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  1. Again focusing on alternatives ..and events it's worth looking at the governments own web site on - organising a voluntday day event . A can do guide ..this is a code that has been written and approved by multiple departments to assist in the running of events and . You may be able to pick a route through the guidelines . a daytime live music event for up to 500 people seems to walk through most legislation. ..so a live music event of the 60/70 and the cold war theme ..appears to be fully achievable ....back in the USSR springs to mind .. Jenkinov
  2. Spotted that spellchecker corrected the address ..The Motorist is sherburne in elmet
  3. Can I suggest a few ideas.. 1 look at The motorist in sideburns in elmet .. This is a garage plus cafe plus private collection which is a destination location for drivers in Yorkshire ... Multiple meets each week 2 look at the yorkshire wartime weekend .. An annual event ran on a farm ..potentially you could host multiple events
  4. Hi Light be worth a look at Milweb there have been a number of Cushman on the adverts . Including a very reasonably priced 1946 one converted to wartime spec Post war Cushman are relatively cheap in The USA and it might be worthwhile looking there for o e without a working engine ? Jenkinov
  5. I would ring them and check before incurring the cost but an inspection report for insurance purposes should be acceptable .. You can also forward this to the insurers ..so a double benefit Jenkinov
  6. Curious . Without a V5 how can you be confident that the individual selling the vehicle has the legal right to do so ..?. . I have seen situations where vehicles have been claimed years after by previous owners or their families when they argue correct title has not been transferred. . In one instance i saw an item reported stolen years after . The vehicle had been sold multiple times and had different registration numbers .. But the police simply seized the vehicle returned it to a individual who had a recorded V5 ....... Please be careful .
  7. I have tried lots.of ways to clean the inside of a tank but most have failed to be really effective ..the challenge is cleaning it without doing to much damage .Saw a very interesting option ..someone poured in 1000 metal bb pellets and span it for 30 minutes ...I Jenkinov
  8. My Great Uncle.worked at.Dennis ..so it would be nice to see it saved Jenkinov
  9. Military jackets are normally heavily labelled to assist the quarter masters in issuing the jackets You will usually have a manufactures label .. plus Size label Plus it's not uncommon to find the size 're printed on the back of the fabric ..if it's been issued you may find a handwritten number or name ... Jenkinov
  10. Hope it can be saved ..curious have.you contacted the Dennis society . Jenni ov
  11. jenkinov


    Hi .Thank you for sharing your bike with us. It looks very original and will be a great restoration project . You may wish to add it the the Triumph WD register at wdtriumph.com Please could you share some more photos of the bike and we may be able to highlight a few area for you Such as the field stand ..I am curious I note the bikes fuel Line has a very large filter are you getting a lot of dirt in the fuel from the tank ? Regards Jenkinov R
  12. I have done a lot of comparative work on the Stamping of triumph engines and frames . Initially it was to understand my own bike . But as I have viewed other bikes in particular triumphs it's allowed me to gain a real understanding of the stamps and tell tales on a bike . Post war Triumph had a manufacturing success and new Triumphs were in high demand this meant dealers purchased old army triumphs and gave them a new paint job and new lease of life.. Bikes particularly the 3s were often 're engined with 500cc 5s Engines or 3HW engines .. At this point many frame and engine numbers were altered to hide the bikes military history ..roll on to today and as military bikes are more valuable . I see frequent alteration of Frame numbers and engine numbers to create a fake military bike .. What I have come to realise is that if you want an undiscovered military bike .. The bikes to look at are the immediate post war bikes.. Those registered in 1946/47/48 and even into the fifties as bikes dropping out of service were disposed of and often 're registered. Jenkinov
  13. Thanks Ron That confirms the Stamping PATTERNS I have seen .. The 2 x 5s engines i saw sold on eBay from Ireland all had the inspectors acceptance stamp but no contract number and whilst it's been a few years since I have seen it pretty sure the 5s in the 3sw frame had no contract number which confused me when I first saw it . I had suspected that the 5s engines were potentially spares ..so stamped by the government inspector but not allocated but I can see that theory was incorrect . Interesting how the 3sw and 5sw engines have such variances . When they were built in the same factory Jenkinov
