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  1. I recently had to borrow an original Willy s MB Hub socket to rep!ace a front wheel bearing and am keen to add one to my jeeps toolkit ..please contact if you have an original one available Jenkinov
  2. Oops I thought high octane was ethanol free ...I will have t o enquire and see if such fuel exists ?
  3. Having borrowed an original willys MB Hub socket .-Used to change the front bearings i am very keen to buy my own .. Jenkinov
  4. Well interesting no one's suggested dry storage . So I will 'revert to wet storage but with a non ethanol fuel such as BP Ultimate.. It's octane rate is min 97 but up to 99 so just below aviation fuel which starts at 100 octane Jenkinov
  5. It's possible the diagram in the fuel pump has failed but it's more likely that there's a blockage or leaking joint in the fuel pipe .....or simply bad fuel So get some rubber pipe and disconnect the fuel pump before the fuel filter ..add the hose and put it into a jam jar or fuel canister of fresh E5 fuel or high octane..turn the engine and see if you draw fuel in to the fuel pump ..if it draws you know you have a working fuel pump ..if not disconnect the hose at the fuel pump..if it fails to draw you know it's 're fuel pump and we can discuss options . To refurbish or replace . If it draws fuel up to the fuel filter . Strip and clean the filter then fill the filter chamber with fresh fuel. I often find d pouring fuel into the carb to get the enginee running in short bursts will help you draw the fuel through 1 make sure you have fresh fuel 2 work back from the pump a section at a time ..remove the fuel pipe and clean it 3 check the joints 4 pre fill the fuel filter 5 check the petrol tank ..drain and clean If required 6 ensure you have fresh fuel .. I have identified my fuel has gone off so am having to do a full clean and flush . Jenkinov
  6. I have been around motor bikes as long as I can remember.. As a child I was told by my father to always leave petro! In the tank. I had an Excelsior consort and despite long periods stored at my grand parents stable this strategy worked well ....but that was with old petrol and today on both my jeep and the Excelsior in have found the fuel green and petrol tanks rusty Ethanol is hydroscopic so absorbs water.... So the question is should I be running the bikes dry or draining the tanks ..is this the best protective measure moving forward ? Jenkinov
  7. 3 in 1 drip oil is listed Halfords and most supermarkets and tool shops
  8. Hi in terms of oil . I have used 3 in 1 oil on my distributor and carbs for years ..
  9. Hi . Curious does the generator units for sale include a ww2 triumph generator engine Regards Jenkinov.
  10. Hi could I suggest you post this question on the motorcycles thread
  11. Firstly let's address the issue of firing a shell . ...I have worked the breach on a 25 pounder and 3.5 inch howitzer and with training you can move between both easily .... But when at Bovington a staff member asked us to see if we could fire a pak anti tank gun...we found that loading in the British style would cause injury if tried on the pack ...you needed to throw the shell in and keep well clear .. The answer if you could fire a gun is yes if you had basic training ..but it would take a few minutes plus a few test rounds to use it effectively....without basic training you would be unlikely to be successful. In terms of repairing a tank ok will leave others to comment
  12. Again focusing on alternatives ..and events it's worth looking at the governments own web site on - organising a voluntday day event . A can do guide ..this is a code that has been written and approved by multiple departments to assist in the running of events and . You may be able to pick a route through the guidelines . a daytime live music event for up to 500 people seems to walk through most legislation. ..so a live music event of the 60/70 and the cold war theme ..appears to be fully achievable ....back in the USSR springs to mind .. Jenkinov
  13. Spotted that spellchecker corrected the address ..The Motorist is sherburne in elmet
  14. Can I suggest a few ideas.. 1 look at The motorist in sideburns in elmet .. This is a garage plus cafe plus private collection which is a destination location for drivers in Yorkshire ... Multiple meets each week 2 look at the yorkshire wartime weekend .. An annual event ran on a farm ..potentially you could host multiple events
  15. Hi Light be worth a look at Milweb there have been a number of Cushman on the adverts . Including a very reasonably priced 1946 one converted to wartime spec Post war Cushman are relatively cheap in The USA and it might be worthwhile looking there for o e without a working engine ? Jenkinov
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