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  1. Hi everybody, I’ve joined the forum to get some help with our tent shown on the attached picture which we have used for a few private and public events. Unfortunately there are bits and pieces which are missing, broken as well as a few rips and thinning of the canvas and ropes. I came across a link to this website where someone had posted a few pages of a ‘book of tentage’ for tents such as these, hence me signing up to this forum. Does anybody know where we could get a full ‘book of tentage’ in order for us to make sure we have all of the parts and instructions to put up the tent (almost) as fast as the service men would have. An updated or simpler version would also be handy for a group of 10+ people to decipher between us. And as for the damage and wear of the tent.. are there any contacts for vintage tent repairers? We have the tent in the Isle of Man so if it was to be brought to somewhere in the UK by ourselves then it would be via the ferry to either Heysham or Liverpool. Unless there is a company to which it could get shipped. .. I have seen companies in the UK with tents just like ours, they look fab and tied up nice and neatly - whereas we’re still only getting the knack of this!! Any other information which you think might help would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
  2. Hello forum! My Hillman Mk2 has got a modern battery that needs replacement. According to the parts manual it originally was fitted with a "L-WD-2" , or a "L-WD-4" or a "BNW7/9A" battery. The Hillman has got a 1Volts, negative ground system. My question : Has anybody got photo's / drawings and measurements of these batteries ? With the photo's and measurements I can go and search for a modern batterie that looks as good as possible. Anyone has a link to a "vintage repro" battery seller? Thanks in advance !
  3. As a follow on to the 'Sherman spotted on the A12' thread where I mentioned an M10 going the other way, this thread is about said M10 as the owner has asked me to post some pics and info. I first heard about the M10 many years ago but only knew it was in a childrens playground, somewhere in Yorkshire. I did not follow it up at the time as I had other things to think about... It cropped up in conversation again at Stoneleigh 2001 and I managed to get a location. Strangely enough, I was asked at the same show if I wanted to buy a 6046 Detroit twinset, the correct engine for the M10. I decided it must be fate so said yes! I eventually tracked down the owners, it was in a private trading estate, but they were not willing to sell it, nor the Windsor carrier it sat next to. I asked again every few months or so always to be told ''no thanks''. Out of the blue around October, I was asked if I was still interested as they had decided to sell after all. I put in an offer for the pair which was accepted and I became the proud owner of one tired M10 and a slightly more tired Windsor carrier!
  4. Hi, I'm looking for a WW2 era Bulldozer to go on my Trailer for shows and for a heritage steam railway 1940's weekend next year. It has to be about D2 / D4 sized, Caterpillar, International or Allis Chalmbers or any other make. It has to have a blade and whilst I don't mind some restoration or painting I don't want a basket case to restore (I have too many of them all ready !!). Can anybody help please, thanks.
  5. Hi I have had a great interest in these vehicle for many years and had done quite a bit of research already, I had considered building a replica of a Beaverette but other projects got in the way. I was then fortunate enough to come across one available for the 1st time in 20+ years so snapped it up. So as the dream is now a reality I now need to crack on, hence my post on here. Does anyone have any photo's, information, manuals, parts suppliers, links to suppliers/sources of information etc, or parts relevant to Beaverette's as I now have one which I am in the process of restoring. Also manuals, parts supplies, or parts relevant to standard 12/14 and that were used on Beaverette's. Thanks Tyler.
  6. Hi Folks, I have been asked by the RSM of the Defence Academy at Shrivenham, Wiltshire, if anyone with ww2 era Military Vehicles would like to attend their Music and Fireworks event on 12 Jul 2018. They are also celebrating the RAF 100, so if anyone has a RAF vehicle even better. You don’t get paid for the event, but its free entry for you and a guest and last year the attendees were fed and watered in the Mess. PM me or drop me a email at nickparsons8891@yahoo.co.uk. if you are interested in attending this charitable event. Thanks In advance. Regards Nicholas
  7. There has not been much activity on the Cletrac projects in the last few years. Interested in what progress has been made. I completed my restoration of my '44 a little over a year ago. It is mostly complete with all the hard to find items in place. I have the original top bows but have been unable to locate a top. Does anyone know of an original that can have detailed picture taken? I know there is a very complete ex-RAF Cletrac with original canvas located somewhere in UK/Europe but I have been unable to determine its whereabouts. I have constructed a 90% accurate top pattern from photos but due my overly anal tendency for the details I have yet to have one produced. I would be more than willing to compensate someone that can provide detailed photos and measurements of an original top. The owner of the only know top in the USA has been unwilling to allow his to photographed (states he wants to have them produced and sell them but has yet to do so). I am also in need of the upper side engine panels. Any help there would be appreciated. We have been fortunate to take it to a few military events, mostly supporting WW2 aircraft and have also been able to use it as intended, towing a plane. Check it out on youtube Cletrac owners post some updates. Would love to see what is out there now. Thanks, Scott Mattison Belton, SC, USA 44 Cletrac M2 44 CCKW353
  8. Looking for roadworthy Bedford MW, prepared to do some restoration but engine, gear boxes, axles, running Need to be fully working, Woodwork and other minor restoration work prepared to do.
