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  1. Has anyone ever met this guy in a attempt to conclude a deal ?? Why doesn't someone arrange to meet him re a deal and knock seven bells out of him !!!! he might not be so keen to try and rip us good people off .
  2. Hi Rick , I know Steven Green , I brought a Komatsu Bulldozer from him about 9 years ago , a really decent chap 👍
  3. Have you ever thought you are barking up the wrong tree starting a cold war museum !!! Who really wants to go and look at a lot of Russian vehicles ??? I certainly wouldn't want to pay to do that , I would think most people would be far more interested in paying to go to a decent WW2 museum, Just my thoughts and your money !!
  4. Well its a wet day down here in Sussex and I thought I would give you a update on the above 2 shows we attended . We finally got the engine pack back into Ghent about a week or so before the ferry was due to sail , We did a 7 mile road test on the eve of Wed 27th Aug and the Tank was collected by my local haulage firm on Thur 28 at 1pm and delivered to Purfleet docks on the Thames to catch the 10pm sailing to Zeebruge. The tank was driven onto the ferry by Hummermark and he sailed with the tank, myself and my girlfriend met them in a layby outside Zeebruge docks around 10-30am Fri morning ,also waiting was a low loader ready to transport us to Galmaarden in Belguim where the first show was to take place that weekend, because the tank was deemed to be over weight we were not allowed on the motoways so had to go by main roads instead , this doubled or trebled the time it would have taken by motoway !!!! we arrived at the camp site about 5pm that afternoon ,luckily I had been quoted a fixed price for the move ,probably unluckily for them , The story will continue.
  5. Hi , Thank you for your intrest in my on going project , A quick 5 min update , A lot has happened since the tank broke down on our Christmas road run last December , it took us 8 months and 2 X complete engine rebuilds to get" Ghent "up and running again, I have just got back from taking a 27 Ton tank on a 12 day European holiday to Belguim , I went with my girlfriend and Hummermark and his family to 2 events in Belguim , a weekend event at Galmaarden and then trucked it down to Mons for Tanks in Town , we had great fun at both events and it went just great . I will do a full update when I have a little more time ,but we took the rebuild opportunity to upgraded both engines and both were put on a dyno for 4.5 hours and run in , they both now develop 250 hp each , paperwork to prove !!! so 500hp in total , the out come !!! you cant change gear fast enough and there arnt enough gears to slow it down once the engine revs get above 1500rpm ,it awesome,it is so nice to drive now ,every thing is easy , we did approx 65 miles on Belguim roads over 3 days at the 2 events , When time allows I will do a full report with photos and videos and I would like to say a thank you to Too Tall Mike and his crew for taking the engine pack out and putting it back in , a no mean feat !! and to Hummer Mark for rebuilding both engines superbly , Cheers Adrian.
  6. Hi Guys , Thank you for your response , I hadn't realised Soldier of Fortune sold repro ones , I think I will persue that option first but have made note Rick of the Dutch guys contact details ,if there are any more thoughts on this then please don't hesitate to post them, Cheers Adrian.
  7. Im after trying to buy a pair of British WW2 Tankers overalls , I met some very helpful people at Goodwood over the weekend who suggested there maybe some repro ones being made in Europe , does any one have any thoughts or ideas on this please , Im probably better buying repro ones as original ones would probably be a tight fit these days !!! Thanks Adrian.
  8. . They all paraded around the track on Sunday, even the M10. The programme suggested there was supposed to be more tracked armour supplied by Cadman bros, but none appeared, anybody got any idea what happened to them. Shame really, as it was a fantastic stage to show off our "hobby" to a wider stage. The M10 that was booked in was mine, but I didn't take it due to the fact my new tracks ive brought havnt turned up and my existing rubber tracks on it would have damaged the race track , I did suggest it would still make a good static exhibit but they decided they didn't want that and I took 2 halftracks instead . The tank that did attend was a M18 Hellcat not a Sherman as mentioned on the Goodwood website . Maybe the reason Rex did not attend with his M10 or Barv was done to his tracks !!! and nothing else .
  9. Thanks every so much for posting your video of my High Speed Tractor in the W & P arena , its looks like its going a lot faster than it actually was , Thanks again, Adrian.
  10. On the rear of a M3a1 Halftrack there are 2 fold up stowage racks , on the left hand one / near side one , when it is folded up there appears to be another bracket for a bit of stowage requiring a strap , has any one any ideas what the bracket was used for stowing please ?? Cheers Adrian.
  11. I believe it means " new old stock "
  12. There's a 1944 Willys Jeep on ebay at the moment and it's at about £12000 , the advert says it's located at Burford and it has a RAF roundal on the bonnet , a good friend is interested in it and I just wondered if any one knows it at all , is it genuine ?? Any help or advice would be much welcome , Thanks Adrian .
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