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  1. Little bits of progress while i wait for the bitumised fabric cable sleeving to arrive from the states. I turned up some new cable glands for the slave cable socket.
  2. Would like a Warrior ARV 😛
  3. Many thanks for all the kind comments. A quick update - we got the fully rebuilt winch installed on Friday. It went really well, and i've since got the drive shaft connected up and the winch clutch lever installed and connected. Richard
  4. Fantastic job you're doing there. It can be a bit dis-heartening when every corner you turn means cutting more out. Keep it up.
  5. Proper vapour blasting is tiny glass beads in water but still requires compressed air. Water and sand (or some form of grit, as sand is illegal) is just wet blasting and can be accomplished by adding a water injection head onto just about any grit blaster, or a hobby users version is one of these very basic (and cheap) arrangements for fitting onto a pressure washer.
  6. You'll be lucky! I've been looking for some for mine for several years and not turned anything up. A tyre dealer told me to look for 11.00 x 13s, that way i'd stand half a chance of finding something. If you find some miracle supply, i'd much appreciate hearing about it. Good luck, Richard
  7. I try not to paint below 10 degrees. I have found high teens to be a sweet spot. Until recently i was always under the impression, that the hotter the better. It was a very hot day last summer and i sprayed the winch for our scammell and it looked ok to begin with, but when i went back the following day it had dried more matt than normally. I quizzed the vintage car painters in the unit next door to mine and he said it can be too hot, and they hold their booth at, i think, it was 20 odd degrees. He said the thinner was partially evaporating before the paint reached the surface. Since then i ha
  8. I have had many and varied experiences with sand blasting, and never heard of an electric sand blaster. The ones that use a pressure washer obviously introduce wet to your freshly blasted surface, which maybe ok for some applications but i would think not for a vehicle restorer. I have used a number of blasting service providers, but always found it such a hassle dropping bits off and picking them up. I have a large blasting cabinet and after deliberating about it for several years bought a large contractors pressure pot blaster for larger items. I used to hire a compressor when i needed
  9. i think ours is with coversure. I think they struggled to comprehend the concept of an industrial premises being used solely for a hobby, so we just said its for restoration of army vehicles so they put that down as the business.
  10. I must admit i was struggling to remember how it all panned out, but galooph and Rootes75 have hit the nail on the head.
  11. Apologies i previously said it was done on floor area, its actually done on the rateable value, which your local council will have. They estimate this for all buildings in their area every few years, and then the rates you pay is a percentage of that. If your rateable value is below a certain threshold, i think its £15k you don't pay anything. There are also various reliefs for different reasons. Its all on the gov website.
  12. We own an industrial unit for our vehicles and its insured with Coversure, with an allowance for tools, equipment etc. Just make sure you get one that comes in under the floor area limit at which business rates kick in, because that gets expensive. Good luck, Richard
  13. Recently got the cab on. Really pleased its starting to look like a Pioneer again. Lots to do now over Christmas.
  14. Thanks Rob and Richard, think i'll try going with the cloth filter. Theres a paper filter further down the line anyway. Richard
  15. Just been going through your thread and loving it. Have you found that re-wrapping the fuel filter with new cloth has worked well? Our Scammell has the same arrangement, and i had found modern paper elements that fit inside and i was going to turn up adaptors to make the modern elements marry up with the seats in the original housing, but after seeing your post wondered if i shouldn’t just retain the original setup. Cheers, Richard
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