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  1. Went to a local pub in the Loyd today.
  2. No, transport is a killer, I don’t think I can afford to take it anywhere!
  3. My friend drove it on his H licence this morning, down to the farm shop and back. Up to 30 and running sweet at a nut. He said the gear change was difficult.
  4. It’s all finished now, apart from the hood.
  5. Looking for one to go with my carrier jack. Must be the separable type as it’s got to fit in the toolbox.
  6. No, but if you don’t have a suitable vehicle already, buying one to take the H test in would probably come to more than the £1200 or whatever it is to take an organised course.
  7. A friend of mine who is a farmer took his H test at his farm, just booked the test on line, examiner turned up and done. Obviously you need a farm and the correct expensive tracked vehicle for that to work out 😂
  8. I was just watching a video by a firearms chap who has been following the latest anti firearm legislation that has passed through parliament. In its current from is bans the possession of components used in ammunition manufacture. Thus without some caveats added it bans the possession of brass cases, bullet and primers. I’m sure it is unintended but this would ban the ownership of all wartime brass cases and inert ammo. One to watch out for as ignorance is no excuse as we all know when it comes to an overzealous policeman.
  9. What form do these take and what do they indicate? I know its a rather open question but I've never read anything about them before. Thanks,
  10. Collected a WOT6 wreck from an old airfield in Lincolnshire yesterday. I was given the location details by Seamus who is restoring his WOT6 on another thread. It will take years to finish once my Loyd Carrier is completed. If anyone knows on any other wrecks if parts please get in touch. https://www.facebook.com/FordsonWOT6
  11. My Dad uses a electric de-humidifier out in his wood workshop, as anything metal used to get covered in condensation in the winter months. He tells me it did the trick but you have to remember to empty the tray regularly. Its not just because your WOT is outside, my Loyd is in a modern uninsulated building and it was dripping with condensation in the days that the weather warmed up before xmas.
  12. The armour contract cards just cover the placement of a contract by the government with the manufacturer and will state when the contract was fulfilled and if it was actually cancelled before any vehicles were produced. Not consulting these leads to erroneous vehicle production numbers being banded about...for generations! The Loyd Carrier is a case in point. Everyone uses the Chilwell census number blocks which show Ford built 7660 ish machines across two contracts, in actual fact, consulting the contract cards shows that the second order was cancelled before production even began and the first order was cancelled once 4200 machines had been built.
  13. I found all of the Loyd Carrier contract cards stored at the Tank Museum, which museum hold the same cards but for B vehicles such as 3-ton lorries?
  14. Were the 20" split rims used on 3 ton lorries a standard universal part that fitted all 3 toners or were they manufacture specific? I'm thinking rim width, offset etc.. I need some for a WOT6 and when I am searching through a huge pile of random old British wheels with only a tape measure I'd like to know if finding a 20" 8 stud split rim guarantees its what I am looking for!
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