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  1. The one closest the camera is a USA T16 and the other is probably a normal Universal Carrier. Thanks for posting, more info would be nice.
  2. The paper said the upgrade program was to be called off and the entire fleet to be scrapped instead.
  3. Just saw this in newspaper. I always liked warrior AFV, sad to see them all gone.
  4. Fitting a rear hull panel. Running on its tracks soon.
  5. I've not managed to find 1/4 plate in lincoln. Using 6mm as its only for some mounting brackets, that are hidden away on the Loyd. If its a small enough plate you need you can use 7mm and have it surface ground down to 6.5mm or as Adrian recommended to me order some from the USA. Nice Half Track.
  6. If you were a professional outfit you would have used those throughout the Loyd throttle linkage system, however the Loyd being what it is they just bent the end of the rods a 90 deg and held them in place with a washer and cotter pin!
  7. Cromadex Northampton have SCC15 on file from a paint chip but it’s only available in two pack. I have used a fast air dry from them called NATO Green which they have on file from a paint match they did for a customer at some time.. This isn’t official NATO green, just a match they did for someone who said they were t6ring to match NATO green, hence the name....it doesn’t match real NATO green but it does match SCC15! Post war SCC15 became BS298 OD But I am not convinced it’s that close to o the original SCC15 samples I have.
  8. Great project. Could you do me a huge favour and send me some measurements of the skid assemblies mounted on the back of the front gate, that’s the wood and the metal strips. They are missing on my mortar trailer. Thanks,
  9. My problem with M4A1 76mm HVSS being displayed as NW Europe theatre is that there is as yet no evidence that any reached Europe during WW2.
  10. I recently joined a French Facebook group called barn finds, there are the odd modern day find but the majority of the content is scanned in old photos from the 1980s and 90s. The quantity and quality of wartime German vehicles or part there of found is incredible! We all tend to forget that that was basically 30 years ago and today people can only dream of those kind of finds. Very occasionally one may locate an original 'lost' vehicle but its very unlikely today. At the very least you will not be finding one which was dragged off the battlefield by the farmer and it still stored in his barn. Sadly its because the guys who did such hording have now passed away and the hoards already dispersed. Where hoards still exist, unless the owner has the ability to store vehicles correctly time has not been kind to the steel work. I've seen Loyds which have been outside in yards for 40 years with 1/4" plate chassis which have completely disintegrated!
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