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  1. To reiterate what others have said - a really great selection of photos. I have read of the various methods of disabling vehicles but it surprizes me (in the comfort and safety of my living room chair) why so many vehicles were abandoned in a usable condition. Surely setting them on fire would have made many useless to the Germans. Did the occupants have no time to do this? Did they surrender immediately they got out?
  2. Fv1609, Clive you may wish to re post your EMER link here, as all those busy members wont have to read the 2009 post on the go. Thanks for your collection of manuals and orders and the support you give. I hope you have made plans for it when you 'pop your clogs'. The thought of some house clearance person burning it ....!
  3. Am I correct in thinking that some WW2 vehicles did not have the wood flooring painted? I have been told that the flatbed of say an RAF AEC Matador was 'treated' with preservative but not painted, as it came in or a lot of abuse anyway. So could it be that the sides of vehicles were or could be preserved using different a type of wood?
  4. Keruing Hardwood Sapwood is a commercially available greyish-brown, heartwood timber that varies from light red to reddish brown or brown, darkening on exposure. Grain is usually straight but may be interlocked. Keruing is available in sawn sizes or machined to standard half lap profiles for truck flooring.
  5. This a very comprehensive answer! Out of interest did the BS381c 499 brown get carried over to modern times, as the colour of brown ammo boxes?
  6. Haha - he will have to lug it over on the train
  7. I will check with my mate but it is a 12 volt standard battery that has been used until now on a non -military Land Rover 90 but once Covid ends, he is to be working abroad for a few months, and vehicle put in a lock up that has no power for a trickle charge etc. So will the battery be dead or alive after such a period and is on or off the vehicle going to change things?
  8. Simple question if a vehicle is to be kept off the road for 3 months, will the battery last longer if it is removed from the vehicle?
  9. The TFL in London said my Lwt will never be exempt from the Congestion Charge, as Historic makes no difference. It only gives an exemption to the ULEZ - but I'm not sure if that applied or not as my Lwt is PLG, not a bus or minibus or van etc. However if the new (same) Mayor of London extends the Congestion Zone area, then driving to a friends house to pick him up for WPR shows may involve a longer journey, and more pollution! I won't be attending shows that involve driving through Bath, Birmingham and any other big city that wishes to squeeze more money from me either.
  10. I have just realised that if I dont drive in Central London to avoid the congestion charge then there is no need for the Police to stop me as my Lwt is insured, has an MOT till November and will show as taxed to April 2022.
  11. I have just checked and it is still the same, but I will check on 1st May so that I can check what I have in my online Chat print out matches what he said - £0 paid for VED until April 2022.
  12. Historic Status for a 1980 Land Rover Lwt GS - The story so far! I sent my request off via the Post Office at the beginning of April and have not heard any thing since. I then discover that the DVLA have been on strike and will be again on 4th May, all this is due to Covid and need for separation etc that was not carried out fast enough for their staff union. Anyway I phoned DVLA but was told not to phone and instead use the online Chat. So I signed up for a Chat with the promise of a handler, but was then told by the 'AI computer bot', this system was too busy, so go away and try
  13. I's like to pass this photo on to the RAF Museum too, but I forget the contact for Bryan, who posts on here?
  14. I'm still on the look out for RAF Jeeps used as runabouts on UK airfields in the UK (rather than the 2 TAF etc)
  15. I sent this photo to the Tank Museum Curator, David Willey as I know they maintain an archive of all Armour Vehicles, even RAF ones, and in turn he sent it to David Fletcher for comment as follows; Thanks also for the Crossley photo which I have saved. It was one of two with domed turrets, the third being on an even bigger Crossley chassis with a conventional turret. All three served with the Royal Air Force but they seem to have developed faults in the driven bogie. Most unusual for Crossley who invariably turned out a good product, I suspect they weren’t so good in sand. Anyway they wer
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