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  1. There was a Court Case during the 1960's when a Ferret driven by 2 MOD Civilian staff struck another vehicle when pulling out on to a main road. The driver tried to claim it was not his fault as his commander had told him to pull out. The Court disagreed so although still best to have an experienced commander, it will still not protect you from potential liabilty.
  2. Jacksons at one time had some recondition unissued WW2 examples. A member of my TA Unit recalled how he had brought one as a garden shed and scraped the contents. Jacksons had the chasisis back.
  3. I remeber seeing the Ferrets parked up at Hirsts Yard near Andover. There was a story at the time that they had broght them on a scrap contract and were not meant to sale them but ancient history now.
  4. The picture of what they produced does not look good. The letter prefix sizes would effectively been to special order so extremly rare.
  5. Many of these vehicles will have been exported and or disappeared into private collections. Can't see many going back and if the tax payer has to pay the cost not worth searching too far.
  6. The offences happened 11 years ago so the vehicles are long gone but those who know the hobby can guess some of the dealers who probably brought vehicles off if him but they will no doubt claim they thought it was all legit. He should have gone to prision and lost his army pension but no doubt it was seen as a white collar offence and was probably well connected. Others in the chain of command could also had problems if he went to jail.
  7. It would not have come out of the factory with the box if that is what you mean.
  8. Hopefully you have very deep pockets as they go for a lot of money these days. The Daimler Dingo Face Book Page would probably be the best place to ask. Obviously they were not generally used as Artillery OP's unless aquired through the back door.
  9. I have a new old stock water pump on the shelf which I need to fit. Will anything inside have deteriorate in storage since the 1960's requiring a rebuild or other than getting some new grease inside should it be ok to go?
  10. In the first instance I am trying to find a methodolgy that can be used without a full engine rebuild. This is a brand new engine which the previous owner did not drain properly after last running it. The tradional method used by this company putting the Block in an oven would preclude this.
  11. I will have to try and find a company that can offer it.
  12. The engine runs without a problem so hopefull the crack does not extend further into the engine. I would just like it repaired if possible with taking it apart.
  13. What are peoples views in the repairabilty of the crack in this block. The crack is the middle line. I would like to have it stiched but I dont know how thick the metal is likely to be.
  14. I would suggest for a TAC Sign select something suitable from the link below plus AA Comand Badge. The Home Guard were not routinely issued any vehicles from WD Sources. https://ra39-45.co.uk/formations-and-markings/vehicle-markings
  15. I asked the same question some years ago for my 2 Pounder Breech Ring. No one knew. I am still looking for a stricker if anyone has found anty or a complete beech block ch block.
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