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  1. As did every war-time 3 tonner but as you say quite what the demand would be to reverse engineer every 3 tonner in country if Barry wants to sell lots of tires is questionable. With Humber Mk IV you cannot even mount a 11.00X20 on the side if the vehicle as it is too big so I had to aquire a scrap 10.50X20.
  2. Why would you want 10.50X20 size when they were replace by 11.00X20 which were in production before the end of the war. Every British and Canadian WW2 3 tonner is currently fitted with 11.20X20 and there would be a big demand for these but I can't see many people wanting to scrap their existing tires.
  3. If you can believe wikipedia they moved about quite a bit so you will need to be specific what date you want to portray as they would have been attached to different formations depending on where they were. The 1st Battalion briefly saw service in the Korean War in 1953, as part of 29th Infantry Brigade; after a brief spell in Egypt, they deployed to Cyprus from June 1955 to February 1956. They then spent two years in England, two in Berlin, one in Scotland, two in Libya, and four in England. In 1964, they deployed to Aden, then back to England and a three-year spell in Germany with the B
  4. Although most of the first line Territorial Division's were still in existance up until the disbandment of the old TA in 67, after 61 most became Divisions/Districts responsble for the administration of all the TA units in their areas and probably ceased to be deployable as formations.
  5. If it was like 155 (Wessex) Transport Regiment RCT when I was in you would have had a one Tanker squadron within the Regiment so it does fit in with the normal configeration. I don't think the Regiment is in any doubt.
  6. The exhausts and flexi pipe are very rare so make your own. If yours is a BSA the points are probably still available but if Canadian less so. The UK dealer with all the WW2 spares sold his stock about 7 or 8 years ago and the new unknown owner does not seem to advertise anything.
  7. Unfortunately the old WW2 Renactors Forum which had a huge thread on the different repro Denisons has now fallen victim to FaceBook. Frank Browns hand made Denisons are still considered to be the best if you have plenty of money but for an up to date view on other Denison's on the market I would suggest looking at the FB Links which have already been posted on ask your question on this on this page https://www.facebook.com/groups/100651956749919 This is a good example of rubbish. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-Army-WW2-1940s-Denison-Smock-Reproduction-Paratrooper-Airborne-Jacket
  8. I am not quite what relation this has to my comment. The MOD did retrofit some war-time Denisons with zips post-war and officers did whatever they wanted during the war if senior enough as proved in pictures.
  9. Huge numbers still in storage after the war were fitted with zips but generaly very rare for OR's to do it during the war. If you are part of a group they will also have rules on what pattern of Denison to wear and acceptable manufacturers. There is a lot of rubbish out there.
  10. You would not use armour plate or indeed steel of the same thickness if you were building a replica (just give the external impression) . To do so would be prohibitively expensive and very few companies in the country would be able to fabricate in such scale. If you are doing this with the full support of the City Council and veterans organisations you may be able to aquire / buy a bare hull that has been on a range and rebuild a static vehicle from that, but still at great expense. If you are working for an offical body and or have a very rich benifactor, I would recommend you identify yo
  11. Probably best to look or advertise. in the vintage commercial vehicles magazines. They have for sale sections and these vehicles do come up for sale.
  12. Can anyone identify the use of these fittings please which came with my Daimler Armoured Car but don't appear to be related. I am assuming WW2 AFV as both are of very heavy duty construction.
  13. I used to have one with a printed Polish Eagle stiched on the front.
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