  9. Tadeo


    Hi, does someone know the primary forum(s) in the UK where tank lovers do attend. I'm looking to establish new connections, however, it seems that I'm still lacking proper virtual places on the web where such people are meeting up.. If someone could share any thoughts - would be very helpful.
  10. Hi, I'm looking for one as previous sale haven't happened. If you have it either can give a contact, would be very usefull. Please PM
  11. EventPlan welcome the return of our ever popular Multi-period event; the Grand Historical Bazaar. Thorseby Hall is the picturesque location of this new event for the calendar. A Grade I listed country house with a rich history going back to 1633 and it's continual ownership, until recent decades, through the Pierrepont family. From a Culloden connection to the Coal Board, the Sherwood Rangers and the Family's Art, we hope to uncover and celebrate the dynamic history of Thorseby; as well as showcasing the area's diverse and far reaching historical connections, from Pre-Roman all the way through to the Cold War. A wide variety of entertainments, living history, interpretation, traditional craft demonstrations, theatrical performances, and of course the Historical Bazaar trading area where you can take home your own piece of history. A weekend of history and heritage for all. ---------- More details, such as ticket prices and timetables etc, are yet to be confirmed. If you would like to participate in this event as a trader, caterer, living history display, or entertainer/performer, please register your interest at: matthew@eventplan.co.uk Keep an eye on the updates of the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/316089292137326/ We will have a website with lots of other information available soon. We have already received a wide range of groups wanting to book in covering all periods.
  12. I've got 2 spare combat rims they need work holes oval you can use them as is if you put them on a trailer. Not rusty I can post pics if anyone interested £80 a rim I can box them up and courier them
  13. During WW2 my father was a Padre with the 8th Army at the battle of El Alamein. We have very few photographs of him at this time but the attached shows him with a group of fellow soldiers and a vehicle in the background. When I get to the point of restoring an old vehicle I would like to restore one of these in his memory and the work of chaplains. He was awarded MC for tending to wounded in no mans land during the battles. Can anyone identify the vehicle behind my father?
  14. Anything wanted from 1936 to 1945. Private collector sp top money offered, in bits of complete, please contact me asap. Thanks
  15. Hi All, Just to let you know that the last event of the season (with the exception of Santa trains!) at the Apedale Valley Light Railway (www.avlr.org.uk) is the "Military Memories" weekend - 7/8th November from 11:30 to 4pm each day. It is planned to operate demonstration First World War, Second World War and Cold War era trains during the weekend over the whole site. In addition the ever popular Trench will be open, staffed by members from the Gordon Highlanders living History group - who will enact various scenarios dueing the weekend. Passenger trains will be running and the adjacent heritage centre will be open - with the all important cafe serving up the local Staffordshire delicasy of Oatcakes. Vintage and Classic military vehicles are welcome to attend - attached is the entry form for anyone interested. Please feel free to roll up on the day! [ATTACH]109065[/ATTACH] Many thanks,
  16. Hi, I have had a keen interest in (mostly WW2) military vehicles since an Airfix Matador kit started me on the slippery slope at the age of seven. I have been taking photos of restored vehicles for many years now and sourcing scale plans and any other info with a view to producing a new range of books. I am always on the look out for vehicles I haven't photographed or opportunities to take more or better pictures of ones I have. It's great to have the opportunity to document the work of all the dedicated restorers and enthusiasts who preserve all these fascinating bits of history and to make it available to a wider audience.
  17. Hello, I'm from Belgium and I found this trailer not far of my home.:laugh: This is a Fruehauf trailer. I collect and restore ww2 vehicles and before to save this trailer, I would like to know if this trailer dates from ww2 or not ? Help me please. Thank you ! Maxime.
  18. Hi, a few questions to all you trailer buffs. I have recently acquired a WW2 10cwt lightweight trailer to tow behind my Airborne Jeep. It was originally fitted with the early type hitch with the arms attached to the chassis, but has been retrofitted with the later hitch (but with smaller towing eye). My first question; is this designated a No1 Mk1 or is it just an early Mk2? The second question; what lighting would the trailer have originally been fitted with during wartime service? Did they just have have the convoy light underneath, or did they also have the MT tail lights? The brackets were evidently there at one time, but have been cut off. Just working out whether or not to weld brackets back on. Third and final question; can anyone tell me what tools etc went in the brackets inside the tub? A tyre repair kit fits nicely in one of them, but not sure what the other brackets are for. Thanks, Tom.
