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  1. Happy birthday Neil

  2. Reminded of something I read many years ago. The Churchill servicing schedule said to put ¼ turn on the wheel nuts to make sure they were tight. Over the Channel, into combat, first time they were put under extreme load, a lot of Churchill roadwheels fell off. On Scorpion, we were issued with a torque wrench.
  3. Nipper has bought tickets for Tankfest at Bovvy in a couple of weeks for Father's Day, like every year. He's not stupid, he gets his personal chauffeur and tour guide. All he has to do is buy tickets and burgers. I'll have the big beast camera. See if I can get a half decent pic.
  4. Pretty sure 15/19H were 9 Armd Div before joining 11. They certainly did Normandy to the Baltic in 27 Armd Bde and they certainly spent the mid-war years on Covenanter. Busy at the moment. Will check the Official History 1939-1945 later and get back to you. If you don't hear from me (I don't get on here as often as I did) PM me and I ought to get an email.
  5. Funnily enough something similar happened to me yesterday. I was at Bovvy to pass on a couple of boxes of ex-review books (Courtesy Army Rumour Service) to be sold at Bovvy's Christmas Fair in a couple of weeks. The deed done, I drove off. Zero Alpha pointed and said, "Tank." My immediate reaction was, "This is the Tank Museum." Then I realised it was 131. Like the two cars in front of me, I pulled over. Then I got out, whipped out camera and snapped a dozen pics as it passed about six feet away. Like you say, business as usual, but Zero Alpha got excited and that's good enough for me.
  6. There is a good thread about Brixmis / Soxmis on Arrse. Brotherton_Lad was with Brixmis other side of the IGB for years and tells it all. I remember being told once that Brixmis supplied Soxmis with very nice 3L Opel Rekords that Soxmis took with gratitude ... over the IGB, to return shortly thereafter with performance that demonstrated that these Opel Rekords were now more akin to MiGs than cars.
  7. At 58 I would retire tomorrow if I had the money (that's what a decade and a hlaf in the Armed Forces does for your bank balance). When I do retire, project number 1 will be to finish A Tracked Armoured Car, describing my seven years in 15th/19th The King's Royal Hussars (now The Light Dragoons) from Basic Training at Catterick, through Omagh, Tidworth, Nicosia and finally five years in Paderborn. So far the squadron has just stepped off the RAF Transport Command VC10 at RAF Akrotiri, bussed over the hills to Nicosia and been issued UNFICYP uniform. But I haven't had the will for a good f
  8. Bumped for the benefit of Hen Hunter on the Blogs of MV Restorations forum
  9. Looks like I walked in at just the right time. I was intrigued that this vehicle is listed as an APC, not an ACV. Zoom out a bit. During the Cold War, combat units toured the world on what was known as the Arms Plot. All postings were not equal, so senior officers used to move units around to keep those in the duff postings happy. (Funnily enough those in cushy postings didn't feel the urge to move ...) Further, RAC units alternated role between MBT and Armoured Recce (until at that time very recently, Armoured Car). Lisanelly Barracks in Omagh was and had long been an armoured car pos
  10. The GPMG was a coaxially mounted gun, but was simply an anti-infantry / soft-skin weapon: ranging was performed using bursts of three (solenoid controlled) from the .5" Browning which was ballistically similar in flight to the main gun. However trace burn-out on the five-oh was a lot shorter than the ranges you wanted from the 120, so they got Barr and Stroud to design the laser rangefinder. I don't know (was never a Chieftain gunner) what range was trace burn-out on the five-oh; trace burn-out on the GPMG was 1100m (if the trace ignited in a hot barrel, it was 900m).
  11. I was in the NAAFI, Aliwal Barracks, Tidworth. A mukker was a great Elvis fan. I told him I could do an Elvis impression, lay down on the ground and crossed my hands over my chest. He didn't speak to me much after that. I found him on Facebook last year. He must have forgiven me: didn't remember it.
  12. With respect, I find it hard to believe that "Falklands F/W Reversable Grn White Smock" was available for issue for the war of 82. There were what 60? marines on the islands when it kicked off and the Task Force was halfway down south in the blink of an eye. I find it hard to believe that there was a depot somewhere with a brigade's worth of Falklands-specific smocks occupying shelf space ready to hand out willy-nilly just like that. Especially if you remember that just a couple of years previously, there hadn't been any reloads for the AAMs in RAFG, there was three days' worth of fuel for
  13. Exactly. As one who might have been invited to the party (and I managed to pull off a great late April fool on the whole of C Squadron, whom I had believing their 6-week jolly to Oz was off because of the war and we were going), stuff the politicians, it was a war. Remember, you can tell when a politician is lying because his lips are moving. Is this getting political? Must I stop now or risk incurring the wrath of the moderators?
  14. It was a war. Look at UN Resolutions about 50 to 54. One of them states that an act of war is an implicit declaration of war and no declaration of war is necessary for a state of war to exist. Another states that a military occupation of another country's territory is an act of war. The Argies therefore implicitly initiated a war by committing an act of war. Let there be no doubt whatsoever.
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