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  1. For further info on M51 please have a look at our Green Barn Services Facebook page where there are loads of photos of the one we restored two years ago. I have over 700 photos of the dismantling and rebuild, but we just posted up the more interesting ones. - MG
  2. Hi, Does it turn at all? If so I'd be interested please but not sure how/when I could pick it up as we're very busy right now in the run-up to Normandy. If you wouldn't mind strapping it to a pallet I could have it collected? For info. it could be Ward laFrance or Diamond T 969. - MG
  3. Scania SBAT has a very good reputation and I believe diff locks all round. Loads of vids on Youtube of them offroading. One for sale on Milweb but there are others around. http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a3318/94177 ps. I have no connection to the seller. - MG
  4. Frustrating indeed and I didn't know that was how it works for a 1st test. We have all that to look forward to in a few months with my mate's Berliet wrecker... - MG
  5. Hi, I use a bus company ATF locally to me and I book tests directly with them and only pay once. Are you booking through DVSA? - MG
  6. Out of interest does anyone know what existing or potential problem the German lawmakers think they are addressing? Is it anti-terrorist? anti- far-right? fear of public uprising? ...? - MG
  7. This has nothing to do with your license or insurance, and we may not know your particular truck but we do know the law as it relates to what you are doing. An untested truck cannot be used laden. A vehicle taxed as historic cannot be used laden. Is it tested? Is it taxed PHG? Remember the small print says your insurance is only valid if the vehicle is being used legally. MG
  8. 976 UXH is on the system as being MoT exempt. It also has no recorded revenue weight or wheelplan. - MG
  9. When you say 'plated', do you mean it has a current DVSA MoT? If so I'm very impressed... - MG
  10. Hi, Firstly I'm sorry to say but it is extremely unlikely your truck is test exempt. The recent changes to the law seem unfair but they are quite clear as far as dates are concerned. The claim for test exemption when taxing the vehicle is a self-declaration and as such you can declare a vehicle to be test exempt even if it not, just as you could with the old V112G. The reason it is a self-declaration is so that the responsibility is placed solely on the person who declares it. If you choose to falsely declare it is at your risk. The latest update to the HGV tester's manual indicates
  11. OGEL really isn't a problem. I had one of these for a while and did the returns as required. Once my circumstances changed and I ceased to need it I cancelled it. If you are taking a modern MV to Normandy next year just register for it, do the return at the end of the year and then cancel it. It costs nothing and you can call for advice on how to complete the paperwork. It is certainly not a reason to change plans or cancel trips. If you are capable of booking a ferry ticket online, you can do this! - MG
  12. Do you mean they return better quality work, have greater expertise, or do you just mean cheaper? There are plenty of re-lining companies out there but Clutchfix are the only place to go as far for specialist jobs as far as we are concerned. - MG
  13. It has got to be possible to get the tacho calibrated before the vehicle is registered. You may need to be forceful and insist it has to happen. If you leave it to DVSA to decide, they will get stuck in a loop and you'll never get a decision out of them. The reason they want a registration is simply so they can cross-reference the calibration against a particular vehicle. There is no logical reason why this shouldn't be the chassis number in the case of a previously unregistered vehicle. What do your tacho calibration people say? - MG
  14. I feel your pain dealing with seemingly intractible bureacracy. The first MoT/Plate&Test is against the chassis no., so what about proposing they do the tacho calibration the same way? - MG
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