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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys Had an interesting conversation this weekend about current tank values and would be really interested to get your take please. So, what would be your estimate of the value of the following tanks? Chieftain Centurion T-55 Leopard Sherman Cromwell T-34 Huge tanks Cheers Graham
  2. Anyone know the proper nomenclature fot the wee Jib/Crane, on the right, holding the old Engine in this IWM photo? Any info on it at all, manuals, drawings etc. REME fitters prepare to install a new engine into a Sherman tank at 8th Armoured Brigade workshops, 9 August 1944. © IWM (B 8892)
  3. As a follow on to the 'Sherman spotted on the A12' thread where I mentioned an M10 going the other way, this thread is about said M10 as the owner has asked me to post some pics and info. I first heard about the M10 many years ago but only knew it was in a childrens playground, somewhere in Yorkshire. I did not follow it up at the time as I had other things to think about... It cropped up in conversation again at Stoneleigh 2001 and I managed to get a location. Strangely enough, I was asked at the same show if I wanted to buy a 6046 Detroit twinset, the correct engine for the M10. I decided it must be fate so said yes! I eventually tracked down the owners, it was in a private trading estate, but they were not willing to sell it, nor the Windsor carrier it sat next to. I asked again every few months or so always to be told ''no thanks''. Out of the blue around October, I was asked if I was still interested as they had decided to sell after all. I put in an offer for the pair which was accepted and I became the proud owner of one tired M10 and a slightly more tired Windsor carrier!
  4. Tadeo


    Hi, does someone know the primary forum(s) in the UK where tank lovers do attend. I'm looking to establish new connections, however, it seems that I'm still lacking proper virtual places on the web where such people are meeting up.. If someone could share any thoughts - would be very helpful.
  5. I swapped my Saracan for this Engine and a SUMB back in the late 1990s. Eventually got it running and mounted in a trailer ... very impressive. This was only its 2nd run ... the first was just a few seconds in my garage !! Something went wrong...
  6. That dust was a photographers dream !! not so good for the vehicles or occupants !! Dramatic slow motion sequence at the end of this short clip. Sherman wa sounding great. Something went wrong...
  7. Found this photo, it came with several others, but i found it rather interesting. Any ideas would be appreciated. I have no ideas why no turrets are on these so if anyone know i would be interested to hear from you.
  8. Hey guys. We have ran in to a bit of a brick wall with our restoration. We are installing a hydraulic traverse system but we are missing the oil tank. From what my dad has told me it is a rather specific part with pressure release valves and such fitted to it. If anybody knows where we could get our hands on one of these we would love to hear from you! And as a bit of a personal project I am looking up information on the Gyro stab system. I am sure Adrian can help me with this as I am wondering if the M4A4 had the stab fitted and if so how complex the system is. I am fairly certain that the parts are pretty much impossible to get so it's more of a curiosity to see just in the off chance I could get my hands on one. Hope to see many of you at War and peace! I am pretty much geared up to get filming! John.
  9. Hiya Its a long story but I was 'invited' to a location in Northern France to have a discussion with an eccentric french farmer about finding some parts for a project I have on. I have been asked not to diclose the location or contact details and I have to respect the chaps views. Some may know of this 'collection' already - but thought I would share the story and some pictures.. I was escorted by a 'fixer' in france to the owners location. When you arrive its a dismal sight with many wrecked and rotting post war vehicles just laying about. I was told about the collection and given a quick tour of the site. Basically its an old factory that is just falling down with all the walls bowing, rain running through the floors and everything rotting away. The owner has crammed into it any military vehicle he could find or un earth. There were a few rotten willys jeeps, a few german motorcycles and side cars, but then interestingly in one room were two 88mm anti tank guns!. Then when I got accustomed to the dark I saw halftracks, lorries a Highspeed tractor (based on the sherman chassis) a Weasel and tons of military surplus - all piled on the floors rotting away. I guess there was at least over 200 vehicles in various conditions of disrepair. I was proudly shown the munitions room in which (no joke) it was piled high with rusting ammo and with two enormous german aircraft bombs taking centre stage. One final room held some anotomical dummies with bits missing - this was the last straw for me as in the gloom it looked like real bodies... I snapped a few pictures and will share here when I manage to get them down to the sixe allowed on the thread. As I said I can't offer anything more than this interesting picture as the cahp is a little nervous of anyone (especially the French authorities) snooping into the 'collection' as I'm guessing all the guns/ ammo I saw were 'real'... PS The owner also wittered on about downed aircraft he knows of that are buried in nearby forest - apparently these stories are true, but the type of aircraft are unknown..
  10. Hi All, Although I am new to this forum I am not new to MVs having started the interest back in 1992 when I met a local farmer who owned a Sherman Grizzly and Diamond T. Luckly enough I got to watch him drive around, on and off the Diamond T transporter and on a couple of occasions I had a rumage around in the turret and got to sit in the drivers position.... I was only 13! In 94 my Dad took me to Normandy for the 50th which was a fantastic trip, unforgetable... I even got to say hello to Major Howard outside the Cafe at PB. Later brought and restored a 1966 Landy and a 1969 Lwt Landy, brought a 1971 Spitfire and a 1972 TR6 which were already in good condition. Ever since 1994 I have built MV models and wone a couple of awards, but only very minor ones. Although I am qualified as a metalurgist to MEng level I went on to work for Jaguar and since 2003 have worked for Siemens Turbines in Lincoln, UK as a Commissioning Engineer / Controls Engineer which has taken me all around the world for months on end in Desert camps, Jungle compounds and also some nice cities... that is where I am at the moment: Cali, Colombia, in South America. I am only really intrested in Armour and am building up to restoring a WW2 vehicle of some kind with the scope wide open from a Carrier to a Medium AFV...it is just a pity that the price of WW2 AFVs had rocketed since my intrest was first sparked:cry: Oh yes, my main intrest is engines, any and all, I spent most of my Uni years rebuilding Rover V8s for people and trading spares between Racing types and Landy types.... Thats All Alastair McMurray PS. My Dad owns a small Steel and Iron Foundry in Bilston, UK who support the Vintage Sports Car Racing scene and Historic Vehicles as well as making parts for current British AFVs. Formcast Ltd.
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