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  1. yeah there does seem to be quite a bit of variation, i can only presume that was over time. Theres also ones in different languages. Think i've got a solution now. Thanks all
  2. Thanks, don't know how i managed to miss that.
  3. Afternoon all, Does anyone know where i can get a new sticker/label for a Pyrene fire extinguisher like the one in the picture? Many thanks, Richard
  4. Morning all, Does anyone know if the Red, Yellow and Blue of the REME badge have standard colour designations under BS381 or an equivalent as they would be painted on a vehicle? Many thanks, Richard
  5. Looking fantastic. Great job Sam. All the best, Richard
  6. You haven't got the neate brake on have you? Are all the brake cables around the diff slack? Good luck, Richard
  7. I've always had good results from https://www.acorn-ind.co.uk/ and https://www.vintagebearings.co.uk/ If the leather is just a flat piece of leather contact these guys https://www.par-group.co.uk/ they cut out new leather seals for my Scammells back hub seals.
  8. Hi Seamus, It’s good that you’ve had the same experience as me, and that you’ve found a solution. Of course the good thing about using cellulose thinners is its dirt cheap. I was talking to another a friend yesterday about painting and he does a lot priming at his place of work because they do blasting and he said he painted some railings once when there was snow on the ground and got a lovely finish. Think my previous idea that the warmer the weather the better was probably wrong. I’ve got a batch of small bits to do for the Scammell so I’ll try the cellulose thinner. Ch
  9. Doing a great job, will be nice to see it on the road. Don't want to hijack your thread, perhaps we could do with a painting thread, but i was interested by some peoples comments regarding painting, in particular what Pete Ashby said. I too use the Warpaints paint with 15% sheen after trying numerous others with differing results. I've always used the thinners that Warpaints sell and its always come out quite well, until i was painting the winch for our scammell a couple weeks ago and it came out quite matt. The pro painter chap next door said it could be because it was a particularly hot
  10. Just bumping this to the top in the hope someone might be interested.
  11. Hi, yes its a 6LW. I recommend Gardner Enthusiast in Oxford for piston rings. He gets them made, all the other dealers buy them from him and double the price. Other than that theres Walsh Engineering in Manchester - http://www.gardnerdiesel.co.uk/ But i got most of my bits from Gardner Marine Diesels - https://www.gardnermarine.com/ they are friendly and helpful. Good luck, if you need any more pointers give me a shout i'm not far from you. Richard
  12. Nice work. I've always quite liked these. Have you got a trailer for it? Richard
  13. Reassembled most of the winch yesterday
  14. Morning all, so i'm dragging this thread back up. I've nearly completed re-drawing my wiring diagram as i'm approaching the point where i'll need it. So, first of all what do you all think? I still need to add bulb wattages and wire sizes, i'll need some help with wire sizes. I've done all the lights as 24v and kept 12v just for the horn, windscreen wipers, interior lights and inspection lamp sockets. Secondly, i have this small electrical junction box with bayonet fittings that fits on the bracket for the axle lamp. Does anyone know how this thing is integrated into the wiring? The contacts i
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