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  1. Happy birthday Neil

  2. Reminded of something I read many years ago. The Churchill servicing schedule said to put ¼ turn on the wheel nuts to make sure they were tight. Over the Channel, into combat, first time they were put under extreme load, a lot of Churchill roadwheels fell off. On Scorpion, we were issued with a torque wrench.
  3. Nipper has bought tickets for Tankfest at Bovvy in a couple of weeks for Father's Day, like every year. He's not stupid, he gets his personal chauffeur and tour guide. All he has to do is buy tickets and burgers. I'll have the big beast camera. See if I can get a half decent pic.
  4. Pretty sure 15/19H were 9 Armd Div before joining 11. They certainly did Normandy to the Baltic in 27 Armd Bde and they certainly spent the mid-war years on Covenanter. Busy at the moment. Will check the Official History 1939-1945 later and get back to you. If you don't hear from me (I don't get on here as often as I did) PM me and I ought to get an email.
  5. The original RAF uniforms in Prussian Blue had been an export order for some of the Tsar's troops (if memory serves, the palace guard). After his overthrow, they were surplus and issued to the nascent RAF. As intimated elsewhere, the Prussian Blue closely resembled the ointment then being used for the treatment of crabs. I well remember, as alluded, Sail Army, Fly Navy, Walk Sideways, as I regularly sailed Army, and have a trophy collection to prove it. Your book might be better received this side of the pond if, instead of Desert Storm, you don't use the American designation and refer instea
  6. Accept that if you are going to live for weeks in an armoured vehicle, living off Composite Rations, it's going to stink. Dreadfully. Live with it. If it was good enough for Gemini and Apollo astronauts, it's good enough for armoured vehicle crews.
  7. My money is on them coming from a British soldier's Individual Rations. In Composite Rations (for 4 or 10 men), we tended to get Cadbury's Dairy Milk or Tiffin; in Individual Rations you saw more variation. But whatever, they were evidently sourced from wherever, because we regularly saw Arabic script on them. And usually the brown chocolate was dry, oxidised white.
  8. Or "Why carry your weapon into battle when you can let your weapon carry you."
  9. Funnily enough something similar happened to me yesterday. I was at Bovvy to pass on a couple of boxes of ex-review books (Courtesy Army Rumour Service) to be sold at Bovvy's Christmas Fair in a couple of weeks. The deed done, I drove off. Zero Alpha pointed and said, "Tank." My immediate reaction was, "This is the Tank Museum." Then I realised it was 131. Like the two cars in front of me, I pulled over. Then I got out, whipped out camera and snapped a dozen pics as it passed about six feet away. Like you say, business as usual, but Zero Alpha got excited and that's good enough for me.
  10. I just finished a book on Tiger I and Tiger II Images of War by Pen & Sword or something for an Arrse review. There are a few paragraphs on paint (though more the tins of cam paint to go on top of the Dunkelgelb base in the last couple of years of the war - the book debunks the idea that there was still regular production of tanks in Panzergrau once the Dunkelgelb colour was adopted mid-war). It passed comment that as issued (I had also read this elsewhere previously) a tin of green, one of red-brown and potentially others with new tanks so that crews might cam up their own tanks as re
  11. It'll go the same way on ONdigital. They absolutely and desperately must compete with Sky Sports so they'll bankrupt themselves in order to pay an arm and a leg to buy the best football. What they and ONdigital didn't understand (but Sky do) is that about 95% of fans don't want to watch a handful of clubs winning every week: they just want to watch their own team play (and hopefully not get toasted, qv Sunderland versus Man City last weekend) occasionally. Remember when ONdigital went bust and took numerous lower-league football teams with them cos they reneged on the money the lower leagu
  12. C11/R210 is a helluva sledgehammer just to get IC. Once you go the obvious Larkspur route, C42 (or C45 for RA) and / or C13 (NOT high power) would be far easier to source and more typical of the fit in a Saracen, whether it be an APC or and ACV (sorry I saw somebody's list of Larkspur fits earlier in the thread but I cannot remember if anything had been posited about what model of Saracen we playing with here. And I am suffering side-effects from a flu jab, so feel free to call me Grumpy).
  13. You may be pleased to know that even regiments might name vehicles after people. In 1976-7, the Saracen ACV of A Squadron 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars was called GARFORTH VC, after a VC won in the early days of the Great War, in my opinion probably one of the last VCs won for mounted cavalry action.
  14. UIN is the Unit Imprest Number. Each unit had an Imprest Account by means of which the Royal Army Pay Corps (now a branch of the Adjutant General's Corps) handled money to and from the public purse. The UIN became a de facto Unit Identity Number. This may even have become the accepted definition. It doesn't actually you much because the unit name is in the next column anyway.
  15. Like others, I am sure there was a valid (but now long-forgotten) reason why we did not / could not fit Clansman in Saracens. I also remember that we got Sultans to replace our Saracens and had to fit Larkspur for the first six months until Clansman was issued to 3 Armd Div. I believe the two events were connected but it was some 34 years ago.
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