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it's time for a little payback from your investment :D


happy new year




Hi Rick,


Im looking forward to using / playing with it now its running well, hopefully it will give you the determination to get your Cromwell finished.


A very happy new year to you.


Best Wishes



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I took the M10 out on New Year's Eve for it's first major road run (10 miles) along with my friends and their vehicles. It went superbly well, I hope you all enjoy the video!http://youtu.be/lAe7lcJ9lqQ


Something went wrong...

Great video. Thanks for letting us join in!


Rgds - MG

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Fantastic Adrian!


We never get to see inside of tanks and this gives us a flavour of how demanding these things are to drive - especially in combat, how on earth did those guys cope.


Great gear change too!


Thanks for sharing.

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Hello, just uploaded another video from the military road run. This video is from inside the M10. Hope you enjoy the slick gear change!


Something went wrong...


Thanks Joris for sorting out the video , I'm the new boy on the block with regard to driving large tanks (or SP gun if Mr B is involved ) on the road , we did 10 miles on News years eve and they are hard work !! More mentally as you are always thinking ahead re junctions , stopping ,missing the odd car or lorry etc , so heaven knows what it will be like after 25 miles at A&E in June !!! But looking forward to it .the video footage taken inside was a surprise to me as I didn't know it was being taken !!! And with regard to the slick gear change the M10 has a very easy gear box compared to others I've been told .

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And with regard to the slick gear change the M10 has a very easy gear box compared to others I've been told .


Tis true. Modifications were incorporated as it was felt you would not be able to handle a standard set up......:D


Only kidding! It looks like you handle her just fine. It is one of the nicest Sherman gearboxes I've driven, nearly as nice a mine! ;)

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  • 2 years later...

Well its been over 2 years since the last post on this thread , There is more to come !!! , Over the last 2 years its been a ongoing project to finish the m10 off as with most restorations , trying to track down the last hard to find bits and pieces , getting some more (the last off ) internal stowage made etc etc , using it ,going to shows and generaly enjoying it .

I didnt take the M10 to the last W & P at Beltring due to the excessive mud and rain and the restricted vehicle movements ,but did take my M4 HST which we had good fun in , I took both the M10 & M4 HST to the new W & P last year and suffered from the dust just like every one else , There is a very good video of both of them going around the arena together taken by I believe a fellow Forum member , which brings us to this thread starting up again !!!, towards the end of the W & P show the right hand engine started to breath heavily and started chucking engine oil out through a breather into the radiator which the dust then stuck too !! After looking at it back at home in the workshop we thought this was down to the oil tank being pressurised ,but when i went out with the Tank on a 15 mile Christmas road run with my mates I only got about 5 miles before the oil pressure started dropping and the engine started smoking badly , I stopped at a friends estate and decided to tow it back home on a a frame behind my Ward Lafrace wrecker ,but first I joined my friends for lunch in a local pub and it was 4-30 pm before we got to tow it home , my pick up in front with flashing lights on the roof and my tractor behind the tank with twin flashing lights on the roof , the fasted my WLF went was about 17mph down hill and the slowest was 4 mph up a steep hill , not bad for a 5.9 ltr cummins grossing around 40 tons .

The engine work is being under taken by 2 forum members , too tall mike is going to take the engine pack out and re install it and Hummermark is very kindly going to do the engine work ,so watch this space for further updates ,



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  • 7 months later...

I've just read through this thread and think that the work is fantastic. The only change that I would make (and which you may have an opportunity to do, if you are still working on the engines) is to grind the lettering off of the rocker covers, as they give a decidedly 70's vibe to a 40's engine bay.


I am in awe of projects like this and it really makes (what I consider to be) the difficult jobs on the Saracen seem really inconsequential.




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Hi ,

Thank you for your intrest in my on going project ,

A quick 5 min update ,

A lot has happened since the tank broke down on our Christmas road run last December , it took us 8 months and 2 X complete engine rebuilds to get" Ghent "up and running again, I have just got back from taking a 27 Ton tank on a 12 day European holiday to Belguim , I went with my girlfriend and Hummermark and his family to 2 events in Belguim , a weekend event at Galmaarden and then trucked it down to Mons for Tanks in Town , we had great fun at both events and it went just great .

I will do a full update when I have a little more time ,but we took the rebuild opportunity to upgraded both engines and both were put on a dyno for 4.5 hours and run in , they both now develop 250 hp each , paperwork to prove !!! so 500hp in total , the out come !!! you cant change gear fast enough and there arnt enough gears to slow it down once the engine revs get above 1500rpm ,it awesome,it is so nice to drive now ,every thing is easy , we did approx 65 miles on Belguim roads over 3 days at the 2 events ,


When time allows I will do a full report with photos and videos and I would like to say a thank you to Too Tall Mike and his crew for taking the engine pack out and putting it back in , a no mean feat !! and to Hummer Mark for rebuilding both engines superbly ,


Cheers Adrian.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well its a wet day down here in Sussex and I thought I would give you a update on the above 2 shows we attended .

We finally got the engine pack back into Ghent about a week or so before the ferry was due to sail , We did a 7 mile road test on the eve of Wed 27th Aug and the Tank was collected by my local haulage firm on Thur 28 at 1pm and delivered to Purfleet docks on the Thames to catch the 10pm sailing to Zeebruge. The tank was driven onto the ferry by Hummermark and he sailed with the tank, myself and my girlfriend met them in a layby outside Zeebruge docks around 10-30am Fri morning ,also waiting was a low loader ready to transport us to Galmaarden in Belguim where the first show was to take place that weekend, because the tank was deemed to be over weight we were not allowed on the motoways so had to go by main roads instead , this doubled or trebled the time it would have taken by motoway !!!! we arrived at the camp site about 5pm that afternoon ,luckily I had been quoted a fixed price for the move ,probably unluckily for them ,


The story will continue.

September 2014 1033.jpg

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  • 4 years later...

You can see the edge of the counterweight - an area about 3" wide parallel to the weld. The angled face is at exactly the right angle to reflect the sky but it does obscure the nose of the aircraft in the background which is 'cut off' at just the same angle as the lower edge of the counterweight of the M10 in the next listing.


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