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  1. until
    plain invasion military vehicle event for driving in a convoy over salisbury plain. based weyhill fair andover runs out to the plains sat and sunday camping and food available
  2. ian send me your email at davidmives at btinternet.com replacing the at with you know and i will send you most of what i had
  3. ok getting the planning for this years 10th anniversary run dates 4th to 7th may location andover wayhill fair anyone with a military vehicle welcome food provided over the bank holiday weekend driving across Salisbury plain not for the faint hearted costs included camp site toilets and food unable to give exact cost but normally between 30-40 per adult for weekend would love to see everyone who has been on 1 before especialy for the sat night
  4. as part of a team working that day who generally organises the vehicle parade in the afternoon before the service as would love to get in contact with them any leads helpfull:-D thank you
  5. hey he has had postcards from eastbourne wales new zealand 1 from the netherlands would be great i put the more obscure as would be fun but postcards from anywhere please
  6. not sure if came from here but the person who sent a card from new zealand with a lot of info on it:-) thank you very much still after post cards from the more obscure places or places with history from around the world please thank you
  7. please any members from countrys around the world that would like to help please send a card the more obscure place the better:-D
  8. hi everyone i hope some of you can help my grandson is into geography and my daughter is doing a map of the world for him and getting people to send him a postcard so he can find out where they come from if you can help her the address is Connor Stewart, 30A Orford Green, Warrington, Cheshire, England, WA28PD thank you
  9. try their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/1stRegimentRoyalHorseArtillery
  10. where in the country are you as intersted but would need to arange transport if to far away
  11. done as soon as seen looking forward to it again
  12. try these http://www.bedfordspares.co.uk/
  13. http://www.bedfordspares.co.uk/ these are the people i use for mk spares very knowlegable
  14. exactly the same pots and strap other parts are stove kit of key for fuel tap and depending on type of flame head either self pricking or needs a pricker and tools could try dropzone pulbough for spare tins
  15. the picture shows the 2 tins/pots you need 1 boiling tin and 1 frying pan for no 3 and no 12 sets mess tins are carried by the individual and are a set of 2
  16. i use premium choice insurance and recovery for my bedford mk when i did break down very helpfull with hgv recovery and got me to event safely reasonable price as well
  17. spares for pump here http://www.base-camp.co.uk/Contactu.htm
  18. its also missing its spanner so if sold as unissued thats wrong
  19. normal petrol fine or use any fuel that lights apart from desiel pump as hard as you can put key pipe onto fitting under burner turn till a bit of petrol in cup turn off light petrol in cap then turn pipe key slowly till get a nice blue flame never undue filler when flame lit wait until cool very easy to use
  20. or try the association https://www.facebook.com/REME-Association-551751551554175/ and http://www.rememuseum.org.uk/ as down lynham
  21. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Original-WW2-Pattern-1950s-National-Service-Korea-British-Army-Blue-Beret-7-1-8-/131885990069?hash=item1eb50480b5:g:lGoAAOSwY3RXJLx9 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/REME-ROYAL-MECHANICAL-AND-ELECTRICAL-ENGINEERS-MILITARY-CAP-BADGE-/122036891469?hash=item1c69f72f4d:g:nEsAAOSwtO5XI3wX
  22. are you planning for the 1st of may it just being for the day or for the whole weekend as would love to come but same weekend as plain invasion if just the monday can i pop in on way home from plains:cool2:
  23. i would suggest you take them along to your local teritorial army centre explain where they came from and ask politely if they had a couple of blank forms that you could have in exchange im sure they would be glad to have original classified material back and understand you had bought a document wallet for your vehicle in good faith whithout knowing it was classified
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