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  1. Excellent progress again, Guy....I love the brass window frames and louvred doors; really nice work
  2. Louis, I bought my BKT 9.00-13 tyres from Big Tyres in the UK a couple of years ago......and inner tubes through a Profile Tyrecentre (Nieuw-Vennep) that also stocks farm tyres. At the time there was no choice of valve styles....and no "flaps" available in the proper size.
  3. Martin, searching that website definitely is a "challenge"! You can find the D15 picture here: https://www.noviomagus.nl/Gastredactie/Verdoorn/Cat/VerdoornCat.html Or https://www.noviomagus.nl/Gastredactie/Verdoorn/Cat/cwdata/Image438.html
  4. Pete, I would have done the same. It's good that you managed to find and record them. excellent work on the dash; a big difference!
  5. That's a nice find Pete.....a messages from the past. So, are you saving the one on the Scuttle by masking a small section when repaining the rest(?)
  6. I was also thinking Onan. Some Canadian Wireless vehicles were fitted with these. This picture from MLU shows a base plate that looke quite similar to yours, Guy. Onan 10LS-6 source: http://www.mapleleafup.net/forums/showthread.php?p=247937
  7. The Brass looks like an excellent solution. The 8cwt body on my Chevrolet C8 has a similar profile along the sides, albeit a bit bigger......also seemingly pressed from one sheet back in 1940......quite impressive to be honest. I agree that making a replica in sections is the way to go, unless you can find a similar profile somewhere........a long shot....maybe firms making steel office furniture with sliding doors (?) Interesting to see the different wheel houses; I guess the angled wheel houses would better suite the interior needs.
  8. Top notch work, Guy. The window in the wireless body looks really nice. Is it Brass? I am sure I am not the only one enjoying the updates on your Morris.
  9. It looks fabulous! Well done......good to see it out and about again. Such a lovely little truck. Which reminds me.....I still have to sift through my old pictures for pics of the truck in a previous life.
  10. That's awesome😀. Looks like a converted Mk V pontoon indeed....I wonder how long it survived. Thanks Alex
  11. Excellent to see the truck come back to life! really nice work I should have some pictures of your truck in a previous life during the liberation of Holland anniversary in 1995...I will see if I can dig them out.
  12. Really nice work again, Guy....and the custom car builder also did a great job on those louvres. Are you working outside in the cold? or waiting for the temperature to rise a bit?
  13. Excellent work, Guy. Very enjoyable to see the body coming alive.
  14. Guy, excellent to see you are back working on the Morris!
  15. Neatly done, Pete!......and very rewarding. I might also use this approach for my Chevy roof when I get to it.......as another benefit is that it doesn't upset the neighbours as much as banging the sheet metal with a hammer.
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