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  1. All the TA Divisions were disbanded in 1967 so I assume you have got your terminology incorrect.
  2. This is believed to be my Daimler in Pounds.
  3. Any suggestions please on what application this light was used on.
  4. This is the holder for the Oil Can David is refering to from a Daimler Armoured Car but every manufactuer produced their own designs. It should have a spring which hooks over the top to secure the can.
  5. They are common on late-war Generators where most of the survivors probably come from.
  6. Looking for the turn buckle component of this crate catch if anyone has one. The plate it is attached to is 4cm diameter.
  7. Presumably for a patch of Gas Detection Paint so the driver can observe it when driving.
  8. Ian V Hogg makes reference in his book British & American Artillery of WW2 to an 8 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun in 1942 but not a 12 Pounder. They were unable to balance the design on either the 6 pounder carriage or the tank mounting and once they reduce the length of the barrel to achieve it the performance was no better than a 6 Pounder.
  9. I am trying to put together a Dynamo Two Speed Control Panel for my Daimler Armoured for which I need the following components. If anyone has any suggestions on sources it would be appreciated. Fuse Box CAV Type 1M with blade fuse not glass type Relay CAV Type DR1 Unit Resistance Lucas Type RU10/2
  10. Hand Book on e-bay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leyland-Hippo-Drivers-Hand-Book-1945/333800488020?hash=item4db80f3c54:g:rKQAAOSwV3RfvNrx
  11. I have the second manual but 2nd edition 1942.
  12. Looks a lot better than others out their but a lot of money for someone not used to current model prices.
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