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  1. Apologies i previously said it was done on floor area, its actually done on the rateable value, which your local council will have. They estimate this for all buildings in their area every few years, and then the rates you pay is a percentage of that. If your rateable value is below a certain threshold, i think its £15k you don't pay anything. There are also various reliefs for different reasons. Its all on the gov website.
  2. We own an industrial unit for our vehicles and its insured with Coversure, with an allowance for tools, equipment etc. Just make sure you get one that comes in under the floor area limit at which business rates kick in, because that gets expensive. Good luck, Richard
  3. Recently got the cab on. Really pleased its starting to look like a Pioneer again. Lots to do now over Christmas.
  4. Thanks Rob and Richard, think i'll try going with the cloth filter. Theres a paper filter further down the line anyway. Richard
  5. Just been going through your thread and loving it. Have you found that re-wrapping the fuel filter with new cloth has worked well? Our Scammell has the same arrangement, and i had found modern paper elements that fit inside and i was going to turn up adaptors to make the modern elements marry up with the seats in the original housing, but after seeing your post wondered if i shouldn’t just retain the original setup. Cheers, Richard
  6. Oh my goodness! I first spoke to Roger quite a few years ago about our Scammell restoration, then last year our local MV group arranged a trip to the REME museum lyneham through Roger and he took us to see the hidden collection and let us clamber over everything - fantastic. What a lovely bloke and really knowledgeable. We’ve definitely lost a leading light in the MV preservation movement. Deepest condolences to the family.
  7. I might be behind the times on this, but was this legislation borne out of an incident or is it just more BS conjured up by people with no not enough to do? Thanks, Richard
  8. Cracking work. I like the shade of OD too, where you getting it from?
  9. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve painted the inside of the cab, fitted it out with some of the bits n pieces and then painted the outside. We’ve got to test run the engine now before refitting the cab.
  10. yeah there does seem to be quite a bit of variation, i can only presume that was over time. Theres also ones in different languages. Think i've got a solution now. Thanks all
  11. Thanks, don't know how i managed to miss that.
  12. Afternoon all, Does anyone know where i can get a new sticker/label for a Pyrene fire extinguisher like the one in the picture? Many thanks, Richard
  13. Morning all, Does anyone know if the Red, Yellow and Blue of the REME badge have standard colour designations under BS381 or an equivalent as they would be painted on a vehicle? Many thanks, Richard
  14. Looking fantastic. Great job Sam. All the best, Richard
  15. You haven't got the neate brake on have you? Are all the brake cables around the diff slack? Good luck, Richard
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