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  1. hydrochloric acid (brick cleaner) is excellent and will clean the copper like new in seconds but it will dissolve aluminium and also zinc from brass so use it wisely
  2. it's interesting because i can just make it up as i go along. if i can get it to swim that would be great, as it sits the internal volume is 8 cube but after it's chopped it will be down to 5,5. should still be enough to float
  3. it looks to have been up and running as a demonstrator but was stripped afterward. the current plan is to get hold of a beefy chassis and big yank diesel with autobox to go under it. i could use a land rover but i want it to be strong. i'm also going to make it amphibious as it's already a sealed steel box so it will float whether you want it to or not! should be an interesting project and will make a welcome change from slavish restoration
  4. luckily no police about in scotland, although i might have got ping'd by a mobile speed camera on the way back down the M6
  5. Really pleased with it. Got an old range rover to mount it on but not sure if its man enough to take the weight. We'll see.
  6. i've just bought it and apparently no one really knows what it's original designation was. i was told it might have been a protoype for an iraqi afv contract but it's not certain. i may never find out.
  7. well done. a very technical build by the sounds of it.
  8. i'll sort the engine i'm sure of it. you're welcome to come up anytime to see the tank
  9. Its waiting its turn, although I do keep messing with it now and then. I collected the engine from the restorer on Saturday. Unfortunately not because it was finished but because he had changed career paths and can no longer do it. I will have to find someone else!
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