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  1. A small cross is also associated with the civilian organisations that used the K2 to support the evacuations of casualties that were flown in to uk airfields and the USAAF, and I guess by late 1945 there were plenty of spare vehicles after the Yanks went home.
  2. So when do you suggest I go to the PO with my V5 - Sometime after New Year 2021?
  3. I'm sure there are MV owners on here who have succeeded in getting Historic Status for their vehicles, especially Jeeps of dubious parentage so I propose to not leave this matter till W registered vehicles from 1991 are 40 years old. Also any half wit from the Ministry will know Land Rover stopped making Lightweights in late 1984
  4. Thanks for this ; so for clarity 1 need to order 10 x 548205 and 2 x 569746. I have the correct springs and bolts and nuts
  5. Looking at the L:wt Parts catalogue, it suggests I need 12 of these items - Correct?
  6. Also Fulltilt rather than waste a new post on leaf spring bushes, are the Britpart ones at say £1.60 each just good as the Genuine LR ones at c.£6 each. I'm having the 'leafers' done soon on my Lwt as well as the tyres? I am told I need 4 x 548205 but strangely the Lwt Parts catalogue gives 242825 as the part number and three are needed for each leaf spring so that's 12!
  7. My dilemma is that I want to get the wheels and tyres off my Lwt and have the rims sand blasted and also check out what age and reference they are. All of them are riveted design. But equally I do NOT want to have the Lwt jacked up on all sides, like you see on axle stands - for the safety of others in the house. So I guess I could buy two Land Rover wheels with tyres off eBay and stick them on the vehicle while I take the two front wheels and a spare to be sand blasted / cleaned up, checked and then fitted with tubes and tyres. My preference is to get the job done in one go - not three
  8. On a Land Rover 5" x 16" rim on offer as 231601-C what is the significance of the C. Will they take a 6.50 x 16 tyre assuming I can source a Goodyear lookalike or take a 7.50 x 16 Deestone / Security tyre as my default, both with tubes? Often I see these 231601 referred to as Series 1 - I guess to increase the price. But irrespective of date of manufacture am I safe to assume they are still OK for my Series 3 1980 Lwt. There are some pretty rusty examples on internet so what to watch out for ?
  9. Does that suggest it has become historic status?
  10. Seb, you might like to mention to whom it was sold or at least the area of the UK or World in which it was to be kept after it was sold!
  11. So from what I gather, no point in sending an MOT cert as these are online anyway and I can only stop paying Vehicle Tax after 1st April 2021. My MOT is good till November 2021. So I guess my trip to the Post office can be in March 2021 and I will have to wait to hear from Gov before I cancel my Direct Debit.
  12. Lucky for me, my 1980 'HG' registered GS Lightweight is now 40 years old and I have just had it pass its last MOT, though an advisory on the tyres So I thought I'd check the GOV. website regarding Historic status. However, it makes no mention of timing, so do I have to wait till 1st January 2021 or do they appreciate a bit of notice, if I go to the Post Office in December? Also it is W registered so will the letter I have from defunct Army Museum in Beverley suffice to show it was built in Oct 1980? It has no material changes; same engine and gearbox and chassis! I p
  13. Ruxy, On the Lwt reference site (below) you helped with, it also mentions STC 3402 which are welded wheel rims for a Lwt; surely these came after 231601 riveted ones ; so does my late 1980 GS needs these. I'm not sure of the pedigree of those fitted to my Lwt at the moment, so it may be best if I source and fit replacement wheels and once painted have new tyres fitted to them and have the old ones cleared and repainted. One appears to have been white or cream coloured before so no military and many coats of NATO Green paint over matt black on two of them when cast! http://www.la
  14. So that's 26lb front and 31lbs rear once I can find some of these pesky 6.50x16 with the exact same Goodyear tyre pattern!
  15. Thanks Ruxy. And the markings or serial number on the Lwt wheels? What is that?
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