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Hi Swedenao

you where lucky to find markings on your M10, most of the danish has been completly strip of paint at some point during their service periode.

It looks very nice I am guessing that you have had it completly taken apart. how many years have you had it ?

sorry Adrian for high jacking, please post some more pictures of your restoration, they provide some help for one being restored in denmark.

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Slightly off topic, but given the intensley cramped nature of the engine bays in tanks do you ever find old dropped tools and such when you're removing panels/engines that have rattled their way to the bottom over the years?


Armoured Farmer by my 3RTR buddy Malcolm Cleverley ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Armoured-Farmer-Tankies-Malcolm-Cleverley/dp/184683029X ) contains a lovely description of a Chieftain pack lift and a swarm of crewmen and fitters waiting to be first to get inside the engine compartment after the engine is gone, to round up the dropped spanners.

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I didn't realise that Steve, thanks for the info - any recomended reading on the M10 in British Army service?


Patrick Delaforce's The Black Bull: From Normandy to the Baltic ( http://www.amazon.co.uk/Black-Bull-Normandy-Armoured-Division/dp/1848842287/ref=sr_1_4?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1305793257&sr=1-4 ) describes his journey of the title with 11 Armoured Division. The story starts just after D-Day through until the end of the war. One of the major players was iirc 8RHA and there are photos of their M10s in Normandy.


Truth be told it doesn't tell us much about 8RHA and the M10, but I enjoyed the book, mainly because it describes 15th/19th Hussars' rather more successful campaign than the retreat from the Dyle to the Escaut 61 years ago this week, in which the regiment was left-hand unit of the BEF, holding an open flank because the Belgians did not withdraw beyond Brussels as agreed and the Wehrmacht were able to keep stepping around 15/19H, who were constrained by Army boundaries. 15/19H ceased to exist as a recce regiment 18 May. See




But they did a whole lot better in the return fixture.


Sorry where was I? Is it dusty in here?


The book is worth the read even if it doesn't say a lot about the M10.

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Ive decided to mark up the M10 in 7th Armoured Division markings , and give it the name "GHENT" , My father was in the 7th Royal Tank Regement in national service as a gunner in Comets and that was the name of his Tank , he passed away when i was just 17 so i thought it would be rather fitting .

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Things are moving forward , Carl is now on the home straight ,and within the next 2 weeks the completed turret is to be re fitted , the final coats of paint applied to the outside of the hull ,the steel tracks used for testing perposes has been removed and rubber track will be refitted , Carl has a list of bits and pieces which need finishing and ticking off the list . I was up at the yard one evening last week dropping off a couple of parts and had a good look over and its better than i could ever imagined , we are hoping it will be finished before the end of June and on its way down south and be at the War and Peace show !!

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You have hit the nail on the head Alistair , yes they are for 2 spare road wheels , and there should be a spare top return roller in bewteen them , i only asked Carl to do the top roller today so he will hopefully be able to get it done next week before it gets it final top coat of paint and markings !!

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Thanks guys for the kind words , its just as good inside as out !! we are on the home straight now , there shouldnt be a lot left to do to it by the end of next week , i have now started cleaning the brass shell cases that i have collected over the last 3 years , i planning on doing 2 a night , its a gutty job but the results will be worth it !!

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Gentlemen ..Just joined the HMVF and this is my first post ..


I grew up in yorkshire and as a child was taken to Thorpe arch where I played on the M10 , Windsor Carrier and Pirate ship ..Must admit the M10 was my favourite and in defence of the playground many a passing Car was destroyed ...(At least in my mind .)


You use to be able to climb in the Tank but eventually it was all sealed up to prevent access and just became a climbing frame .


The vehicle was one of a few which sparked a passion for tanks and military vehicles .


As an adult I returned tp Thorpe Arch with my Children and Whilst the pirate ship remained the Tanks had disappeared and enquiries shed little light on their location. I joined the Yorkshire MVT when I acquired my first vehicle and hoped a member would know the location or story So was amazed when the fist post I read today had a full story with Pictures ..


Must admit the restoration looks great and I hope to see the M10 running ..when and where is it on show ?


Chris Jenkins

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