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  1. I recently purchased a replica historic wiring loom from autosparks in Nottingham ..I would recommend contacting them with a photo of the colour wiring you require ..they may be.able to supply the correct materials for you to build the loom Jenks
  2. You can also buy direct from amal. At amalcarb.co.UK Jenkinov
  3. I.Will add ACF50 to my list...I think the key is regular inspections for that and treat /kill the dust asap then protect and monitor the area.... Jenkinov
  4. That should have read kurust on visible rust .grease on cables springs etc and clear waxoyle ...I Jenkinov
  5. A few years ago we were approached and asked if we wanted to buy a classic car .when the garage was opened we saw this gleaming car and thought our luck was in.we reinstated the tyres and pushed the car into the light and I got underneath to look..the whole car was undercoated in bitumen and looked good . I reached under and grabbed the chassis and to my shock was able to crush the chassis with my hand with modest pressure .. The bitumen had disguised the dust which had eaten the car away ..I now use tourist on active rust and then a good paint with grease on springs cables etc and clear
  6. If the bike is to be ridden on the road i would recommend not mounting the front license plate .they are like knives if you hit someone ... Jenkinov
  7. Can anyone read the frame number ? Jenkinov
  8. EBay may have an oil filter under item no 132133860829 ..type that into the search Jenkinov
  9. Just checked and there is a 3sw tank advertised on eBay at £490 in Birmingham the bottom of the tank has none standard features so has either had the bottom cut out to repair it ..replaced with flat sheet steel or it's a copy . Described as good condition but I suspect you will find it has been fitted with a liner and unless you are confident it's ethanol proof these can be a real issue ..I have currently a matchless g12 with a liner that's dissolving and I get milky coloured fuel ... Jenkinov
  10. Hi Bikermoss The triumph 3sw and 5sw tanks are the ones without the cutout the 3hw was with the cut out .my 3sw tank was extremely troublesome due to corrosion .so I spent 4 years tracing a good replacement .. In terms of cost i got mine for c300 but that was 4 years ago ... They do come up but unfortunately many are in poor condition and overpriced ..a battered one regularly is advertised in India at 450 but is currently unsold ..also I have seen copies being offered as genuine but the underside of the tank is always the give away . Hope you find one quicker than I did
  11. The website is still active but I have been unable to get a reply to emails or calls .I was unfortunately not aware.the.owner had died Jenkinov..
  12. Ensign ....are excellent but you may need to check if they do the required size Jenkinov
  13. jenkinov


    Icc -5 is the pattern conformity Wheeling are the manufacturer 20 litres / 5 and a quarter gallons work 1942 the info will be in a oval shield , The US round next has a flexible funnel that screws in and was used in pouring ..in battle conditions however these weren't used and 1t caused a lot of wastage so the design was dropped and reverted to The original neck . The Jerry cans were used on every vehicle and you will see on the back of every jeep .value varies on condition and rarity .. Post a picture of the condition . Jenkinov
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