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  1. Well it's American but what from, I've no idea.
  2. I believe the painting of wheel nuts white is a peacetime practice. Split rim clamping nuts were supposed to be painted red and I've seen it mentioned in a wartime publication.
  3. I suspect the 12 pdr naval gun might have been used in an improvised mount. That was a 3" calibre. Doesn't explain the Vickers proposal though, unless that was the intention, to mount that gun on a field carriage. It was done with the 3" 20 cwt gun on the 17 pdr carriage.
  4. Could you post a picture of the plates?
  5. You might be right, just never saw an M40 on the Larkhill side of the range but it's a big area!
  6. M40 SP 155mm gun, rather than howitzer. There was one at Battlesbury Bowl, likely that one.
  7. What, like all those GMCs registered as 1939 in the 1980s? 😉
  8. I was only making an observation, it's very well done, I admire your skills.
  9. The detachment are in for fun when they fire that without the spades being dug in!
  10. I have some 155mm M107 HE for sale. Unfired, inert, obviously!
  11. Sales were never frequent enough to establish a 'value', they are worth what seller and buyer agree.
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