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  1. Is there anybody in the Macclesfield area who could collect something for me and either post it on to me or hold it until we can meet up? Thanks in advance, Adrian
  2. Davidson, H 21002960 Name and service number 33 rd A/B Light Regt RA 33rd Airborne Light Regiment Royal Artillery See Above link BAOR 23 British Army Of the Rhine 23
  3. https://www.paradata.org.uk/unit/33rd-airborne-light-regiment-ra
  4. I'm beginning to suspect it is ROF Radcliffe as well.
  5. Brass, unpainted. The book says they are to be kept bright.
  6. This is the page from the Canadian parts list.
  7. I came to the same conclusion. My 1942 gun is ROF N, which I assume is Nottingham as I know they made Bofors but it could also be Newport.
  8. I have some gun parts marked ROF RD. Obviously a Royal Ordnance Factory but I have not been able to id which. Nothing in the lists I have seen fit.
  9. Bear in mind the parts list was to enable the ordering of parts by the user so anything not available seperately didn't usually list the part number.
  10. This is from the British parts list.
  11. Canadian made parts usually were prefixed CTL so I would say Dagenham, though the box might have been made elsewhere as Dagenham was likely the assembly plant.
  12. FM Co is Ford Motor Company. TL1184A is a bren ammunition box for a Universal Carrier.
  13. However, they are not crocodiles, just standard Churchill VII's. The hull mount is for BESA mg.
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