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  1. If the paint is wet you better let it seal If the paint is dry you can do what you feel 🤣
  2. Oops for a minute there I thought we were still talking about accents in French. 😂 And yes I have had two beers. 😂
  3. Love this Adrian. Merci Beaucoup! RE: Presque vu, my son assures me that powerful epiphanies insights and revelations come at precisely one and one half beers. Stop then and you are golden. Finish that second beer and it's too late. 😂
  4. Looks like a speedometer cable end could work.
  5. adding to the excited words above I would completely remiss if I didn't add that it is absolutely bonkers in the best possible way. Watching with interest!
  6. Showed up on barnfinds - newer and for Chinese tanks but still https://barnfinds.com/what-to-do-nos-v-12-diesel-tank-engines/
  7. wow! quite a job, thanks for sharing and well spotted, that strikes me as the sort of issue that can vex you until you sort out what it actually is. please keep us included!
  8. Don't forget that type was set by hand with letters reversed to make the press work correctly - and speed was a virtue so, likely many more typos than we would ever be comfortable with in the age of spell check.
  9. Interesting find! Is there a college or training school nearby - helicopter/ recovery/ military who might want a training exercise? Even a group of motivated scouts?
  10. fascinating - traction engines are a whole world for me - loving this!
  11. No idea if these are rare or unusual and no info in the ad, but... https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/sudbury/hercules-zxb-engine-from-wwii-generator/1516046347
  12. I imagine people here might be interested NFI https://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/renfrew/antique-model-a-ford-snowmobile-driveline-conversion/1512280420
  13. Love the ad - and even more so the copy. One of my Vaxuhall Manuals (only from the late 60's) says words to the effect of "the average person should be able to remove the engine in about 2 hours." Not sure where that 'average person' is these days. 😅
  14. Not entirely sure how important complete accuracy is but, a couple of summers ago I was restoring a '60's vintage wood/canvas canoe and used this to fill the canvas. It wasn't difficult (rub in with another piece of canvas) and made a very nice and aterproof finish.
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