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  1. Excellent progress again Pete! Good to see you are working on both the Retriever as well as the D15. On 9/25/2021 at 1:27 PM, Pete Ashby said: finding a company who will do this sort of one of work is not easy. I fully agree. Not all campanies are willing to do these one-off jobs. I think it's just too much of a hassle to spend the time that can also be used to do a large, more economic, production run. regards, Alex
  2. Paul, Good to hear you have found the motivation again to work on the rare Albion. And thanks again for the info you sent! regards, Alex
  3. Lovely work Lex. I like you dedication to find the correct and original parts, even if it takes a couple of years.
  4. Haha....I wanted to clean some engine stuff in the kitchen a while ago....and my girlfriend gave me a pan from the thrift store and suggested I'd use the camping gaz burner OUTSIDE! Lovely work, Pete. The parts look so much better after a good clean, service and a new paint layer. Well done. Alex
  5. Excellent Lex, I will certainly be following this thread. I have always liked these....and the pictures with the tree trunk shows that every MV collectors needs at least one. Out of curiousity....how much does one of these weigh? I remember seeing a Clark 2 or 3 years ago during the Race to the Bridge, shown outside the Airborne museum....was it yours? Alex
  6. David, nice find! As Richard and Duson mentioned above, if you look closely a lot of these Dennis tippers appear on pictures and movies from Normandy onwards. I think nowadays they are pretty rare. There is/was one in Belgium in tan colour. It can also be found on the forum here somewhere. THE BRITISH ARMY IN NORMANDY 1944. © IWM (B 5396) IWM Non Commercial License
  7. The e6160 cradle seems to be pretty common on period pictures of British Shermans. I want to make one for a Sherman crab model, but I have trouble finding measurements and detailed info on the components. Does anyone know of any drawings available, or even overall measurements and detailed pictures?
  8. Hi Robin, Good to see you here! Thanks for your offer, but I am afraid I am after a different type of pontoons......the more square-ish ones. I think the more rounded ones you have in your set are a later type(?) Alex
  9. Gents, Thanks for your replies. There are many pictures of these pontoons around, so I should be able to make a reasonable close scale model just from pictures, but if possible I always try to base models on first hand info.....measurements of the real thing or original scale plans. I did indeed look at available scale models. My scale is 1/35 and as far as I know no British/Canadian pontoon models exist in that scale. There is a small scale option in resin, but the problem is they don't seem very detailed and you never know if they based the model on accurate measurements or just pictures. Tim, It's funny that you mention the instruction kits....I also had a look at those, but at least the ones I saw did not include pontoons, or had US style or postwar pontoons in the kit. However.....I did look at these training kits as they seem pretty accurate....so if anyone knows if there are kits that do include the MkV or MkIV pontoons, please let me know.
  10. It seems these Bailey pontoons were widely used in WW2, but I guess the fact that they were made of wood means that most of them haven't stood the test of time. I would love to say that I am after a set for my pontoon truck.....but that's not the case. I am looking at making a few for a scale model. Does anyone know of any surviving examples? So far, I only know of a set in Petawawa Canada, but I would love to find one in Europe, so I can maybe measure it. Does anyone know if plans of these pontoons are available? Alex all pictures attached; source:https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/search
  11. I am afraid the schedule for the weekend has changed, much to my dislike! So, I won't be there and the visit to the event has to wait another year. Have fun guys and stay safe....the Inters look great! Alex
  12. Thanks for your reply. No I haven't been at the event before....I only know it from magazine articles, so I thought I should have a look myself this year. That's why I am looking for any info on the Sunday run, so I can find some nice spots to take some pictures. Alex
  13. Still about one and a half week to go to the annual "Winter Rally" of the Belgian Military Vehicle Trust around Houffalize, Belgium Any Brits coming over this year? Does anyone know of a time schedule available online for the Saterday and Sunday? I am hoping to have a look at the event on Sunday. Alex
  14. With all the political campaigning going on all the time, I wanted to attempt the same for the Wings and Wheels event in Belgium. I have been going there as a spectator for years, but over the past few years the number of vehicles coming from the other end of the channel has reduced...so here is an attempt to put the event back on the radar and hopefully get some more special MV's from the UK to the event....No, I am not in any way involved in the organisation of the event, I would just like to see some more vehicles from abroad. The Wings and Wheels event is held in Ursel, Belgium, about halfway between Gent and Brugge, and close to the Oostende ferry. The show is held on a former NATO airfield and it's a mix of Military vehicles, re-enactment, Militaria fair, but also classic cars and flypasts of planes. August 10 & 11 2019 For those interested....have a look here: http://wingsandwheels.be/nl/ https://www.facebook.com/WingsAndWheelsUrsel/ entering the event is pretty cheap and Belgian hospitality and beer is always good. So, If you are looking for a test-run for the XXXcorps event in September....this event is the show to do so! Alex
  15. Keep up the good work, Guy! It's not much, but I stumbled upon this IWM picture last night. IWM B 14960 source: https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205196110 Alex
  16. Excellent progress again, Guys! Thanks for keeping us updated with all these recent jobs......very inspiring as usual. I love the work on the prop shaft. Did you line up the flanges on the ends by eye? It probably doesn't even matter if they are not "clocked" exactly the same, but it's probably is more satisfying if they are! regards, Alex
  17. Pete, Attached are two pics of another D15 GS with round roof hatch in Alkmaar, Holland, 8 may 1945 source:https://www.regionaalarchiefalkmaar.nl This could be another D15 in Canadian service, but you just can't be sure without seeing the AoS. The census number starts with "Z", not "CZ", but than again we have seen numurous pictures of Canadian vehicle census numbers lacking the "C". Alex
  18. Pete, Picture attached. Picture taken in Nijmegen, Holland, presumably first half of 1945 Source: http://www.noviomagus.nl Alex
  19. Pete, Good to see you started a blog for this one! I will certainly be following this thread as I have always had a soft spot for the Canadian Dodges. I think I have a picture of a D15 GS in Canadian service somewhere.....but indeed, that's the only I have found so far of a D15 in Canadian service. It seems the Canadian did use quite a few D60L GS trucks, as they do come up in pictures. Alex
  20. Could be a still from a Pathe movie, maybe? They do look a lot like LVT's though, not Neptunes like in the other pics of the breach. Alex
  21. Guy, excellent work, as usual. It's great to see the progress on the rear body. Here is another period picture, this time taken in Wormerveer, Netherlands 1945 source:https://beeldbankwo2.nl/nl/beelden/detail/265162b8-025a-11e7-904b-d89d6717b464/media/2cdc506f-7180-86fd-a1e2-6d33bfa3b8a0?mode=detail&view=horizontal&q=wormerveer&rows=1&page=1 Alex
  22. Two pictures from the web source: http://militarymashup.com/index.php?m0102003 The picture with the military Police one with the fancy two-tone (or even three?) paint job is taken in 1952. source: http://dodgewc.frbb.net/t4966p15-enfin Alex
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