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  1. Light Boards are just hung in the back and removed when you arrive. During daylight running the war-time set up will surfice with a magnetic number plate. You can buy magnetic rear light clusters as well. If you are driving on the something like the M25 with a slow moving vehicle you may wish to take other precautions even during the day.
  2. This is my MkV* BSA. Part of a batch which camed in from Ireland some years ago. No obvious number unless I am looking in the wrong place. The saddle is a copy of the original some of the bikes were fitted with. If anyone is making any WW2 pattern Rifle Clips I would be interested.
  3. One source states that they aquired 25 in the 1960's perhaps from Hong Kong when they were replaced presumably by Centurions if indeed we continued to base Tanks there. Also approx 40 Humber Armoured Cars. These must be a few surviving Musum vehicles. Their army is fully equiped with modern AFV's now so no need for these.
  4. Boxer as per the link but not a direct replacement for a Warrior.
  5. Not sure who would want hundreds of 432's but if they are very cheap or free of charge someine will take them. If the Ukraine took the Saxons they will take anything.
  6. If a large number of AFV's are declared obsolete in one go they are more likely to scrap them rather than flood the civilian market. There must be hundreds rebuilt of FV432 in storage forgetting the Warriors and CVRT the Ajax is designed to replace. They won't want boy racers by tracked AFV's cheap. The Ajax and particularly Boxer are also years off being ready to field large numbers of vehicles so nothing will happen in a hurry.
  7. Its should be the same as any of the war-time 3 ton 4X4 trucks plus Daimler and Humber Armoured Cars.
  8. Here is the label off of mine and a picture of the lamps in use with the military Police. I also have the arrow shield with mine.
  9. Effectively a one Ton Trailer is probably the most this vehicle would have towed. The next size up would be 3 tons
  10. I must have only paid about £1 each at the time. I understand their site in the village where I brought them is now houses. Still looking for the catalogue which features the sale of my Daimler Armoured Car which must have been one of the last sold.
  11. I gave 2 boxes full of them to Clive that came out of Hursts so sitting on a fortune as well but I would rather see them accesible than in private collection's. Just need someone to scan them all in now.
  12. Mr Petit has been advertising those vehicles for a considerable period of time so presumably not bargans!!
  13. Hopefully nothing rare on display in this country if they are giving them away.
  14. All the TA Divisions were disbanded in 1967 so I assume you have got your terminology incorrect.
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