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  1. @Jessie The Jeepit should be fixed now as I installed the update (yes, another one).
  2. You can still upload them here directly, or better yet you can install an SSL certificate on your own site and the problem is solved as well.
  3. Thank you for testing and reporting your findings here, glad to hear it now works again.
  4. Because they were linked to the forum before this change was made. I fully agree that it is the forum software, however it is not a problem. It is the only way to make sure that the newly installed SSL certificate works properly.
  5. The colours are a bit off but I've fixed the issues on Mobile. Working on the last fixes...
  6. Can you try using another browser, alternatively delete your local internet files (cookies etc).
  7. I'm looking into these problems so please bear with me. @Jessie The Jeepthis is a problem I can't fix. In order for SSL (secure browsing) to work, all links need to be hosted on a site with SSL. Best would be for you to get an SSL certificate on our site, no other way to solve that.
  8. Please note, I am posting this on behalf of a friend who works for the Liberation Route. If you are interested, reply here or send me a PM! -- Hope this email finds you well. I want to inform you about our unique project "Liberation Route on tour!". From the beginning of May 2019, the V-team will travel with the Liberation Route Express along the commemorative route that the Allies took in 1944 and 1945. From the Express, various POIs, commemorations, exhibitions and events in the context of 75 years of freedom will be actively brought to the attention with vloggers and bloggers. Dur
  9. Please note, registration for our event ends on July 1st so don't wait too long with registering!
  10. Hello Tyler, You may want to consider using the Harwich - Hook of Holland (Hoek van Holland) ferry as that might be an easier journey. There are no organized trips to Arnhem but feel free to drive up there from our base camp, it should take you around an hour to get there. Please let me know if you have any further questions! Joris
  11. I'm with Maurice on this one and please don't use this thread to start a discussion about this.
  12. Yes, that will throw a spanner in the works....
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