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  1. Still slow progress Mike , need to retire ASAP :-)
  2. Makes a huge difference keeping the worst of the weather off mate 😊 . Still enjoying your updates 😊
  3. Well ten pounds definitely didn't buy improvements on previous years toilet blocks that is obvious . Shame as its my only complaint . Could I suggest a few of the Gents urinal only type loos that Great Dorset Steam Fair has would be a good idea dotted around the fields ! Could I also comment that some of the people who use the toilets also need to learn how to use em ! So they are still useable by the next person in need of them ! As I say the toilets where my only disappointment ! Can't imagine how the ladies amongst us get on !
  4. Lovely job Mate 😊 I've just come in from the shed , just a little Scammell relaxation 😂
  5. Good news mate , we are thinking of a German Shepherd as the next member of the Fowler household . We have had Border Collies and have an eleven year old chap called Bob at the moment . Any first hand advice on the breed would be appreciated. My young children 9 and 5 have grown up with collies , but Germans are quiet a lot larger so should I be concerned ? Best wishes Andy
  6. Excellent progress mate . You found homes for the pups yet ? 😊
  7. Hello, are you 100% sure the fuel line between tank and pump is air tight , I had lots of problems with my Humber pig which turned out to be poor connections in the fuel line preventing the pump from drawing the fuel from the tank . Replaced the faulty connection and had no problems since !
  8. Really enjoying this thread mate . On my Explorer that plate that is welded between the two diagonal angle irons which join in front of the tow hook has a date stamped on the underside . May only be noticable if bare metal . I have taken this as her birthday 😊. Best wishes Andy
  9. I wonder who fitted the extra rear window and why ? She's looking good mate ! 😊
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