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  1. That's the back..... Looks like a tank sheet and would be the ideal place to stow it ready to cover the vehicle. I suspect it is just for the engine or fighting compartment though as there seems to be more under a net on the nearside which is a more normal place to stow covers and nets.
  2. Yes it did, just in a semi gloss finish. Service brown is one of those colours that looks very different in gloss and matt.
  3. First pic leaves a bit to be desired as far as the caption goes!
  4. They are quite a common box, likely because they are quite robust and galvanized.
  5. It's for the 2 pdr pom pom anti aircraft gun.
  6. It's not German! This is one fitted to a US M42 in Vietnam.
  7. Well it's American but what from, I've no idea.
  8. I believe the painting of wheel nuts white is a peacetime practice. Split rim clamping nuts were supposed to be painted red and I've seen it mentioned in a wartime publication.
  9. I suspect the 12 pdr naval gun might have been used in an improvised mount. That was a 3" calibre. Doesn't explain the Vickers proposal though, unless that was the intention, to mount that gun on a field carriage. It was done with the 3" 20 cwt gun on the 17 pdr carriage.
  10. Could you post a picture of the plates?
  11. You might be right, just never saw an M40 on the Larkhill side of the range but it's a big area!
  12. M40 SP 155mm gun, rather than howitzer. There was one at Battlesbury Bowl, likely that one.
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