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  1. Back in the mid-70's when I was working in REME Workshops, we had unit's vehicles in to fit these kits, whilst they were undergoing NI training at a nearby base. The vehicles were in the main, Land Rovers, both 88" and 109" Ser 2a plus Lightweights, ambulances and Bedford MK lorries. Some of the Land Rovers already had 2 or 3 sets of bolt holes in the body where kits had been fitted for previous NI tours of duty. When the Series 3 came into service, we did some of these, but there was then a policy change where vehicles were fitted with the kits and left in NI, rather than units using there own vehicles. It was a damned awful job as sometimes we had new kits that often had to be trimmed to fit and the fibre glass used to get in your clothes and make your hands itch. Oh and we had to fit Aeon rubbers to the top of the front springs as well.
  2. Not like the Morris 1800 staff car came came into REME workshops one day, it had Town and Country tyres on rear wheels only!!
  3. I have a new old stock Crimper for joining D10 cable, never been used. Any interest? Photos below;
  4. I have done some long drives in Australia with a 4x4 Perentie, a sound vehicle. Also back in 1992 I was involved with a RAEME unit as we were both taking part in a Variety Club Bash (car rally) and I had to take an army driving test in a 6x6 Perentie so we could use it as a support vehicle, now that was one vehicle I would have liked, especially the workshop version. Good luck with the sale.
  5. The later and more comfortable drivers seat was as fitted to CVR(W) Fox.
  6. This carburettor was the one specified for the Morris Commercial C9/B self propelled Bofors AA gun. Its extra features are to compensate high vibrations when operating the gun with engine running.
  7. Hi 10FM68, From zooming in on the Loadstar's tailboard it looks like the same sign as on the Ferret. The book I looked at had a photo of a cloth badge with this insignia. Not sure of the K5 sign, but I do know from my time working for REME that the Austin K5 was still on the inventory list in the 1960's, although it could be that these had specialist bodies on. I recall a Bedford QLR in the Workshop in 1974 for a clutch change. Regarding painting, the Workshop's paintshop often did vehicles from outside units and they made excellent jobs, like the HAC's Royal Salute Land Rovers that we prepared, and a number of vehicles and artillery for museums. They took pride in their work.
  8. I have just found the insignia of the mailed fist with torch in a book called British Army Cloth Insignia and it confirms as Royal Armoured Corps Training Brigade.
  9. And who was the idiot who allowed car makers to put the front indicators in with the headlights? Very difficult to see them when headlights are on, which is most of the time nowadays. Its all about image and styling ...... ?1?
  10. I would say yes to a Centurion as you can see the supports for the side skirts between the road wheels.
  11. Hi Richard, M160 is a SAE30 engine oil, which would seem more appropriate for the Villiers. The Army code for SAE140 gear oil is OC600, (formally C600). Someone has their wires crossed I reckon. regards, Richard
  12. GS was allocated to 'A' Vehicles, although not sure if it was actually used.
  13. Hi Rootes, I have just sent you a PM. regards, Richard
  14. Hi Mick, A great article, well done. When I worked at 44 Command Wksp in the RE Bay working on plant, probably about 1975, I had a brief encounter with a Gainsborough as I assisted one of the older guys when he was readjusting the gearbox bands. I always recall him saying that it needed a 40 acre field to turn around in! I did a lot of repair work on Allis 645 loaders and they were basic and easy to operate, another good machine. I see you were at RSME, I went on a plant repair course there in 1980.
  15. Hi Tarland, You asked about the snatch block, I checked out the FV number of the pin and it came up with manufacturer as QINETIQ and discontinued: FV599055, 3 - Design Control Reference, 2 - Production Item, QINETIQ · U0795 ; 01-1101-400, 5 - Replaced / Discontinued, 2 - Production Item, W F E L LTD · K7705. Then under two separate manufacturers stock numbers it shows as also made by WFE Ltd and the interesting one .... Paccar Parts UK, which would indicate Foden, but this is only the pin of course and I do recognise that item from the Foden EKA NSN for pin is 2590-99-834-0477
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