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  1. We are used to seeing Caution Left Hand Drive etc on the rear of Jeep hoods when driven on UK roads in WW2. Presumably such signage was applied in the UK and not on the production line, so if Jeeps were delivered direct to France after D-Day or for that matter any Mediterranean country, or US forces in the Pacific then nothing was written? Not many photos show the rear of the hood outside the UK or it is lowered so it is hard to tell.
  2. Ted, I know about the seat bit my point was the medic could stand up, rather then be bent over in Dodge!
  3. Have you ever met anyone who works in procurement for the MOD? I have! The MOD won't buy the Ibex or Grenadier, as the price is too reasonable. The basic idea in MOD seems to be buy expensive and dispose of too soon (it keeps them employed) and sell off too cheaply. I said to this girl I met what do you do in the MOD? She said she sold surplus RN ships to overseas nations. She said she just sold a working Frigate to Chilean Navy for £100,000 but they remove the radar and communications gear first, so that's OK then!!!! Until recent Brexit the MOD felt duty bound to buy from anywhere
  4. Of course the K2 was only 4x2 but it still had a four man stretcher capacity and ability for the attendant to stand up between the casualties, rather than crouch.
  5. The Austin K2 Ambulance was offered to the USAAF as reverse Lend Lease, so very common on US airfields in company with Crossley and Fordson Fire Tenders
  6. I would say it is quite normal not to have some of our more exotic vehicles at home!
  7. A British 4x4 that can be bought in kit form or fully built. I'm amazed there is no military interest, as the cost is far cheaper than the LR Defenders and Wolfs that the MOD bought without galvanized chassis (especially in the Defender era) https://www.fwi.co.uk/machinery/4x4s/british-built-ibex-4x4-offers-land-rover-defender-alternative
  8. When we acquire a vehicle whether or not it is an MV, classic car or everyday vehicle, I guess that most of us register it with the DVLA using the address of the owner and not the address of where the vehicle is kept? Which is it that the DVLA require? In current times of Covid-19 and potential for local lockdowns, it occurred to me that if and when the Police had / have the powers to turn vehicles around that appear not to be from the area, whether vehicles should be registered where they are kept, if the owner happened to be in the lockdown area and wish to use the vehicle within the
  9. My original fuel tank has black underseal applied on the sides, and the front and rear under the fitting brackets only. It is applied in what I would describe as a stipple looking finish, so perhaps done by the Army?
  10. ThanksClive, My Lwt is 12v GS is from circa Oct 1980 in HG range, post Nato Green I believe at the factory?
  11. Dear Richard, My ex Reme mates says the same; black. But playing devils advocate I suggested that of course all the replacements would be black as they were replacements and that the factory would have painted them nato green! Both my tanks are green and so I'm wondering whether to keep it how it was when in service or go GLOSS black like all the fuel tanks you saw?
  12. Interesting - as mine were both painted Nato green, and I'm certain they were like this when the vehicle was cast in 1991.
  13. And the colour of the fuel tanks when fitted at the Factory? Nato Green I guess, with replacements being black as they came from a different source?
  14. This is a photo of the tank that is still in the vehicle, showing the different weld and 'gully' along the top of the side panels. I guess the one I am replacing was an in service replacement, though my ex REME mates says all those he installed were painted black though both mine have been painted nato green.
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