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  1. It does remind med of a : Bedford OXD 30cwt, that belonged to a LRDG/SAS collector named Peter Sanders. it was yes done up to look like a captured truck
  2. Just showing up with a regular BMW 700 will make look puzzled. But the 700 is a rather nice little car with a very potent engine
  3. There is a couple of very good ones for sale on MLU https://m.facebook.com/groups/MapleLeafUpForum/permalink/2702358086709212/
  4. A 1915 Latil is coming up for auction https://www.artcurial.com/fr/lot-1915-latil-type-tar-serie-p-no-reserve-4076-67
  5. If you don’t get hold of him let me know, I know where he lives
  6. You can also try scraping the paint, either with a flat chisel or the end of a large file. I found this much more efficient and less dirty than sanding on my Bedford. The old paint would once I applied a bit pressure start to flake off, it is of cause very manual labor task, takes some time and sanding cant be completely avoided but the result was nice and the flakes was much nicer to clean up rather than sanding dust.
  7. Pete do you have any problems with adhesion between the gloss black and the G3?
  8. S.C.C. 15 would only be if its built after April-ish, as they most like would have used up existing stock of S.C.C. 2 firstly. Here is a link to manual for painting of mechanical transport, https://www.paradata.org.uk/media/993 showing variation in the patterns and a link to https://www.mafva.org/british-vehicle-camouflage-1939-45/ a good source for the history of colour use
  9. So it’s a bit up to what you want to portray, If it’s early enough I would go for SCC 2
  10. https://www.flickr.com/photos/magnus_jo/albums/72157603887700850/with/35139057412/ https://www.sangbergkonstsmide.se/inspiration/terraeng-axel/ some more pictures from the yard.
  11. It was also used by the Carlsberg brewery until 45, and can still be seen on their old buildings
  12. I have not done much to my Ariel the last couple of years but found various missing parts, including a set of original mudguards, not the best condition but repairable, I got the flap for the rear guard from Egypt. And then this corona lock down pushed me to start working on my Ariel. By the looks, every bush and thread will need repair. So I have bought what I could get from draganfly, and the rest must be fabricated or sourced else where. The paint removal revealed SCC2 in many places and I have luckily found a good supplier in CZ https://www.facebook.com/camouflage.pai
  13. According to this Chris there are some Indian pattern wheeled surviving http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_British_Rare_Armoured_Cars.pdf so a bit of good news
  14. It seems the remains of a White/Ruxtell 922 survives in Norway
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