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  1. Are there any members who have a vehicle made before 1st Jan 1973, using B&W plates who cannot get historic status?
  2. Horary! I finally managed to get my Lwt registered as Historic ( hopefully) at the Post Office, not that the guy behind the counter had much idea what to do at first. Strangely he said he did not need Form V10 but did take my V5 and the V112. As for the Vehicle Tax am I correct in thinking I still need to tax it at zero cost each year? Can I not pay £0 by Direct Debit?
  3. Permission for the use of a Black and White registration plate comes from two things; the vehicle being built before 1st January 1980 AND the vehicle being registered as Historic status. Thats all! However, that could be annoying for someone who can't get historic status on a technicality and still pays car tax but wants to use their age related B&W registration.
  4. I read this in the Express and I wonder if the fact that a vehicle has to be Historic status to use B&W plates is being confused with the need to 'get permission' to use them, as the permission comes from requesting Historic status in the first place. I guess there are a few cars around that use B&W plates that are not Historic status, like the 1960s Landrover 110 that I saw with a J registration!!!!! Also it seems the use of EU flag on registrations, is still permitted for a while on cars that were built / sold prior to 1st Jan 2021. I will look for clarification.
  5. Folks, from the new April 2021 tax year Black and White number plates are only permitted on vehicles built before 1st Jan 1980, and if used, permission must be obtained from the DVLA first. (CORRECTION - by applying for Historic status) The fine is apparently £1,000 (or up to) for non compliance. Ouch! Also in a crackdown on road users trying to defeat number plate recognition cameras, irregular spaced letters / numbers will be illegal and so will B&W plates if it is deemed they are of a colour shape or design that may defeat the speed cameras etc. I hope that won't put an end to
  6. I would have run the vehicle's engine if I was not prevented from getting access. Can I claim on the Government as compensation or get anything back for the upset of sending a relatively new battery for scrap. BTW if I charge the battery in parallel and the dead battery comes to life will it ever be back to normal? Also are those battery booster boxes (like the AA use) any good on a dead battery?
  7. I'm hoping to get a vehicle started after Lockdown ends, and the battery is very likely to be flat, as the vehicle has not been driven for many months since about Nov 2020. If it is charged up will it ever be any use after that. Its a Bosch. What I don't want is for me to drive off somewhere and then have it fail to start for the journey home. I guess many of you are in a similar situation with your MVs.
  8. Well I just had a proper look at https://www.brumbreathes.co.uk/info/5/exemptions-additional-support/21/apply-exemption/8 And it is quite clear on Historic Vehicles, but it never says if exemptions may apply at the Councils discretion. So if one day they want to have a parade of Birmingham built vehicles from around the UK then 'history will have to end after 1980-81, but on the other hand it did as BL were on strike most of the time!
  9. It would be a bit stupid to charge the Army to drive through and ULEZ. God forbid that the bomb disposal squad would be prevented by their CO from attending, as no one at HQ has a Company Visa card to pay fees on line! But back on topic, how much of these new ideas being all the rage in town halls, will impact on members, if their vehicle is not 'Historic' status?
  10. For members living in Cities other than London, does the existing Historic status of MVs still allow you to drive your MV within the designated LEZ area? Do you now have problems parking in the road outside your home? In addition to introducing LEZs , I see that many cities are now looking to block off roads too, so even if your MV is Historic and exempt, I wonder if this is likely to kill off any parades such as for VE-Day in 2025 or indeed stop members from parking up a selection of MVs in the City Centre to support Poppy Day?
  11. I guess the age restriction is important to many members with vehicles over 3500 kg un-laden weight and I sympathise with them if they have to buy new ones. But let's say you are questioned as to the age of your tyres; how will you prove they are under 10 years old? Do you keep all your military vehicle related receipts? You might like to start. Incidentally assuming your vehicle was under 3500 kg but you end up carrying or towing something that takes everything over 3500 kg I guess you could still be fined. Also for those of us with Historic Vehicle Status and way below the 3500 k
  12. Great thanks, I have just got the tailgate open. It looks like the catch in the lock has broken.
  13. Does anyone have workshop manual for a 2010 zafira. The tailgate door was slammed shut and wont open. There is a round pull off plastic cover inside and i just need to know if this can release the lock.
  14. Great Selection of RAF Jeeps; as you suggested many are in use by Tactical Air Forces
  15. Thanks for those photos. I should have qualified my post to say that the RAF 2TAF and Desert Air Force & Far East AF all had Jeeps as there was a proven need for their cross county 4x4 capabilities, for forward airstrips, which was not much in demand on an RAF airfield in the UK during WW2.
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