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  1. Old post I realise, but were these Brockhouse Fuel Bowser trailers used just for fuel or sometimes for oil? I guess many photos of them with 100 in a circle confirms the subject was for 100 Octain fuel, but I am sure I have seen another photo somewhere with Oil written on the side?
  2. Yes, thats a Dennis AM 30/40 cwt , and quite rare to be in the Middle East and to have a box body.. According to Bart Vanderveen, only around 1,000 were built (or nearly 1,000) So I guess it was not so useful on the civi market as a Bedford QLD Many thanks for posting
  3. Dennis AM30/40 as seen in a photo of 35 Sqn Halifax- code MP on the side of the bomb trolly
  4. Thanks Ruxy, I cannot believe I have owned my Lwt for 20 years, almost to the day. I just wish I had more time to use it. I guess it will rain all summer!
  5. Looks like a training aid for a Catalina waist gunners position?
  6. Ignore my last post - the vehicle is a Bedford QLT
  7. The attached photo of an RAF vehicle is definitely a Bedford QL, but the Type Number of 2100 on the door is clearly from the above list of types, is a passenger coach, so is this a Bedford QLT, adopted as a coach? The body looks different to all the QLTs I have seen on the web.
  8. After Miltracks, I am going to Luxembourg, and wonder if there are any 'Battle of the Bulge' related war museums that anyone recommends in the country?
  9. A list of type numbers from Wheels of the RAF book from 1983 by Bruce Robertson Its good enough but is missing a few numbers - but note the RAF never seemed to use any Type numbers in the 4000 -4999 range, nor any with less than four digits
  10. Realistically, when was it last on the road?
  11. Ruxy, I would be so very grateful to 'pick your brains' on paint used on Military Land Rover wheels out of Solihull? I have five 'new' sand blasted 231601 wheels that are to be painted, so I guess Land Rover sprayed them for my Lwt with NATO Green on both sides and in between which won't be seen? Mine were actually sand yellow before blasting. The replacement wheels on my Lwt are possibly civi, and the inner surface is a combo of black and mud and rust. Thank you so very much Larry
  12. Its been pointed out to me that I may appear ungrateful for the info I have requested - but rest assured that is not the case and I am very grateful and keen to give info as much as I receive. I'm still intrigued by Rootes75's Q2 15cwt with the 6 cylinder petrol not the 4 cylinder. I have read that late WW2 production had 6 cylinder 80 BHP engines fitted similar (if not the same) as used in the post war Commer Q2 1 Ton, with Superpoise Cab of circa 1950. What type of rear body it had alludes me. Larry
  13. Thanks Ruxy and 10FM68 and all the other contributors, to my thread.
  14. Bryan, I am gutted for you - what is going on at the RAF Museum? I went to visit RAF Hendon the other week and was amazed at what they have done to the Battle of Britain Hall. Emptied of BoB aircraft and the Sunderland marooned in the new cafe? Are these types in the main hall - I never got to find out? By the time I had looked around the other buildings the 'Camp Guards' would not let me in to the main hall. It was 4pm and they had to clear the public out in a hour. I'd accept it if it was 4.55pm I know its free to enter the museum but I also paid the highest parking fee ever at RAFM and no refund as I had to leave early!
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