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Not sure what to say in responce to all your good replys , yes the M10 is looking fantastic and i think will run and drive equally as well , the workmanship of Carl and Peter along with Adrian is second to none and i think they make a fantastic team ( maybe the A Team ) .Had a long chat today with Carl and he is hoping to install the power pack on Friday and has just finished deactivating the 17 pounder gun for me and the man from the proof house is booked to come on Monday to inspect the work . I tried to keep the gun live but Sussex police wernt having any of it so we had to go down the route of getting it deactivated !!

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Hi Eddie , thanks for your kind words ,the restoration is moving forward fast now after a lull during August , the high quality of workmanship is a credit to Carl and peter and not forgetting the fantastic steel fabricating that Adrian Barrell has done and is still doing .Adrian is at present making new header tanks for the cooling system and a new splash plate which is situated above the engines , under the decks .

Carl is hoping to install the engines towards the end of this week once the new white paint has had time to harden off !!, so maybe in 2 - 3 weeks it may move under its own steam again , the first time for many years , keep your fingers crossed !!


Errr........ What about me???????


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I went down to Jim Clarks of Allied Forces Canvas on Sunday and collected a new bespoked canvas turret cover that Jim had made for me .I met Jim and Martin at Carls yarl recently for Jim to take accurate measurements of the turret and to confirm the design of the new cover , it looks super hes done a fantastic job of it , the photos of it on my floor dont do it justice really .Whilst i was down at Jims on Sunday he very kindly did some repairs to a couple of canvases of one of my mates and reroped a Ben-her canvas as well , He made me and my uncle very welcome with cups of tea ,toast and bacon and egg sandwichs,so thanks Jim for a good day and a fantastic canvas.

Also Carl has had the proof house out today to check and inspect the deactivaction of the 17 pounder gun and the Sexton that he had done (to there specifaction ), they both passed , so the Sussex old Bill will be happy now !!!! , the engines were fitted last Friday ,Adrian B im sure will post those photos in due course , I think we have passed a major milestone with getting the engines fitted



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the engines were fitted last Friday ,Adrian B im sure will post those photos in due course , I think we have passed a major milestone with getting the engines fitted


I'm here! Nothing much to say, the pictures speak volumes really.


There are a few things worthy of comment. The pack weighs over two tons and is a tight fit so needs to be fitted at an angle and levelled as it goes. Not unusual for engines but its size makes it a little tricky! The generators were wisely removed to avoid damage.


The other noticable thing is the fans. They are handed as they rotate in opposite directions. This has led to many people assuming the engines also rotate opposite to each other but that is not so.


Now the plumbing and electrics can be fitted so a first run soon?




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How is the engine bolted to the tank? There seems very little room for that judging by the pics.



It uses three mounting points, two at the front and one centre mount at the rear. Angle brackets bolt to the clutch housings (front) and crankcase (rear) and these sit on floor mounted pads with rubber insulators in between.

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Its been a while since weve been able to give you a update , work has been progressing but with Xmas and all the illness bugs flying about i know its taken its toll ,as far as my involvement , ive managed to track down an electrical plug for the back of the dash board and some months ago Adrian B got 50 projectiles made for me , 10 HE and 40 AP ,we thought that would have been about the right numbers of each for a Tank Destroyer, ive been collecting 17 pounder brass cases for 2 years now and am about half way there , my paint sprayer mate has just finished painting them .( have tried to post pictures but the files are to big ,will take advice from a mate and resize and then post )

Adrian .

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Great work all!

Did those small junction boxes have to be fabricated too? I'd imagine that it is the fitting out and little 'odds and ends' which take up a disproportunate amount of time with little of the visual impact of repairing the hull and fitting the turret. Who did you use for making the new cables? I need a set of heavy duty cables for the Loyd brakes, I found a company nr Manchester who could do them, but haven't followed it up yet.

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I made the junction boxes, though the terminal blocks are original. I'm not sure who Carl used for the cables, I'll ask.


You're certainly correct about the fitting out, it takes a lot of time compared to the major items. Sourcing parts and in many cases just having to have them made as originals are very difficult to find is a good way to lose a few days!

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