  19. Hi One of my friends recently bought this Aussie war time datede uniform in Denmark, and we are having trouble identifying it. Does anyone know what it is? We where thinking an officeres uniform but it is in wool like the battle dress. it has matching trousers, the style and colour is very different to the normal Aussie battles that we find here.
  20. Hi everyone, thought it was about time i posted on here as a friend of mine is a regular poster and has been telling me what a great forum it is. My name is Dave Forde and i run The Panzergrenadiers Wehrmacht Living history & military vehicle group. We have in our collection several vehicles owned by various members from the uk and we show them off regularly during the event season April-Sept. Our vehicles at present include: sdkfz 251(based on an OT810) Sdkfz 222(repro) Citroen U23 utility truck Volkswagen Kubelwagen(Repro) BMW R71(Repro) BMW R75 Truppenfahrrad(bicycle)
  21. I feel I first need to put things into context, so please bear with me. My father, now in his mid 70's has had 'in his care' a Russell Newbery D2 diesel engine since 1960. He is a member of the Russell Newbery register (owners club, really) and they have dated the manufacture of the engine to 1940. These engines were primarily used in narrow-boats (and still are). They are a a low revving high-torque twin cylinder unit. The main focus of the register is for boat-owners - although these engines have been known to be used, attached to generators, as auxiliary or emergency power supplies. This particular engine is attached to a Metropolitan Vickers (Metrovick) Paradyne arc welding generator (which was not developed until 1937). RN engines were traditionally painted Green and Red - this one has at some point been over-painted in what I can only describe (and quite possibly wrongly) in MOD Grey When I say it has been in my fathers care, he started work at a scrap yard as their fitter - and found this unit in the back of a Fordson 5 Ton V8 with a 'Luton' type body on it. The body was fitted out with a workbench either side, the engine/generator mounted in the middle, and with shelving around the edge. After a few years, the welding unit was removed from the truck, placed in a workshop and the truck, unfortunately, scrapped. My father used this for the 20 years that he worked for (and latterly, self employed, did work for) between 1960 and 1980. When the scrap yard closed down, he bought it from them and, having installed it in an old horse-box, continued to use it until 3-4 years ago. He is now getting to the age when he struggles to crank the engine to start it, and has decided to sell it. It is this that has prompted us to try and find out about the history (and origins) of this unit. having looked round this forum (and others) it seems relatively unusual for Fordsons to be used as military (or support) vehicles - and the mobile workshops I have come across seem to use gas, rather than arc welders. The scrap yard was started by a Czech national in about 1951 who did buy up various bits of MOD stock for use/scrap, so this (and it's purely guesswork) may have been some kind of military mobile workshop that after decommissioning (and probably spending a number of years in a hangar somewhere), was bought for peanuts. My father recalls in the 60's travelling to various depots where they had huge sheds/hangars full of unused military vehicles to collect one that had been purchased. He remembers military (or otherwise) personnel having full-time jobs looking after these vehicles - checking tyre pressures, levels etc. If they are of use to anyone, I have photographs of the power unit, and will gladly share. I don't know if this information helps anyone fill gaps and answer questions they may have, and would be appreciative if anyone has any information that either confirms (or otherwise) what is largely a theory around this old diesel unit. If you have got this far - congratulations on your stamina, and thank you for reading to the end! :-)
  22. Sounding Great ! Something went wrong...
  23. Here's something of a rarity seen today in deepest Lincs amongst many other vehicles and trailers quitly rusting away. Original painted sign on dash read RAF/909703/VM
  24. Hello forum. I've bought this wooden cart some years ago on a fleamarket in France. This oak cart is fully demontable : the wheels, the two sides and the front and end are detachable. The metal parts have been preserved in true army style : tar-paint. At the rear there is one hook for attatching a brake/anker-rope (man-handled) and the front has got two hooks for a towing rope (also man-handled). The rear also has a red glass reflector. It seams that the bolts and wingnuts are metric thread. At the frame it got a manual handoperated parkingbrake. Internal lenght is about 3 feet, width about 2 feet. There ar NO markings at all. >> Can anybody identify this ammonition cart?? <<
  25. Hi everyone! QM here, from Holland... what a great forum i must say! for some time now i have been interested in USA ww2 material. i have a closed cab GMC CCKW which is great fun to drive and has great patina to it... but then i realised that most of Holland was liberated by Canadian and british troops... so now, i would like to make a 180degr turn... step 1: who would like to own a GMC CCKW? i prefer to swap it with something british... should i post a topic in the ad section? grt
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