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  1. I also have a Lidl ultimate battery charger which is good value but recent purchased a noco battery charger and whilst expensive it's excellent . There's a 12v repair cycle that has revived a few old batteries Jenkinov
  2. Kurust is inert on anything that's not metal .but will make it sticky .so best option is to strip it down as far as possible . Jenkinov
  3. I have looked at the triumph TT and race bikes from 1946 but can't see any that feature this suspension but have found widely sold kits post war produced by Amen or Santee to modify bikes into a rear plunger with instructions... Triumphs suspension modifications followed race team modifications at such events as the TT senior . These bikes featured heavily in the magazine's of the time and whilst exciting to research i can't find this modification .... A second route the home engineered conversion shows the rear plunger looks very similar to plunger s made by Santee .. J
  4. Hi windy Curious do you have the frame number . It may help us identify how the frame was built .The plungers are very distinctive and quite basic and bearing in mind the front forks modification wonder if this is a home engineered conversion. Jenkinov
  5. As a starting point Amal have produced a small number of replacement carbs a good option as a lot of the original ones are heavily worn and can cause issues Jenkinov
  6. Hi Fred . Welcome to the. Forum great looking project .probably a great way to start and give you some inspiration is to give you some history on the bike. If you look at the seatpost you should have a frame date in the form TE0844...also ok should have a visible.frame number on the frame front prefixed TL.. The engine will be stamped.3HE and have an engine number plus potentially a number beginning with C Please.share photos of these areas.as.we can use them to give you some history and possibly the number the bike would have had on its tank in the war. Also if you have Any his
  7. From its location looks as if it's been used as a field bike and dumped ..the rear plunger is very distinctive but the tank looks as if it has a suicide gear change mount .. Plus the girders forks ...suspicious it's a bitsa .. Interesting conundrum Jenkinov
  8. It's hard to scale the bike ..but the grab handles at The rear suggest it was not a lightweight ..the rear suspension. Indicates probably post war...but the girders limit it's age ....even by the late 40s most large manufacturers triumph. Bsa.Norton matchless et c where switching to telescopic forks .... So gut feel is its a smaller manufacturer... Jenkinov
  9. or https://www.britcycle.com.au/product/nos-triumph-3s-3se-valve-springs/ Jenkinov
  10. OK try these https://www.vintage-motorcycle.com/en/parts/valve-springs/triumph-valve-spring-set-349cc-sv-3s-3se Jenkinov
  11. Cleaning rusty tanks can be a real issue .. The risk is the tank has been perforated by rust a common issue with motorbike petrol tanks ..the most aggressive cleaning method ..and kill or cure is to send them for an acid bath . This will remove all the rust but might create/reveal pinholes in the tank ...to clean the interior count in 10/20 ball bearings add water seal rotate and clean ..you might do this 10/20 times before you stop getting scale ..it's worth keeping what do we out to give an indication of the rust damage .I would then let it dry and use kurust to stabilise the interior
  12. Cornucopia have a set of new old stock springs that might be of use . .... Jenkinov
  13. Just tried on my kindle ..Milwebs working fine
  14. Hi I'm terms of bike security I would recommend a silver or gold quality bike chain and padlock . Through the frame and into a lamp post...but as Ron points out best to keep them in sight ...you can cover the modern chain with canvas. The wiring can be temperamental enough without adding a kill switch Jenkinov
  15. Hi Rudy I was in Darlington this morning but never saw the Isles Transport yard in Darlington in the 1970s ..In 1979/80 I started looking actively for a Jeep Then in the 1990 but it was not until the 2000s that I acquired one . Jenkinov
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