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  1. That came up for sale recently. I tried to get a scan of it for the HMLC Facebook group, but no luck Still looking for the CES lists, and would like to scan V644 / 1 as A4 so it's more user friendly - if anyone has those
  2. Wondering if any ex vet has any experience or photos of Stalwarts used in British Army service other than BAOR or UK. I know that two went to Thailand for Operation Mudlark trials, and one of those saw time in Belize. So wonder if anyone has any photos or information please
  3. I'll look in to that. Because 94ET45 is parked outside Leconfield, I wonder if it's still all classed as restricted - despite most of it being on eBay - well, scans of scans anyway
  4. Thanks, I forgot the CES as well. I take it the P 400-409 is the EMER code
  5. Hi, I'm searching for good PDFs or original manuals and handbooks for the HMLC Stalwart, to share on the Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Alvis.HMLC.6.x.6.Stalwart/ I'm happy to scan any original manual to convert it to PDF. I've got the V642/2, and V644/2 part 1, but would be happy to scan both again The list is ASSOCIATED PUBLICATIONS 20. a. Truck, FV622 HMLC and FV623 artillery Limber, 5 ton, 6 x 6, ALVIS STALWART. (1) User Handbook Army Code No. 22156 (2) Complete Equipment Schedule (CES AKA CS) Mk 1 Army Code No. 33749 (3) Complete
  6. Just wondered if you've found those photos yet, antar? Many thanks
  7. Just wondered if you've found that video yet, Paul? Would love to see it - and any photos you have of the mentioned trials. thanks
  8. Adam, do you have a photo of the FV number on this trailer? thanks
  9. Wonder if anyone can point me to any information on 2 wheel GS trailer type FV 8128 thanks
  10. Just wondered if anyone could tell me the length, width and height of the canvas and of the superstructure of the RB44? Looks to be almost as wide as a Marshall's Bedford body
  11. I have a friend who did his National Service with the Royal Engineers in Germany, between 1953 and 55. He's 80 now, and wonders where his old Scammel 78 RE 91 ended up? Roy was in RHQ MT of 37 Army Engineer Regiment, RE. They were in Winkelhausen Kaserne / Roberts Barracks, in Osnabruck. Any info on this truck would be greatly appreciated. I've had a look, and RLC do have a Key card No 2 for the vehicle - but wondered if anyone else knew anything on this Scammell? Thanks
  12. We received MJ GS wagons when our 6 MK Winch Wagons went back to RAOC in 82 and 83. I think you'll find that the MJ started with the H registration letters - HG, etc. I was Royal Engineers in Germany, so we got the new GS kit after UK units and Infantry. You'll have to ask some ex RAOC about allocation priority Just reading your description of the MK verse the MJ The change was more than just the engine. The MJ has the steel cat walk on the roof to stop the roof collapsing in when walking on it to apply the cam net. The collapsing in and pushing out again made the metal crack and
  13. I recall in the early eighties there was talk of Bedford trying to develop a 6x6 to replace the Stolly, as the amphibious requirement had gone and they wanted something easier to maintain and cheaper to run. As I recall, they couldn't get it to work as the chassis kept twisting when going over knife edges. If this vehicle is based on that experiment, (if that experiment really happened even) then the 5th wheel could be a decoy to confuse people. The alternative being development of a heavy off road towing unit to replace the Scammell Crusader. Bedford was of course killed off by Maggie
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