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  1. A very rough quick measurement of the Rear U bolts was actually nearer to 7/16 inch. Also 10FM68 the ride is much better. Before its most recent service and change of springs, the Lwt used to bounce all over the road such that if I saw any oncoming traffic I had to slow right down to ensure I never bounced in to them. Since the work has been done the ride is much firmer and much nicer to drive, and it seems that I'm not always moving the steering wheel so much (like the do in the old 1930s B&W films!)
  2. Correction! They used the existing U bolts on the rear axle as they are in good order and returned the new ones. I measured the thickness of the bolts on the Lwt and they were about 12mm (not 18mm?) So I guess they are no better or worse than before. As for off road I dont do any apart from round the arena at WPR or occasionally drive up an unmade up farm track. As for testing with a load, guess I will load her up with some ammo boxes full of tools and test the nuts for tightness afterwards.
  3. The springs and shock absorbers have been changed. Interestingly the garage used the 562635 U bolts on the rear after saying they did not fit. I never got to speak with the mechanic though, but the U bots look tight enough to me and are bolted through the square plate underneath. I got all the stuff removed returned to me.
  4. The work is being done today (not by me) and the only thing wrong in my list was the rear U Bolts 562635 These don't fit my 'seven leaf' springs, so I guess they will use four NRC3886 instead I will find out tomorrow if I have wasted £1.23 on each U bolt Thanks for your help on this all
  5. Dear 10 68, Sorry I never replied to your PM - I have the parts Catalogue for the Series 3 88” ½ ton military vehicle (Air Portable – Lightweight) 12v and 24V Part Number RTC9968FA of June 1993 on a pdf. My Lwt is a 1980 12v GS from the 47HG37 to 51HG26 registration sequence, apparently built in October 1980 give or take a month and census code of 1620-0778 according to Mark Cook's book
  6. For my own benefit or for other Lightweight Landrover owners, the following is a list of parts, with part numbers I have to have the leaf springs replaced including having new shock absorbers fitted at the same time. The list is specific to the Lwt only. Is there anything else I need for the job? My Lwt is right hand drive for UK roads. If you have a left hand drive Lwt I guess the front springs are swapped over? Lightweight Land Rover – Leaf spring replacement 4 Leaf springs · 562627 - Front Drivers side leaf spring · 562628 - Front Passenger side lea
  7. Thanks for the warning - I would leave the job to experts!
  8. Any resemblance of the person in the cartoon, to any MV owner or WPR staff member is purely co-incidental
  9. I could keep the old leafers under the double bed. The Mrs would not mind! The reason I asked is that if I take something off the Lwt that is repairable I like to repair it and have as a spare or even re fit it to keep the originality. Obviously some items just wear out but others like my speedo were repaired and kept. I suppose in 100 years someone might be grateful for these springs but my great grandchildren won't appreciate storing such 'tat'
  10. I am having the leaf springs changed on my Lwt, but I wonder if the old Lwt leaf springs any use to anyone? They are the originals from 1980 but are a bit flat so the vehicle doesn't ride quite level and this was mentioned on the MOT.
  11. I saw this cartoon of how people treat the 'conveniences' that the organizers so kindly provide at shows! All those years we went and moaned about the show and now nothing, and nothing in sight for 2021 to cheer us up!
  12. With computerised MOTs and sales data you cannot escape the details as in days of old, such as the time, I took my Morris Ital for a tyre change at Flit Quick, and in the process was told my shock absorbers were shot. Are you sure I said, so the manager was summoned for a second opinion. Yes they are he said, so I wipped my guarantee of 10 months ago and had them changed for free. Roll on 30 years and took a VCR for repair and repair man said it was under 5 year guarantee from Argos, who gave me £400 to spend in store as VCRS no longer available! Well done Argos. Sorry a bit off topic. I
  13. Might Clive Elliott who posts on here have anything, for this topic or the related one on the dismountable rear bodies in 8cat FFW bodies?
  14. I still fail ( pardon the pun) why giving false warning helps the motorist ?
  15. I think I will report them! It is strange that the MOT station does not do any work on vehicles; just testing and if they were in league with the LR Garage up the road its odd that the LR garage dismisses such advisories, if they check each vehicle as part of the service they do, after getting the MOT beforehand. Could it be arse covering by the MOT station?
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