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  1. Try Richard Banister, he holds a large stock of "B" range parts
  2. Birmal : Birmingham Aluminium Casting Co Ltd who would have produced the castings for Amal. Birmal also cast RR Merlin crankcases in Elektron. Good quality castings.
  3. I sent you the information regarding the vehicle contracts you were asking about several weeks ago via email as I recall. I think from memory they were for the Air Ministry (RAF). Regards Richard
  4. I have seen these documents as well. They were entered up as Contracts were received but Rootes would have had no knowledge at the time of chassis numbers as sometimes there was some delay before they were started. Quantities were often changed as well. Parts books with Chassis numbers were often issued after production was completed.
  5. I notice P4 on the side of the 432, this could indicate it was one of the prototypes. Maybe the 'glass bowl' was to protect the driver from the elements during the trials?
  6. I have a feeling that I read somewhere that some had a remote gear lever either a different top cover or something attached to it, meaning the lever pivot was in the cab. Not got a manual to check on this.
  7. It might not have been so awful when new! Only other bad one I have come across was a particular Thornycroft, that did not have a long throw, but had to put your arm behind your back to shift the lever 🤔
  8. The gear lever throw is awful, due to its long length. A little bit of wear in the selectors or the ball seat that the lever sits in and you have excess movement at the knob end ! Something else with the lever, I found the gearbox full of water as the boot was missing and water runs off the roof on to the box., we found a CV joint boot that was a perfect fit.
  9. No torque listed in the EMER's for rim clamping
  10. I thought you wanted torques for the wheel studs to hub, not the divided wheel. Those figures are for wheel to hub
  11. David, good reply. When applying grease to the threads, it is best to put it in the nut and not on the stud. There was a mechanic working at workshops who consistently put grease on the studs, it then was pushed into the brake drum when tightened. He could not understand why the brakes were poor, on removing the drums the grease had entered the drum and on to the shoes. This happened on a Foden Recovery and a Land Rover as I recall. It only needs a smear of grease on the thread anyway.
  12. It depends on whether you have alloy wheels or steel wheels: Steel - 160-170 lbs/ft Alloy - 140-150 lbs/ft
  13. David, I suspect that is the RAC Horse Power rating, like a Bedford 28hp which is actually around 72 brake horse power in actual output. The RAC rating was a formula for taxation of vehicles.
  14. Hi Roy, Glad to hear you made contact with my old friend, you will have an interesting visit for sure.
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