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  1. Numbers-Letters-Numbers were changed to Letters-Numbers-Letters for all vehicles including trailers
  2. Also known as Springer and had inherent steering problems, hence the disposal of them after a very short service life.
  3. It is a Tomcar 570BMV 4x2 utility and cast date was 2012
  4. I remember being on holiday in Pembrokeshire in the mid 60's and seeing the soft cabbed German lorries going to and from Pembroke Dock as well as the Mungas. One day we were out and were stopped by German soldiers in a lane and Leopard tanks crossed in front of us, the swept the road before letting us pass.
  5. Hi Martin, Just found the attached page in a 1981 MoD publication for MVEE Chertsey, it shows that the Limber did not have a winch, but could be used as a tractor. Note the use of FH70 Limber and FH70 Tractor in the description.
  6. I was given some photocopies of a list of Rootes contacts for war period, it was originally typed with dates and amendments written in, it will not scan as it has obviously been copied before and rather feint. I picked out the Q2 contracts for you and typed the above list. Dates can be vague as there is date of contract and date of completion, which sometimes can be a long time after the first date.
  7. Supplying as chassis/cabs is not unusual as the MoS would have contracted another company to make the bodies. What you need to find is Q2 parts lists as Commer / Rootes usually listed the range of chassis numbers for the particular contract, then it will narrow your search down. Usually a different parts list for each contract.
  8. Looking at wartime contracts for Commer Q2 30cwt, there are far more for the RAF, but very few for the Army.
  9. If the base colour is SCC2 Brown, and then there are blue coats over it, this could indicate post war RAF service. It is not unusual for vehicles of that period to have been transferred from Army to RAF or Navy. Do you know the Contract number for this Commer?
  10. Hi Mammoth, Have you tried contacting the Hampshire County museum in England that hold the Thornycroft company's records? Here is a link; https://collections.hampshireculture.org.uk/transport-vehicles I did this for several Dennis vehicles of similar age through the Surrey museum and got copies of the build sheets and these were for lorries exported to Australia, they were very detailed. regards, Richard
  11. Good hear you have it fixed now. I am pleased that I remembered a similar problem so you did not have to do any unnecessary work.
  12. Hi Bryan, You mentioning the date on the lamp at that it might be a bit late for Paraffin, reminded me of something. About 15 years ago I was in the local Morris OIls distributors and they had 5 gall drums of Railway Lamp Oil. I quiried it but was told they still used oil lamps at that time, and may still do.
  13. Here is the full story on the knock engine although it does not look quite like the object in the photo: https://www.asme.org/wwwasmeorg/media/resourcefiles/aboutasme/who we are/engineering history/landmarks/50-cooperative-fuel-research-engine-1928.pdf
  14. Austin K5 4x4 being built and finished lorries on the road were Austin K6 6x4
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