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  1. Just been going through your thread and loving it. Have you found that re-wrapping the fuel filter with new cloth has worked well? Our Scammell has the same arrangement, and i had found modern paper elements that fit inside and i was going to turn up adaptors to make the modern elements marry up with the seats in the original housing, but after seeing your post wondered if i shouldn’t just retain the original setup. Cheers, Richard
  2. Oh my goodness! I first spoke to Roger quite a few years ago about our Scammell restoration, then last year our local MV group arranged a trip to the REME museum lyneham through Roger and he took us to see the hidden collection and let us clamber over everything - fantastic. What a lovely bloke and really knowledgeable. We’ve definitely lost a leading light in the MV preservation movement. Deepest condolences to the family.
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