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  1. so has the crusader definitely been sold to a private collector and if so who is it
  2. i'm really pleased someone had the vision and tenacity to go after them and come out on top. the buffalo was in great condition
  3. i think i speak for us all when i say we really want to see it running and painted. keep it up
  4. i recently bought six packs and may be able to help out if you can wait a while
  5. i recently bought a smart charger from ebay for £13.99 and was happy with it's performance. it will charge 6 12 and 24v. its yellow and black and looks a bit like a multimeter, the manufacturer is katbo
  6. i don't have any to spare but you can repair them yourself if you are mechanically minded
  7. i believe it is quite easy to fix the solenoid as they mainly fail due to bad contact on the smaller coil
  8. as ever your eye for detail and ability to fabricate are very impressive
  9. hydrochloric acid (brick cleaner) is excellent and will clean the copper like new in seconds but it will dissolve aluminium and also zinc from brass so use it wisely
  10. it's interesting because i can just make it up as i go along. if i can get it to swim that would be great, as it sits the internal volume is 8 cube but after it's chopped it will be down to 5,5. should still be enough to float
  11. it looks to have been up and running as a demonstrator but was stripped afterward. the current plan is to get hold of a beefy chassis and big yank diesel with autobox to go under it. i could use a land rover but i want it to be strong. i'm also going to make it amphibious as it's already a sealed steel box so it will float whether you want it to or not! should be an interesting project and will make a welcome change from slavish restoration
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