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  1. No need for creative user names, some of us use our real names - much better for networking ! David
  2. I have a spare battery clamp free if you want it. I will be coming down in Leighton Buzzard on the 21 August and leaving on the 23rd. PM me if you want it. David
  3. TL part numbers relate to British built light tanks and carriers. Ford didn't build light tanks so this is a carrier part. David
  4. Yes, the extra weight is an unwanted side effect that reduces mobility, ride quality, tire life, fuel economy, and wheel bearing life. Much better for us to have a spare wheel and a jack ! David
  5. Tire size is 9.00 - 16. You are not going into combat so you don't need them bullet proof. David
  6. That is the 'standard' setup but the strength and length of the spring is tailored to the dimensions, weight and power of the vehicle so they are not at all universal though they look similar. They have no relationship to suspension springs other than both being leaf springs. David
  7. I agree with John. The small pipes are for injecting a spray of petrol into each port for very cold weather starting. Just blank them off. David
  8. I bought a brand new red one, unmarked except for "Petroleum Spirit Highly Inflammable" in 1970 from Halfords. I have no idea what was stamped into the bottom if anything. They were still in common use then as plastic ones had only just started to be available. David
  9. All these cans have interchangeable caps. This one simply has the wrong cap on it ! David
  10. I think that the blocks keep the tilt spaced away from the tailgate itself. The point being that any water on the inside of the canvas drains outside and that the canvas doesn't rub on the steel angles and bolts. David
  11. What a great set of photos of very expensive parts being made ! It is great to see 'proper' engineering being done. David
  12. In common with most WW2 British trucks, the governor on the carburettor does not set a continuous speed for the engine but instead limits the maximum RPM that the engine can reach, although of course it can't stop an overspeed caused by being in the wrong gear going down a steep hill. Now that we are all used to driving motor vehicles this is much less of an issue so I wouldn't worry about having a working governor. David
  13. And I thought that Valentines were bad for driver vision ! David
  14. I would strongly suggest that you drive in 3-6 on the road or on reasonably easy cross country work. There is no need to select N or any other position if just stopped at a junction as this is a fully auto transmission with a torque converter and no wear or over heating will occur doing this. 3-5 and 3-4 are there to give you more engine braking downhill (don't use the brakes for this as they can grab viciously if used gently for more than about twenty seconds without releasing to let the oil get between the drums and the brake bands. This results in a sudden and unexpected turn that you will not be able to control.) 1-2 is there to give you very low speed control and pulling power for climbing difficult obstacles and loading onto trucks. It will not help with roadwork as starting in 3 gives plenty of acceleration and the ability to turn on a hard surface. David
  15. If they are going onto split rims then fitting them is really a job that you can do yourself. The hard part is removing the old tires which have generally welded themselves in place. Just don't pinch the tube when bolting the two halves of the rim together and make sure that the valve is poking out of its hole comfortably before inflation. David
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