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  1. Sales were never frequent enough to establish a 'value', they are worth what seller and buyer agree.
  2. The grill and flat plate behind the radiator are held on with 21 no. 3/8" x 3/4" csk boss head screws. These are a countersunk screw with a slotted round head.
  3. The lower one is a .30 cal box holder. The retaining bar is identical to Sherman but the mounting brackets are different and look tack welded on. There is more than one design for Sherman anyway so possibly Stuart or Staghound?
  4. All I can add is that it was the fourth production example built.
  5. Think that was a Royal Ordnance Depot rather than a factory. There were not that many engineering ROF's, many just being filling stations.
  6. A lot of parts are stamped the same, I have it on some of my 17 pdr bits as well as 2 pdr. I would like to know for sure as well! ROF EP is another one I'm trying to locate.
  7. That is Cromwell 14" track. The plate could be anything, though Firefly used that pattern plate for the turret basket floor but it was and is a standard pattern plate.
  8. It's British, not US. As to what it fits, I'm not sure! It's not for 5.5" or 4.5" and the US 155mm gun and 8" howitzer used the US covers in British service. 3.7"? 7.2" How? That 'Sherman muzzle cover' is no such thing, it's just a mop cover for a pull through for 25 pdr.
  9. Do you still have the LVT books?
  10. I'd be interested in the two LVT books if you're selling.
  11. Technically, they were not Unified as that did not exist until after the War. They would be ANF and ANC. The majority were taken into the Unified range, the exception being 1" ANF which was 14 tpi, 1" UNF is 12 tpi. I accept I am being a little pedantic!
  12. That will happen no matter what you do! If you can find period phots showing the same as what you have done, you can't be 'wrong'.
  13. I think the broken circle just shows it was applied with a stencil.
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