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  1. Fine for wartime vehicles then. On the subject of duty, whose going to know? I'm guessing that it couldn't be tested for being avgas at the road side? I'd be interested in knowing results people have got from testing E10 in their vehicles which has had the ethanol removed using the adding water method. Cheers. Richard
  2. Just wanted to bring this one back to the fore as i heard something on the radio about it a few days ago. I seem remember reading somewhere, and someone mentioned it here, about using some sort of aviation fuel. Can anyone elaborate? Presumably thats not jet fuel, but rather what modern piston aircraft use? My concern about oil companies having "Super" versions which aren't E10 is that they will eventually be phased out just like four star was. So we need a long term solution. Thanks. Richard
  3. Welcome to the matador club 👍
  4. Hi Bryan, Give me a few days to check its up to date with any tweaks i made as i was installing the wiring and i'll post it here. All the best. Richard
  5. Yes that was Simon Duff's tank transporter. I didn't know you were coming, should have made yourself known. Trouble with the user names that we all adopt on here, you don't then know what someone's real name is. Who is your brother then? Richard
  6. Cracking work chaps. Where did you get the sleeving on your air pipes? thanks
  7. Many thanks for your kind comments. No i didn't take it to Haselbury. All being well it should be there next year.
  8. Got the front wings painted and installed at the weekend
  9. Thanks chaps. Adrian, Comet is 12v?? thats surprising, does that mean Cromwell is 12v too? Richard, Whats Vocab? Thanks, Richard
  10. Does anyone know what vehicle(s) this CAV control board fits? Thanks. Richard
  11. This week my brother and i blasted and primed all the bits for the crane winch, so thats the next thing to start going back together. That said after we had packed all the blasting kit away, Tim found the sheet metal cover that goes round the worm wheel, i'd completly forgotten about it, but it needs a few minor weld repairs anyway. I also recently blasted and primed the seat frames, wings and their brackets, so next job is to put them back together, a bit of filler and finish paint. After much deliberating i've decided that i can't face blasting the frame work for the rear body myself. Its just massive and i'd only need it to start raining half way through and i'd really loose my rag! lol. So that is going off soon to a professional local blasting outfit. I guess thats the last major bit to be started on.
  12. Picked up the new number plates this week too
  13. Bought a new decal for the fire extinguisher and fitted it. I reckon its looks the nuts!
  14. I'm almost done with the re-wire. The diagram in the manual is wrong, so i re-drew it and got a bit of help from PhilB on wire sizes and recommended a couple useful additions which i've discreetly added. Have also included indicators, can't be too safe these day with something so slow. I wanted to run the wiring in the same bitumen coated sleeving that the Jeep wiring came in because i thought it looked period correct and far better than the modern plastic alternatives. There are suppliers of it in this country but only upto a certain size and i needed some bigger stuff. Only place i could find it was in the USA and they wouldn't send to the UK, so i got it sent to my auntys in WV and she sent it on, took a while but it got here eventually. I had the original headlight and sidelight reflectors re-silvered. One of the sidelights was missing its terminations, so i made up the clamp that goes round the body of the bulb holder in brass and also a female receptacle a hollow bullet connector on the back of the reflector and soldered it on. I came up with a rather elaborate set of clips to suspend the battery clamps from the cab floor. I also had to make some of the brass P clips myself where weren't standard ones that fitted, and on the bulkhead the original holes were so close to the cab frame i had to come up with a cut down P clip to make it work. Really pleased with how its all turned out.
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