour but a good selection. i thought too many civvy cars around, most not even hidden in the areas which i think lets it down. overall i think better but still needs afew more tweaks,hopefully the organisers will take some of the feedback on
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