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  1. Is this what your after Phil 😉
  2. Hi Ron, do you think the engine runs better with the filter on, did you have to change the main jet ?.
  3. Good luck with finding one Chris, I never had any . Graham
  4. I haven’t a clue what make of bike this is . Looks good though .
  5. I do however have the correct one on the other side, she also has a heavily modified gs body done by the Dutch fire brigade in 1951. 😀
  6. Without the exhibitors there is no show, you don’t pay at Steam Rallies, so I’ll stick to them for now, until W+P change for the better.
  7. That’s my old lorry, I bought it off Pete Gaine, I spoke to Geoff a couple of times just before he died. He had booked a day to come and see her and have a drive, sadly he died before it happened. I sold it to a guy in Essex to fund buying a family part owned Bedford OY. I still vividly remember the pain sleeping in the back and getting up and forgetting about that bloody RSJ ! 😭 this happened frequently !
  8. Did the paint stay on the exhaust ?.
  9. Good luck Steve, Ron, hopefully the weather will hold.
  10. Looking really good Steve, well done. 👍🙂
  11. I don’t know why it didn’t go more, there’s another one without the cut out with bids up to £95 so far. I missed out on the original wartime headlight, I was the under bidder 🙁 a couple of weeks ago.
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