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  1. https://shop.bohnenkamp-benelux.com/buba-9-00-13.html?___store=en&___from_store=nl
  2. My experience is different. The 298 I use matches Mikes swatches and also matches a No 9 aerial base I just unwrapped. The latter is one of a batch I bought many years ago, all sealed. Most were green, some were brown so unlikely to be post 1960's repaint and packs. I have seen more variation in modern interpretation of BS298 than exist in what I have just described. The same applies to Service Brown BS499. In a matt finish, I'm happy it matches SCC2 very closely, others disagree but with brown in particular, gloss level makes a huge difference to the perceived colour. If modern paint manufactures cant always perfectly match each others colours, I'm not sure why some are so sure of the accuracy of colour 80 years ago. I'm also not convinced that when BS381 was expanded post war, they decided to very slightly change some of the colours whilst retaining the same names!
  3. The US ones tend to have an internal connection from coil to rotor as the coil is mounted under the same cover adjacent to the distributor shaft, hence the lead terminals being offset.
  4. Which you very kindly let me drive at Battle Day at that time! I was so impressed, I bought one. There was nearly 40 years between the two events, however.....
  5. It looks like a sealed ignition distributor cap but from what.... Possibly post war US, I would say.
  6. It's a vacuum operated gyro so likely from an attitude indicator or a directional gyro.
  7. Definitely drag rope hooks. The ropes have a single hook on one end which hooks into the ring in the centre of the axle for normal pulling and the other end has a pair of rings on chains. These pass over the tyre and hook onto these lugs on the inside and outside of the rim. With the rope running over the tyre tread, this gives much increased leverage, albeit for a very short distance but useful to pull a wheel out of a hole.
  8. It's the makers plate for a Universal Carrier Mk I, not a tankette, built by Sentinal Wagon to contract T6871. Likely had registration number DMV893. The plate would originally had the makers details shown but these were often machined out, hence the blank section. TL13052 is the part number of the plate.
  9. This is the standard BCF extinguisher, nothing to do with the Methyl Bromide type as suggested earlier.
  10. Aircraft movers. Fit around and lift up the tailwheel to allow ground movement.
  11. I make the brackets as shown in the one in the Sexton and the type you have is not at all the same. As Wally says, there are different sizes of MB extinguisher but they are all the same design and shape.
  12. I don't see how a Methyl Bromide extinguisher will fit that bracket.
  13. Looks like a governor, operated by induction flow to set the top engine speed.
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