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  1. Bryan, i've just re-read your post, and realised you said on the photo there appears to be another box under the control box. Not sure what you're referring to. Theres some loose wires sticking up but those are the ones that go to the generator just hadn't been connected at that stage. If you're still struggling PM me and i'll give you my number we can chat on the phone, that would be much easier. Good luck. Richard
  2. Sorry Bryan, i hadn't noticed your post until now. Not sure what you're referring to. The unit under the control box on the diagram is the generator. To ground all your lights etc to bodywork means all parts of the vehicle need to be electrically grounded to one another to make the circuit, hence why american vehicles like the Jeep have lots of grounding straps. This can sometimes be a source of problems when lights don't work as its difficult to locate where the circuit is broken. If you run everything back to the fusebox it makes things easier. There is a fair bit coming back to the fusebox but it works. Hope that helps. Richard
  3. Just found this thread, and found it interesting. I'm trying to determine where to put the numbers and stars on our Scammell Pioneer that we're nearing the completion of its restoration. I knew there was a book published originally as a set of guidelines, and see that Morris C8 posted a picture of said book. Can anyone give any guidance on where to put the H number and stars. Does the number go on side of bonnet or cab doors? Do i put a star on bonnet or cab roof? Star on sides of back body or on cab doors? etc etc Many thanks. Richard
  4. Question for the aussies and americans who have been using this stuff for a while - i had been led to believe that E10 also attacked the soft metals such as used in fuel pump and carb castings? Is it just rubber it affects? Is there any affect on general engine wear? Thanks. Richard
  5. Apologies for the delay. Heres my wiring diagram. Although in some cases it shows lights wired to ground, this was just for my own convenience and in fact everything is wired back to the negative busbar in the fusebox. Richard Scammell Wiring Diagram.pdf
  6. We have a large quantity of MVT Windscreen and Classic Military Vehicle magazines we need to get rid of. Some of the Windscreens go back to when they were A5. Seems a shame to throw them out so wondered if anyone here would be interested? Located South Somerset. Richard
  7. Fine for wartime vehicles then. On the subject of duty, whose going to know? I'm guessing that it couldn't be tested for being avgas at the road side? I'd be interested in knowing results people have got from testing E10 in their vehicles which has had the ethanol removed using the adding water method. Cheers. Richard
  8. Just wanted to bring this one back to the fore as i heard something on the radio about it a few days ago. I seem remember reading somewhere, and someone mentioned it here, about using some sort of aviation fuel. Can anyone elaborate? Presumably thats not jet fuel, but rather what modern piston aircraft use? My concern about oil companies having "Super" versions which aren't E10 is that they will eventually be phased out just like four star was. So we need a long term solution. Thanks. Richard
  9. Welcome to the matador club 👍
  10. Hi Bryan, Give me a few days to check its up to date with any tweaks i made as i was installing the wiring and i'll post it here. All the best. Richard
  11. Yes that was Simon Duff's tank transporter. I didn't know you were coming, should have made yourself known. Trouble with the user names that we all adopt on here, you don't then know what someone's real name is. Who is your brother then? Richard
  12. Cracking work chaps. Where did you get the sleeving on your air pipes? thanks
  13. Many thanks for your kind comments. No i didn't take it to Haselbury. All being well it should be there next year.
  14. Got the front wings painted and installed at the weekend
  15. Thanks chaps. Adrian, Comet is 12v?? thats surprising, does that mean Cromwell is 12v too? Richard, Whats Vocab? Thanks, Richard
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