  14. Pleased to see it's recorded On The register . Curious was it discovered in Ireland . I recall a few.years ago a number of 5s engines surfaced in Ireland and were sold on eBay ... I believe the engines had the wd inspectors stamp but no contract number . I am aware of another 5s engine in a 3s frame near me ... But curious does the bike engine have a contract number .. Jenkinov
  15. Thanks for sharing the photo ..A rare bike but a great project ..curious can you share the frame and engine numbers ...photos if available would be great .. What's your initial aim. I prefer to start with The engine and it looks as if .it looks As if you have enough to get her running a Jenkinov
  16. Robert . Repeat to he A ran out another rare .Triumph 5sw can you share some history on the bike and it's discovery ? Regards Jenkinov
  17. Thanks for the.photo .This frame number stamp is unfortunately not original . Frames at this stage were all hand made and the frame numbers were added at the factory . If you compare it with other frame stamps you can see they are significantly different from this one .The paintwork has no visible under coat . curious do you know any history on the bike . As Ron suggest we probably need to look for other stamping locations to identify the frames origin .. More photos of both the frame and engine would allow us to give you more insight on the bikes origins Regards Jenkinov
  18. My experience.is.that motorbikes are often 're stamped on both the frames and engines .. It's therefore worthwhile sharing photos of the bike and engine and in a particular any stamping you can see . If genuine frame 1001 appears associated with contract c8329 this was for 110 bikes delivered between 25/11/35 and 30th March 36 ..my source is the British forces motor cycles by Steve Orchard and Chris Madden ..there is a question mark over the frame numbers so further info on your bike will be great as the authors are active in this forum Regards Jenkinov
  19. I also have a Lidl ultimate battery charger which is good value but recent purchased a noco battery charger and whilst expensive it's excellent . There's a 12v repair cycle that has revived a few old batteries Jenkinov
  20. Kurust is inert on anything that's not metal .but will make it sticky .so best option is to strip it down as far as possible . Jenkinov
  21. I have looked at the triumph TT and race bikes from 1946 but can't see any that feature this suspension but have found widely sold kits post war produced by Amen or Santee to modify bikes into a rear plunger with instructions... Triumphs suspension modifications followed race team modifications at such events as the TT senior . These bikes featured heavily in the magazine's of the time and whilst exciting to research i can't find this modification .... A second route the home engineered conversion shows the rear plunger looks very similar to plunger s made by Santee .. Jenkinov
  22. Hi windy Curious do you have the frame number . It may help us identify how the frame was built .The plungers are very distinctive and quite basic and bearing in mind the front forks modification wonder if this is a home engineered conversion. Jenkinov
  23. As a starting point Amal have produced a small number of replacement carbs a good option as a lot of the original ones are heavily worn and can cause issues Jenkinov
  24. Hi Fred . Welcome to the. Forum great looking project .probably a great way to start and give you some inspiration is to give you some history on the bike. If you look at the seatpost you should have a frame date in the form TE0844...also ok should have a visible.frame number on the frame front prefixed TL.. The engine will be stamped.3HE and have an engine number plus potentially a number beginning with C Please.share photos of these areas.as.we can use them to give you some history and possibly the number the bike would have had on its tank in the war. Also if you have Any history on where the bike came from that would be great. I would recommend taking photos of the bike in detail before you begin restoration and o c.f. That photo log is complete get some anti rust treatment e.g. kurust onto any active rust and stabilise these areas ..it's always worth getting some into the frame at this early stage... Everyone has favourite strategies on how to restore a bike and what order to do complete a restoration ....personally I would.start with the engine ... Good quality replacement parts are the challenge of any restoration ..be patient and avoid Indian components their quality can be very poor .. Don't be afraid to ask questions Jenkinov
  25. From its location looks as if it's been used as a field bike and dumped ..the rear plunger is very distinctive but the tank looks as if it has a suicide gear change mount .. Plus the girders forks ...suspicious it's a bitsa .. Interesting conundrum Jenkinov
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